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Survivor: Russell Hantz And Rob Mariano Are Redemption Island’s Former Castaways

January 13, 2011 09:10 AM by Paula_Kosowski


CBS announced today the remaining two castaways joining this season’s Survivor: Redemption Island are Russell Hantz and Rob “Boston” Mariano. Keep reading for more details…

Survivor: Redemption Island will have two returning castmates joining the new 16 contestants this season and they’ll be “Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains’” rivals Russell Hantz, season 19, and Rob “Boston” Mariano, season four.

Mariano famously said to Hantz at the “Heroe’s vs. Villains” live finale: “given the opportunity I’d gladly go back and kick your ass all over the island.” Now he’s got a chance to prove it.

Neither contestant has won the title of “Sole Survivor,” though Hantz was runner-up in season 19, but both will get another chance at redemption to prove they’ve got the survival skills it takes to beat out the other contestants for the million dollar prize.

The former contestants will be placed in separate tribes. Whether they’ll belong to the Ometepe or Zapatera tribe has yet to be announced.

Hantz, a 38-year-old Dayton, Texas Resident, and 35-year-old Mariano from Pensacola Florida will bring their knowledge and expertise as veterans of the show. We’ll see how the contestants react to the wizened castaways.

The two’s own rivalry is sure to provide some interesting conflicts along the way.

Hantz says he hasn’t heard from Mariano since the “Heroes vs. Villains” finale and says Mariano “took off running.” Mariano tells CBS Hantz is only a legend in his own mind.

Both contestants have their eye set on the prize.

Mariano says “I’ve played this game three times. A lot’s gone wrong every time. I’m hoping that this time I can make something go right.”

Hantz is also going for it, saying he’s “ready to run someone over if [he] has to.”

Survivor host Jeff Probst says the energy of hating Hantz is so polarizing you have to watch while Mariano is interesting as he’s transformed himself from a villain to a hero.

Hantz has no problem with his evil image. He tells CBS: “The image I have as the villain…That’s fine with me, because that’s how I play the game, but the thing is, America, they vote for me every time.”

Will you vote for him?

Survivor: Redemption Island premieres Feb. 16 at 8/9 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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