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Live To Dance: The Semi-Finals Begin

January 12, 2011 08:24 PM by Allyson Wells

Live To Dance

On Live to Dance, the semi-finals begin with six acts taking the stage in the Dance Dome.  Only two acts will advance to the finals.  The experts will pick one act and the audience will pick another act.  Also, the audience’s choice for the dance-off winner is revealed.

Host Andrew Gunsberg takes the stage and introduces America to the Live to Dance dome.  He reveals the dance-off winner will be announced before the competition gets underway.  Judges Kimberly Wyatt, Travis Payne and Paula Abdul take the stage holding hands.  The crowd begins to chant, “Paula! Paula! Paula!”  Andrew asks what is like to be on live television again.  Paula says it is like floating down a cotton candy river and hopes they liked the crazy thing she said.  After laughing, she is so happy to be involved in a celebration of dance. 

The audience watches a video of the judges choosing the semi-finals and what a difficult process it was for them.  The dance-off competition is also shown, in which the judges picked 11-year-old Kendall Glover to go through to the semi-finals.  Andrew announces that the audience chose ballet couple White Tree Fine Art as the winner of the dance-off.  Andrew tells them they have one week to get their routine together. 

The first act to dance is the largest group of the competition called, The Vibe.  A video is shown of Paula going to mentor the group.  She tells them their last pose should be simplified and clean and think that less is more.  They take the stage in sparkly tuxedo outfits.  Their opening is to Beethoven’s Fifth and their theme is dancing as an orchestra.  The classical piece then turns into a classical version of Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal.  The dancers sometimes dance in sync in elegant moves and then go to more modern moves.  Paula gives them a standing ovation and thinks it was a great way to open up the show and set the standard high.  She is happy they took her advice and rewards them with a gold star.  Travis tells them they were awesome and the level of difficulty was there and they hit it.  Travis also gives them a gold star.  Kimberly tells them they are the full package and they were incredible.  She also gives them a gold star.  The group happily jumps and cheers on stage. 

Live To Dance

The next dancer is Jittin’ Genius.  His style is influenced by the jitterbug, infused into something more modern.  He explains his family is everything to him and he wants to win for them.  His crisp dance moves are set against hip hop music.  He wows the crowd with his brand of funky moves and gets a standing ovation.  Travis apologizes for not being a fan in the beginning, but loves his expert originality now.  Travis gives him a gold star.  Kimberly tells him his footwork is on fire and also gives him a gold star.  Paula thinks the most beautiful part of working with him is that he is a charming man.  Paula gives the third gold star.

Break-dancing siblings, Chitown’s Finest Breakers are the next act.  They explain that their dance is their weapon on the streets that they give back to the community.  The young group takes the stage to the Jackson 5.  The audience goes wild when the youngest girl runs onto the stage halfway through and dances.  They also get a standing ovation from the crowd.  Kimberly tells them she adores them and they have a ton of potential, but she thinks they still have a ways to go and gives them a red star.  Paula tells them their excitement makes her melt, but dancing live on a television show is very different.  She still gives them a gold star.  Travis tells them they have improved and they are an awesome family unit.  However, he doesn’t think they are the best act in America and gives them a red star. 

Live To Dance

Ten-year-old Austen Acevedo takes the stage.  His video reveals that he has only been dancing for a year, which stuns the judges because his technique is so great.  Travis wants to grow up to be an amazing dancer.  He is dressed in torn clothing and haunting music begins his routine.  He then takes off his suit to reveal fun clothes set to techno music.  The young boy amazes the crowd with his skills and gets a standing ovation.  Paula tells Austen his technique is superb but wishes he had self-discovery with his dancing.  She thinks he was disconnected and gives him a red star.  Travis tells him he has amazing ability he has to learn to harness and also gives him a red star.  Kimberly tells him he is on his way to becoming an incredible dancer, but wants him to let go of his perfect posture.  She also gives him a red star.  The crowd boos in disagreement.

Elderly couple Bev and Hap are next to dance.  They explain that they have been dancing together for twenty years.  Bev says Hap is happily married to someone else and she is happily single if anyone is interested.  Hap is amazed that he is part of a huge dance show.  Bev wants to show the world that they can still dance at their age.  They start their routine by tap-dancing to hip-hop.  They also do the robot and Hap break-dances!  Their dance closes with Hap lifting Bev and spinning before they sink to the ground.  Travis tells them they are an inspiration to millions of people, but he can’t say he feels that they are the best dance act in America.  Although he loves them, he gives them a red star.  Kimberly tells them she has so much love and respect for them, but agrees with Travis and also gives them a red star.  Paula tells them they awaken the young spirit in everyone and gives them a gold star.

Young dating couple Amanda and D’Angelo are the final dance act.  D’Angelo says he is the boss on the stage and Amanda is the boss off the stage.  They are nervous, but ready.  Their dance is set to salsa beats.  D’Angelo spins and twists Amanda and the two glide across the stage like a professional ballroom pair.  Their thrilling moves illicit a standing ovation from the audience.  Paula tells them they nailed it and gives them a gold star.  Travis tells them they were super awesome and are like old pros already.  He also gives them a gold star.  Kimberly tells them they dance like true professionals and gives a final gold star.

Andrew asks the expert judges if they are ready to choose the act that will advance to the finals.  Paula thinks it will be tough, but tougher for the dancers.  The dance acts return to the stage.  Paula reveals that they have chosen large group The Vibe to go through to the finals.  They will return in three weeks to dance in the finals.  Andrew then reveals the numbers that the audience can call and text to choose one of the five remaining dance acts to participate in the finals.  The audience’s choice will be revealed on the next episode of Live to Dance.    

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