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Top Chef: Catch of the Day!

January 12, 2011 09:30 PM by Shayla Perry


This week on an all new episode of Top Chef: All-Stars on Bravo, the cheftestants participate in another Top Chef first as they catch their own fish to be used in their dishes. Plus, once again, not one, but two chefs go home in a double elimination challenge! Did Jamie Lauren survive another week of competition?

After last week’s dim sum disaster that led to the surprising elimination of Casey, instead of Jamie L., the cheftestants of Top Chef: All-Stars have a lot of proving themselves to do.

At the house, Marcel is outraged over the fact that Dale only plated enough to serve the judges for the last challenge (and still won) and let’s him know it, but Dale resists reacting to his outburst.

The chefs are off to an early start at 4:30 am to head to the kitchen for this week’s Quickfire Challenge. But when they arrive, they’re surprised to see that Padma Lakshmi isn’t there. Instead the contestants are met with a note letting them know that they’re going to Montauk to go fishing!

At the picturesque Montauk Point, the chefs meet Padma Lakshmi and Tom Colicchio to immediately start their Elimination Challenge! Padma informs the All-Stars that for the challenge, they will have 5 hours to catch as many fish as they can in order to prepare for a seaside feast of 400 people.

The chefs will be working in 4 teams of three.

Once the teams are chosen, Tom lets the chefs know that this week will be a DOUBLE elimination challenge!

Fabio, Richard, and Marcel are confident in their team, with Fabio having a strong knowledge of fishing.

Not long after taking to the water, Dale has hooked himself a fish, which worries the other teams. An hour later, Antonia catches a fish for her team, as does Tre, but Fabio’s team isn’t doing too well.

Only 2 hours remain, and finally, Fabio catches a fish which begins a rally for the two lagging teams.

Before calling it a day, Dale amazes everyone (including himself) when he hooks a HUGE striped bass.


Richard, Fabio, and Marcel start to plan their dish and decide that they’ll all work together to create just one dish, in an attempt to make it harder for the judges to eliminate them.

At the market, Carla is struggling to find something to balance the oiliness of the two bluefish that she caught, while Tiffani F. and Antonia try to distance themselves from Jamie, who they feel will weigh them down.

With 2 hours to cook, the cheftestants storm the beach and begin to prep their dishes, and Jamie’s complaints are annoying her teammates.

Fabio, who’s tasked with the prepwork for his team, is having a hard time keeping pace, and Richard is making it known that he needs to work faster–just not in the best way.

Tom Colicchio visits the chefs and asks Richard and Fabio’s team about their strategy, but he’s concerned with their plan to only make one dish, letting them know that it would probably be better to have another dish to fall back on.

The diners arrive, as do the judges, and the chefs present their dishes. Carla’s bluefish is among everyone’s favorites, but Tiffani F. didn’t manage to wow the judges with her preparation of the fish.

All in all, the guests of the event are pleased with the chefs dishes.

In the Stew Room, Padma calls for Dale, Carla, Tiffany D., Tre, Mike, and Angelo, informing them that they had the best dishes of the night, and that the chef with the winning dish would win a trip to Amsterdam.

Though Dale’s fish taco’s were a definite frontrunner, the winning dish was once again, Carla’s smoked bluefish with lettuce wrap, pickled watermelon rind, and bagel croutons!


Tiffani F., Jamie, Marcel, Antonia, Fabio, and Richard face the judges with the least favorite dishes. The judges again question Fabio’s team’s decision to make one dish.

For the second time, the judges tell Antonia that she had one of the best dishes of the night, and she probably would have won the challenge if her teammates dishes weren’t so poor.

Gail asks Antonia for her opinion of Jamie and Tiffani’s dishes and she begins to cry, not wanting to influence the judges’ decision in any way.

At Judges’ Table, Padma Lakshmi, Tom Colicchio, Gail Simmons, and guest judge, Kerry Heffernan (who happens to be a fishing buddy of Tom’s) discuss the dishes, trying to determine which two chefs will be asked to leave the competition.

Richard, Fabio, and Marcel’s dish just didn’t measure up, and the judges don’t feel that Fabio, who spent most of his time chopping vegetables, had much of a role in the outcome of the dish.

Tiffani’s decision to leave the skin on her bluefish made it too “fishy,” while Jamie’s was too bland. But who would go home?

In the end, Tiffani and Jamie were both told to pack their knives and go.

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