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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: The Episode We’ve All Been Waiting For!

January 13, 2011 09:00 PM by Shayla Perry


This week on an all new episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on Bravo, it’s the episode we’ve all been waiting for! Camille Grammer finally gets the news from her husband, actor Kelsey Grammer, that he wants to end their 13 year marriage just days before the Tony Awards. Plus, it’s Kyle Richards’ daughter Farrah’s college graduation. What else did you miss?

On an all new episode of Bravo’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills…

Kyle Richards meets Lisa VanderPump at Lisa’s restaurant, Villa Blanca, to catch up. At lunch, Kyle lets Lisa know that Taylor Armstrong will be joining them, but Lisa’s concerned because she thinks that Taylor was the one that caused the whole NYC situation to begin with, and is upset that Taylor still won’t come clean about it.

Though Kyle admits that Taylor could very well have said something to Camille Grammer in the hotel room before the ladies’ argument that evening, she says that Camille is ultimately responsible for her own actions.

When Taylor arrives, her “PDA” with Kyle annoys Lisa, but still she tells Taylor that they’re all there for her as she struggles with the problems in her marriage. Taylor starts to tear up, but smiles, and Lisa again becomes annoyed, telling Taylor that she just wants her to stop pretending that she’s happy about everything and to be real.

After what seems like just minutes later, Lisa announces that she has to leave, but it surprised when Kyle and Taylor say that they’re going to stay and chat.

Meanwhile, Camille Grammer is meeting with her friends and discussing the upcoming Tony Awards that she’ll be attending with husband, Kelsey Grammer, despite the fact that he recently called her in the middle of the night to end their 13 year marriage! According to Camille, Kelsey suggested that they should still attend the Tony’s together and perhaps have a romantic weekend to see if they can rekindle the flame and work things out, and she agreed.

Camille hasn’t told anyone about her pending divorce except for her best friend, so during her get together, she puts on a smile and pretends that everything is okay as her guests press her about when Kelsey will be moving back home. Camille, who admits that she’s been preoccupied lately, just lets them know that they can hold off on the Welcome Home party for now.

In preparation for her daughter’s upcoming graduation, Kyle Richards is out looking for a piece of jewelry for a gift (and a little something for herself) and decides on a platinum and diamond ring.

Kyle knows that others may feel that the gift is lavish, but she explains that she’s extra proud of Farrah for her accomplishments, especially since she never went to college herself, and instead started a family when she was very young.

Kim Richards is at home phoning in an interview with Disney about her acting career, revealing that now that her kids are older, she’s considering getting into the acting game again just to do something for herself. (Can’t wait to see if that actually happens!)

Adrienne Maloof and her husband Paul are out doing some shopping of their own for Farrah’s graduation–clothes shopping for Adrienne. Of course, there’s more Adrienne and Paul “bickering,” but Adrienne claims that that’s just what married couples do, and that’s why they get a tax break!

Lisa VanderPump, her husband, Ken, and “permanent houseguest,” Cedric, are on their way to a vineyard pick up some wine for Villa Blanca, and Ken mentions to Cedric that it’s probably time for him to move out.

At the vineyard, Cedric stops Lisa to ask if Ken was serious about him having to leave, but Lisa tells him that he can stay–just as she does every time.

Later, Cedric and Lisa sit down at for a heart-to-heart and he tells her that he feels that he’s to blame for his mother leaving and has always had issues dealing with the fact that he was the product of his mother’s rape, and worries that he’s destined to always be a burden on others. Lisa assures him that she and Ken both love him, and that it’s time for him to put his past behind him and move on–but not literally.

Kyle Richards and her daughter, Farrah, meet with Kyle’s personal trainer for one of her regular workouts, and Kim Richards calls her to tell her that their sister Kathy Hilton and her family (including Paris and Nikki) won’t be attending Farrah’s graduation, which upsets Kyle.

On Farrah’s big day, we get to see Farrah’s father (whom Kyle married when she was just 18 and divorced just a few years later) and he and Kyle seem to have a very good relationship (but not creepy-good, like Camille Grammer and her friend, Nick).

After the graduation, at Farrah’s party, Kyle and Kim’s sister, Kathy Hilton, and the rest of the Hilton clan call Farrah to congratulate her and have her open the card that they sent her, which contained a check for a LOT of money, though no exact amount was given.

Adrienne and Paul have a chat with Mauricio’s mother, who happens to also be a sexual therapist, and ask her for advice on how to make their marriage last. After a conversation that was apparently too long for Paul, he starts suggesting plastic surgery procedures to her, to Adrienne’s embarrassment, though she says that it’s something he usually does–being a plastic surgeon and all.

Both Kim and Kyle Richards make teary toasts to Farrah and her accomplishments, and Kyle gives her the diamond ring she bought her.


A day before the Tony’s, Camille Grammer is trying to put on a happy face while taking her daughter to dance class, frustrated that she’s the one forced to deal with breaking the news to her children that their father won’t be coming back, while Kelsey is in New York.

When she arrives in NYC for the Tony’s, Kelsey–who put her up in a hotel to avoid having her come to their apartment–quickly pops in to help Camille pick out her outfit for the evening. Camille’s entire entourage is there in the room, and only two of her closest friends know about Kelsey’s decision to end their marriage, which Camille is hoping is just him going through a mid-life crisis.

Before heading out for the awards, Kelsey and Camille pose for pictures, and Camille congratulates his on his big night, then gives him a kiss and coyly toasts “to 13 years of marriage.”


Next week–the explosive season finale!

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4 Responses to “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: The Episode We’ve All Been Waiting For!”

  1. jill Says:
    January 15th, 2011 at 11:00 am

    where can i get the dress Kim Richards is wearing at Farrahs Grad party?????

  2. ginger Says:
    January 16th, 2011 at 7:45 pm

    I am ao angry with Kyle regarding the way she treats her sister. My sister’s and I do not always get along but I would never “out” them. That is just wrong. I am sorry, kyle, but you were not and never will be the star your sister was. I am not watching anymore. So you are married to a Hilton, Whoopeee. As a sister, you fail!

  3. Cheyenne Says:
    January 21st, 2011 at 12:58 am

    Kyle, your behavior toward your sister is deplorable. You seek opportunities to demean her. Kim was the star in the family and it appears all you learned how to be is a arrogant, self-centered, egotistical wannabe. If I was in Kim’s shoes, I would never claim you as a sister ever again. What a sad excuse for a sister & human you are.

  4. Cheyenne Says:
    January 21st, 2011 at 1:05 am

    Kyle, I won’t be watching this stupid show again because of you and Taylor. Both of you treat Kim like she has no feelings at all. I see two very hedonistic, narcissistic women who are out for themselves. Kyle, you seem to be without a heart or a soul. How sad. Btw, Kyle, I think you did steal Kim’s house that was bought with Kim’s money. That would make you shameless.


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