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The Bachelor: Emily Tells Her Story and Someone Walks Out!

January 17, 2011 08:01 PM by Candace Young


The third episode of The Bachelor featuring Brad Womack begins with host Chris Harrison calling the remaining seventeen girls into the the mansion and warning that things are only going to get tougher. He says there will be two one-on-one dates and one group date this week. The first date card arrives – it’s for Ashley S.  Read on to hear about Brad’s date with the girl who got the first impression rose and all the other highlights – including who walks out!

Michelle is put out that Ashley S got the one-on-one date, and tells the camera she won’t lie – she hates the other girls in the house. Brad picks Ashley up and they head to a Capitol Records studio, where Brad tells her they’re going to record a song – she’s terrified. They’re going to sing Kiss From a Rose by Seal. She loves the song choice which is one of her favorites.  They bond over this being one of the most embarrassing things they’ve ever done.  They sing – they’re both pretty bad. The man at the mixing board cringes – I cringe – but it’s funny.

Brad feels like his true self around Ashley and notes that he’s more naturally affectionate with her. When they leave their recording booth, they go into the next one where Brad has a surprise for her – Seal is singing Kiss From a Rose – properly.  Since the song was special for Ashley and her dad, she kind of feels it was orchestrated from above.


Ashley and Brad settle in for a romantic rooftop dinner on top of the Capitol building. He tells her he had an amazing time. She shares why the song was special to her and her dad, who passed away two years ago. Brad tells her she embodies the qualities he is looking for in a wife and gives her the rose. He calls her sweet, charismatic – the whole package. They slow dance and kiss.

The next date card arrives – it’s the group date.  Michelle is upset to learn she is included, meaning she’s not getting a one-on-one date.

The group date gets underway with the girls heading out to meet Brad. Michelle once more tells the camera she’s sick and tired of spending time on dates with other women. They arrive at the location to meet Brad. He begins to welcome them when a group of men attack him! He fights them off, and then tells the startled women they will be filming an action/adventure movie called Love Hurts today. Each of them will get to shoot a scene.


The women work to impress Brad and stand out as they shoot the scenes. Shawntel N stood out as the one who gave it the most from Brad’s point of view. In her scene, she takes the chance to give him a deep kiss while he’s tied up – it’s hot.

The group date has progressed to an after-party situation. Brad jumps into the rooftop pool. Most of the ladies follow suit and sip champagne.  Chantal gets some alone time with Brad and cries to him that it’s hard to see him with the other girls. She also tells him a tearful tale about her father and says she now lives in the moment instead of waiting. They wind up kissing.

Back at the house, the one-on-one date card arrives – it’s for Emily. She’s afraid when she tells Brad her story he will run for the hills.  The other girls ask Emily how she’s feeling. Emily opens up to the girls and tells them that her fiance died in a plane crash – she was only eighteen and learned she was pregnant right after it happened. She acknowledges that it will be a lot for Brad to take in.


Michelle climbs on Brad’s back in the pool. Alli takes him inside for a chat, but Michelle comes right in and interrupts. Alli observes to the camera that Michelle is just a bitch. The other girls think she will self-destruct. Michelle, meanwhile, takes Brad to task for not singling her out for a one-on-one date. She then turns on the vulnerable face and talks about her daughter before drawing him in for a kiss. She goes and tells the camera that she achieved everything she intended – he is hers! However, it’s Shawntel N who gets the rose from Brad. She’s thrilled. After, they all watch Love Hurts from the pool.

Brad arrives to pick up Emily for their date. As it turns out, Brad excitedly takes her to an airport where they board a plane. Emily is taken aback, but gets on board for the ride to wine country.  Brad hopes she will open up in this romantic setting.  In the vineyard, he toasts to her and mentions that he doesn’t know a single thing about her. Emily avoids getting deep and deflects Brad’s questions back at him.  Finally he asks why her other relationship didn’t work out. She balks again.

At the mansion, Madison cries as she talks to Ashley. The depth of Emily’s situation seems to have got to her.

Brad and Emily have made it to the candlelit dinner stage of their date – it’s in a barn. Brad is unsure about giving her a rose when she still has such a defensive attitude. Emily finally admits there was an ‘elephant in the room’ earlier and begins telling her story from the plane crash that took her fiance, to finding out she was pregnant later that same week.


Emily apologizes if he felt she was keeping things from him, but she wanted him to get to know her without all this stuff. Brad says it makes him like her even more, and asks about her daughter.  Later, he admits he likes her a lot and offers her the rose.  They kiss and Brad tells the camera it feels like when you begin a future with somebody.

The next day, Brad is feeling the pressure. His therapist arrives to give him some guidance. He shares about his one-on-one dates and how good he felt during and after them. The therapist urges him to focus on how he’s making the women feel each time he’s with them and the deepest connection will show itself.

The cocktail party gets underway at the mansion. Some jealousy and nerves are evident among the women. Brad walks in and says he’s in a great mood and wants to have some fun. He talks to Alli, and then gives Michelle a quick hug on his way to speak to Chantal. Michelle is once again put out. Brad tells Chantal he’s been wanting to apologize to her. He’s been worried that he didn’t respond enough when she opened up to him the other night. As they connect,  Michelle interrupts.  When she gets him alone, she tells him they are in their first fight – seriously.  She demands that he explain himself for kissing her and then kissing other girls. Brad tells her he has to make the most of the time he has with all of them. Michelle doesn’t want him to pursue the other girls. He chuckles at her candor.

Brad continues to follow his therapist’s advice as the cocktail party rolls on. He is amazed at how easily he gets to know the girls when he makes them feel comfortable. When he sits with Madison, she says Emily’s story made everything seem very real to her, and anything she does now will be taking something away from them. Brad says he’ll respect her if she’s about to leave. Madison confirms she’s having a difficult time. He challenges her not to accept the rose tonight if he offers her one – if she doesn’t really want it.  Ashley H spends some time with him next – she lets him know it’s been tough for her since they had the first great date.  Brad feels her pulling away.  He gets up to go, but comes back to kiss her.

Rose Ceremony

Ashley S, Shawntel N, and Emily all have roses going into the Rose Ceremony tonight. Three women have to go home.

Chris Harrison welcomes the ladies and then introduces Brad. He  notes the some of them are developing real feelings and so is he. Brad asks that anyone who has doubts not accept a rose. He offers roses to Michelle, and Chantal O, who accept them.  Suddenly, Madison walks out of the room.  Brad follows and asks why she’s upset. She says she would rather go home tonight than to take a rose from a woman who is putting everything on the line. Brad likes this open Madison and doesn’t understand her removing herself at this point. He commends her for her integrity and hugs her goodbye.


Brad returns to the ceremony, still a little bewildered, and hoping no one else will refuse a rose tonight.  He tells the others what happened and stresses that no one should accept a rose if they don’t feel right about it.  Brad then offers roses to Lisa, Jackie, Ashley H, Marissa, Britt, Alli, Lindsey, Meghan, and Stacey. Kimberly and Sarah P have to leave.

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