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Worst Cooks In America: All About Flavor In Week Three

January 16, 2011 09:00 PM by Lisa Princ


Last week the recruits of Worst Cooks in America on Food Network learned the importance of using farm fresh ingredients, and this week it’s all about the flavor as the recruits must rely heavily on their taste buds. Who would be up for the challenge and who would be sent packing? Keep reading for all the details!

Food Network’s Worst Cooks in America kicked off a brand new episode tonight as Chefs Anne Burrell and Robert Irvine put the recruits to a taste challenge to test their flavor skills. Each of the recruits had to taste three sauces created by the chefs, which included a Spanish romesco sauce, pesto sauce and a salsa sauce. Then, each team would come together and create the three sauces as a team, in which Robert and Anne would then taste without knowing whose was whose. The teams worked well and put together three sauces each that looked pretty similar to Anne and Robert’s – but the question is how would they taste? As Robert and Anne tasted the sauces without knowing which team made them, they picked a winner for each sauce. Robert was hoping to have the upper hand on Anne, but it was Anne’s red team that won two of the three sauces, leaving Robert to sulk.

Then it was time for their skill drill on Worst Cooks in America in which the recruits would recreate a dish demonstrated by Anne and Robert using one of the sauces they just made. Anne’s team would be making a Halibut and Salsa while Robert’s team was making shrimp and romesco sauce. While these dishes would be tasted but not judged, some of the chefs were making great improvements while others were still showing rookie mistakes. In the red kitchen, Joshie made a mistake that had completely grossed Anne out by tasting his salsa and then putting the spoon back in the bowl, which was a complete shame because despite his perfect tasting fish, she would not taste his salsa which also looked perfect. Anne was disappointed as well in Erika, who did not seem to be showing any signs of improvement in the knife skills department as her cuts were all over the place.


Over in the blue kitchen, Robert’s team seemed to have a better handle on things as most of them brought him almost perfect dishes, including Kelly despite the fact that she was completely sickened when it was time to clean the shrimp. Anna seemed to create a perfect dish and seems to be showing the most improvement on this team. Ty did not use his time management skills wisely and wound up with a perfect tasting dish that did not make it to the plate in time – luckily for him Chef Robert wanted to taste it all anyway. Matt, however had an extremely rough time and literally burnt his shrimp, as impossible as that sounds that shrimp looked awful and Robert was embarrassed for that dish.

Finally it was time for their main dish challenge, the one would be sending two recruits home this week. This time Anne and Robert were focusing on frozen meals, and how easily one could create a fresh, flavorful version of a frozen meal with little time and effort. Anne’s team would be recreating a salisbury steak dinner, but instead they would be cooking a pan seared ribeye with potatoes, glazed carrots and a mushroom gravy. Robert’s team would be recreating a frozen turkey dinner, but they would be using a fresh turkey breast cooked and sliced in medallions with English peas, potatoes, and fresh cranberry sauce. Both of these dishes looked absolutely stunning and super easy to recreate – I will be heading to Food Network later to get these recipes!

In the red kitchen, it was one disaster after another as usual. First, Anne has to scold Erika who kept playing with her hair and then touching her food….when she went back to wash her hands and pull her hair back she ended up brutally burning her carrots. Jen looked like she was about to panic, but then quickly decided to cool down and remain calm as she wanted to do this dish perfectly so she could recreate it for her husband at home. Kelsey was back to burning things left and right, first she burnt her steak, then she burnt her carrots but she was able to rebound on those with a fresh batch. Priscilla waited until the very last minute to put her steak on which resulted in an undercooked steak that was way over seasoned with cayenne.


On the blue side on Worst Cooks in America, again it looked as Chef Robert’s team has much more control – most of them anyway. Anna once again did a perfect dish, while the other ladies fared pretty well also. Ty, on the other hand was pulling his pans off early since he ran out of time at the last challenge, but this time it ended up costing him again as his turkey was undercooked and inedible. Matt, on the other hand overcooked his turkey, and had to do two batches of potatoes which still did not come out right.

When it was time for tasting and judging, Anne gave the red team win to Josie this week who had created the perfect ribeye dinner, but she also acknowledged Jen as the next remaining contestant since she knew Jen had shown a lot of improvement and also had a near perfect dish. Robert awarded his win to Anna, which was no surprise since she has shown so much improvement and she keeps getting better. But then it was time to send two recruits home and this week Anne chose Priscilla for her lack of getting it together while Robert chose Matt who also seems frazzled all the time. Best of luck to both Matt and Priscilla!

Be sure to tune in to Worst Cooks In America on Food Network at 9 pm EST for this exciting new episode!

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