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The Fashion Show Ultimate Collection: Unaired Judges Deliberations

January 13, 2011 02:00 PM by Lori Wilson


Viewers don’t usually get to see the judges deliberate when deciding who should win and who should go home on The Fashion Show Ultimate Collection. However, Bravo often airs those moments on their site to help explain why Iman, Isaac Mizrahi, Laura Brown and whoever the guest judge is that week decide they way they do. If you were surprised that seeming front-runner Eduardo was sent home last week from The Fashion Show, read on to find out what went through the judges’ minds.

In the video of the extended judges’ table, they all decided this was a tough week for decisions. While Isaac pointed out, “It’s shocking how much competition there was tonight,” Laura Brown bemoaned, “I want to vote myself off to save anybody the pain.” She then mused, “I think we have to judge like who brought it on the night and who may have had a history of being great, but maybe didn’t bring it so much tonight.”

Once again, Isaac brought up how much repetition they’ve seen from Eduardo, but Iman pointed out he is sellable. However, Laura later chimed in, “I think that Eduardo is a wonderful sculptural designer, but he relies on certain tricks and tropes and that is – add a ruffle.

As for Dominique’s garments, which appeared to be largely panned, Isaac explained, “By all rights, Dominique’s clothes should have been cringe worthy, right? And they were almost, but when you look at the challenge, and it’s called eccentric glamour, and you say, ‘No my dear, look at the things she was given.’ How is she supposed to do anything, but have a great big sense of humor about her challenge this week.”

Week eight guest judge and the creative director of Barney’s, Simon Doonan, summed up their decision to send Eduardo home from the Bravo reality show by saying, “I think people watching the show are going to be shocked that we’re giving Dominique so many compliments because to many people what she did was borderline cringe and kind of ratty, but the creativity was there and the magic was there. They would look at Eduardo and say, ‘Wow! Finesse, glamour, international glamour,’ and wonder why he might be going home, but I think it’s Eduardo. Guys like Eduardo will work for the rest of their lives because he’s accomplished, he knows what he’s doing, he understands a more conservative client, but he’s not a directional avant-garde designer.”

Finally, Iman declared, “I agree. Eduardo. I think his time has come. And gone. There’s no hook on his line. As Simon said, there is a clientele out there for him and he will do fine, but I think it’s time for us to give the other designers a chance.”

Does that help you understand the judges’ decision this week on The Fashion Show Ultimate Collection? Do you agree with them?

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