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American Idol: Randy Jackson And Brooke White Discuss “Change Of Plans” And Idol

January 17, 2011 02:00 PM by Lisa Princ


With American Idol on FOX set to premiere this week as auditions begin, what better time to sit down and chat with season seven alum Brooke White about her new movie “Change of Plans”.  In a recent interview, both Brooke White and judge as well as sound track producer of the movie, Randy Jackson sat down to discuss the movie as well chat about the show. Keep reading for more details!

That’s right, season seven American Idol alumni, Brooke White is hitting the big screen. “Change of Plans” which premiered this past week on FOX, also stars Randy Jackson, who serves as the soundtrack producer. In a recent conference, these two sat down to discuss the movie and American Idol.

Brooke White shares that she wasn’t sure acting was her “thing” as she says “I wasn’t sure if acting was something I even wanted to do. I wasn’t out auditioning or doing anything like that. My first day on set I hyperventilated a little bit, thinking I don’t know if I’m cut out for this. Then we got to filming and we got a week in and I had been bitten by the acting bug and completely fell in love with the experience.” Brooke goes to explain that while getting up early was one of her biggest challenges about acting she also said she struggled as “There were certain technical aspects I wasn’t super savvy to, but other than that it’s so supernatural just to get in. I think I was concerned about what if I forget, I’ve been known to forget lyrics here or there or whatever, and I was worried I would forget a line or two, but it really isn’t a big deal. You get in there and memorization of dialogue isn’t that big of a deal when you get there.” However, Brooke did say that she truly enjoyed this because she did not have to leave music behind, it was integrated into the movie and her role.

Randy Jackson commended Brooke’s abilities as he stated “Brooke is amazing in this film. I think she probably even surprised herself seeing that she could do it and be this comfortable and good at it the first time out.” Randy went on to describe “Change of Plans” as a family movie and he continues to gush about Brooke saying “Brooke has continued to grow as an artist and what excites me the most is always the artist. I’m not much on the pop star thing. That’s never been my thing. I’ve been having a fortunate career all my life, for almost 30 years, now working with real artists as opposed to the pop stars. The difference is artists have long careers; pop stars have the flash in the pan. They’re hot this year, they’re lukewarm the next year, and then forgotten three years later. Brooke is really that artist, and that’s what I love, and she’s talented.”

So what did these two share about American Idol? Randy says they have got some amazing talent this year and that he is betting a female will win this year. He then goes on to share about Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez “I think they’re doing an amazing, amazing job because people often hesitate when it’s an artist giving a critique, an artist that is still constantly on the charts all the time and in the headlines. But I think they’re doing a really, really good job and giving them honest critiques. I think Steven has been very funny. I think Jennifer has been very loving. It’s going to be fun. I think people will definitely enjoy this. I think everyone will be pleasantly surprised.” Randy also shared that he spoke to Paula Abdul recently and “She’s doing great. I know she’s excited about her show “Live to Dance,” so I’m excited for her. Look, it’s going to be friendly competition and fire. I’m sure both shows will do well.”

Brooke credits both Randy and American Idol for her success in both this film and the music industry as she continues “You know what, really, American Idol gives us a massive advantage, and that is to be seen, not just heard, but to be seen. We’re really presented to people not just as singers but as people. I think that gives us a connection. When you’re in people’s living rooms week after week you really do make that connection with people.” As for Brooke’s next move, we’ll have to wait and see as she is open to doing more films but will continue to focus on her music career as well!

Be sure to tune in to the season ten premiere of American Idol on Fox this Wednesday at 8 pm EST!

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One Response to “American Idol: Randy Jackson And Brooke White Discuss “Change Of Plans” And Idol”

  1. Doug Paulson Says:
    January 26th, 2011 at 1:15 am

    I missed the Fox film “Change of Plans,” and would like to see you post when it might be shown again I was rooting for Brooke to win on season 7 of Idol, and want to give Randy Jackson “Props,” as he says, for producing her album and boosting her career. Hopefully the film may turn out to become a series pilot or lead to one!


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