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The Fashion Show Ultimate Collection: Eccentric Accessories

January 11, 2011 09:38 PM by Lori Wilson


This week on The Fashion Show Ultimate Collection, the designers receive the highest praise of the season as the judges’ face their toughest elimination yet. Not only that, but Calvin behaves himself and even has a moment of self-doubt. Keep on reading to find out who wins week eight and who goes home.

The Fashion Show Ultimate Collection designers meet Iman at New York Vintage, a vintage couture and designer clothing and accessories showroom. Since Cesar is the only one left on the house of Emerald, Iman tells Jeffrey, who helped name the house, to rejoin his old teammate. The contestants are then introduced to creative director of Barney’s Simon Doonan, who gives each designer two accessories they must create two eccentric looks around. Their fashion show will be the very next day.

As the teams begin to brainstorm, Cesar and Eduardo rely on their trademark ideas, which are paint for Cesar and ruffles and cocktail dresses for Eduardo. Isaac Mizrahi suggests House of Nami make their black and white theme bold and wants to see pants from Eduardo. Isaac loves Dominique’s idea for a pig coat and reminds Calvin he hasn’t won a challenge yet, so he better step it up. When Isaac talks with House of Emerald, he is aghast at the idea of dying their material, but Cesar insists on doing it because he wants to take a risk.


As the designers get down to business in The Fashion Show Ultimate Collection workroom, Cesar and Jeffrey have different visions for their collection. Jeffrey thinks their accessories have enough colors, so they don’t need to paint more on. Cesar, however, remains insistent. Meanwhile, Dominique is excited about her idea for a pig coat. She feels confident coming off two straight wins and thinks she could earn her third. Calvin tells the camera if he wins the entire competition he will donate all the money to the Gay Men’s Health Crisis, who have helped him deal with his partner’s declining health. He just wants to give back. Eduardo falls behind on his designs and races around the room to get his two looks done on time.

The House of Emerald ultimately leaves their collection’s ivory colored material alone, which Cesar admits Jeffrey was right about. Calvin actually compliments Eduardo’s and Dominique’s looks, but fears his designs will be lost in the rest of his team’s more avant-garde collection. He is stumped trying to figure out what he should change to make it more eccentric. Calvin finally brings out his silk chiffon that he forgot he bought and begins a whole new garment. He’s exhausted, but he knows he could go home for real if he doesn’t pull out something great.

Backstage at the fashion show, Calvin still feels like his garment is off, as Eduardo rushes to finish his eccentric designs on the fly. The fashion show gets underway and Dominique can’t stop talking about her pig coat. Calvin is thrilled by his model, who has a shoe in her hair. He doesn’t like his second look as much, which is accented by a ruffled collar. Eduardo sends a pants outfit down the runaway, as well as a pencil skirt design. He thinks he created something fresh and is proud of himself for finishing two designs in one day. Cesar doesn’t think House of Nami’s collection is cohesive, but he loves his and Jeffrey’s looks which includes a lot of bird accents. Jeffrey thinks his dream dress walked down the runway and believes they did a wonderful job showing that they really want this. Of course, Calvin doesn’t agree and thinks House of Emerald will win.


Afterwards, Isaac and Iman meet with the designers and complement them all on an explosive fashion show. Both judges feel the designers really stepped up their game and admit it was the hardest decision yet. However, they must choose and House of Emerald finally gets another win. Isaac likes Cesar’s sense of structure and tells Jeffrey his looks screamed signature style. Iman informs them the winner of this challenge will be the only one to choose one-of-a-kind accessories from New York Vintage and will receive an extra $500 for their collection should they end up in the finale. Jeffrey receives that honor, as Iman tells him she wants one of his dresses for herself. Isaac thinks Jeffrey should be very proud because one of his looks was the best they’ve seen in the competition thus far.

House of Nami faces the judges, who know it won’t be an easy decision to send someone home this week. Eduardo is told his dresses were high on glamour, but short on eccentricity. While his ruffles were too big and he sent yet another cocktail dress down the runway, the drama of his designs hit the mark. Dominique is told her designs are flawed, but brave. Sadly, they also have a lack of cohesion. Her beloved pig coat is called cheap looking and her dress is thought to have been rushed. Calvin is told by Isaac he did better this week than he ever has, however one of his dresses was kind of messy.

After the judges deliberate, they tell a shocked Calvin he stepped up this week and is one step closer to the finale. So it comes down to Dominique, who they don’t know what to expect from week to week, and Eduardo, who they know exactly what to expect. In the end, Eduardo is deemed out of fashion. He is surprised to hear his name called and hopes the judges don’t regret their decision to eliminate him from the Bravo reality TV show.

What did you think of this week’s The Fashion Show Ultimate Collection? Were the designs the best so far? Should Eduardo have been the one to go home?

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