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American Idol: Steven Tyler Interview

January 18, 2011 02:30 PM by Lisa Princ


The season ten premiere of American Idol kicks off tomorrow on FOX and if you can’t wait, you will be thrilled to hear that new judge Steven Tyler took some time for an interview today about what we can expect to see from him this season. Keep reading for all the details!

While you may be excited for the premiere of American Idol tomorrow, Steven Tyler was just as excited to tell us about it today. In a press interview Steven took some time to discuss his new gig. Here is what Steven Tyler wanted to share with his fans:

Question: Did you have concerns stepping into the show and to getting your own identity?

Steven Tyler: None at all, I have my own identity – I have been part of Aerosmith for 40 years. The most difficult part was judging these young kids so it took me a couple of minutes. It’s been good sitting next to Randy and Jennifer Lopez.
I take what I’ve grown up with up which is being such a harsh judge of myself and use that without being so harsh.

Question: Are you planning on a new album with Aerosmith since the previous one was years ago?

Steven Tyler: Yes, as a matter of fact, we have done a bunch of things, we’ve been writing, I’ve got a bunch of songs I’ve been writing solo and for Aerosmith. We’re already booked for a tour in November and December. You know all this press about Aerosmith getting in the way just isn’t so.

Question: What do you think you do for American Idol and what does American Idol do for you?

Steven Tyler: I am not sure I am just a judge. I am not going in there to be a harsh judge,I am just bringing my Italian style and, 40 years front guy from Aerosmith experience with hopes to find some good talent from some kids for American Idol. That’s it – no more no less. I get along with Randy so well, and Jennifer Lopez..she’s a fox, she’s so street
and we’ve got our top 40, so we are ready to go.

Question: Did you make any comments or critique on the show that you regretted after?

Steven Tyler: I made some harsh comments in the first week and they snapped back and said “what do you mean?” I only did two of those and it never happened again. I couldn’t say no without telling them why and if I didn’t tell them they would ask why. I have three daughters so its hard for me to be harsh.


Question: You recently opened up about your past, do you have any regrets?

Steven Tyler: You know what, I’ve got no regrets. Everything that came my way cut me into who I am today. I am not without faults and scars and I am proud of them. Yes I am a recovering drug addict and alcoholic but that’s why people love me because I am honest and I have no regrets. I am ready for anything and nothing has been more convincing of that than my last year with Aerosmith. Everything you hear in the recent press about Aerosmith is just hear say and muck and has no validity to it, we are still going strong.

Question: Are you going to bring more of a rock element to the show and less of a pop element?

Steven Tyler: It’s interesting that would be my judgment call of what rock is, and I haven’t heard a lot of it but for every week I bring along someone that was good at rock, the next week they would get a bad song and get cut. There is one kid there with a rock element about him and he is totally off the wall, I have hopes he makes it through, his voice is so crazy and great. Yeah I will bring rock element, I’ve got a good ear for all music. It’s not a one phase type of judging. Not all great singers make great rock stars. Its been fun, I don’t take it too seriously but I take it seriously.

Question: Do you think bringing in someone of your stature gives the show extra credibility?

Steven Tyler: I would think so. I am not bringing some grumpiness to the table. My judging is simple – can they sing, do they have character and star quality? I’ve got the drumming, I’ve the pitch, I’m gonna take it up a notch.

Question: Can you be just as sympathetic to some guy working in a gas station looking for his big break as to some guys whose been working in the clubs already?

Steven Tyler: That’s a great question. I am listening to these kids regardless… I am looking for that certain something that these kids have. If they’re good to begin with and I’ve got my own melodic sensibility that is judging theirs. I hold an ear to everyone really close regardless of their background.

Question: How long have you signed up for with Idol?

Steven Tyler: I have more than a one year contract and I can’t say much more on that subject.

Question: Did it matter when you were offered the position who else would be up there with you?

Steven Tyler: Jennifer Lopez did. At first I was bummed when I was told she was out, but I met Randy before and Randy was the shit…we have so many similarities…whatever he’s been through I have been through. On the way from England to America, I saw Jennifer’s movie “Backup Plan” and I fell in love with her, the way she played that I could so relate to. When I met her, she was exactly all that and I was grateful she got the part.

Question: Do you have any favorite idols of seasons’ past?

Steven Tyler: Yeah Carrie Underwood – a good friend of mine wrote her hit song so I have been following her. And Kelly Clarkson, I am enamored by her and her songs.

Question: What kind of reactions are you expecting from long time Aerosmith fans?

Steven Tyler: I’ve studied this, its been 15 weeks Ive been in it..All the television is getting is the other side of me……if Aerosmith fans don’t like that, all they are seeing is me on stage. Here I am more open and honest less colored by the songs I wrote.

Question: How do you judge your own songs since a lot of people on American Idol perform them?

Steven Tyler: Well they have to sing it good. In the first 7 weeks, we must have gotten 15-16 “I don’t wanna miss a thing” auditions and it was hard for me because they always wanna sing it. After 3rd or 4th I got into it but I wish they would sing something else, that song is definitely hard. If anyone sings it now, we’re down to 20 great people so it would be good no matter what.

Be sure to tune in to the season ten premiere of American Idol on Fox this Wednesday at 8 pm EST!
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