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The Bachelor: Chris Harrison Blogs About Episode Three

January 18, 2011 12:00 PM by Candace Young


This week on The Bachelor, Brad Womack had a great date with Ashley, filmed an action movie on the group date,  Emily finally opened up about her past, and Madison walked out. Keep reading to see what host Chris Harrison had to say about episode three

Chris Harrison began his Entertainment Weekly blog by touching on the mood in the mansion after the ouster of Raichel and Melissa in the last Rose Ceremony. Chris notes that the women felt that Michelle only received a rose because it was her birthday and there was a bit of a ‘dark cloud’ hanging over the group.

Ashley S received the one-on-one date card and went with Brad to Capitol Records.  Chris observed, “Ashley obviously hit it off with Brad and got the rose. Can we all agree that Seal is an unbelievable talent?” He also noted that a CD was actually made of Ashley and Brad singing that she got to take home.

On the group date, Brad and the ladies filmed an action/adventure movie entitled Love Hurts.  Chris Harrison blogged, “I have to admit for a bunch of amateurs the acting ability in this group was pretty impressive. The two that really stood out the most were Chantal and Shawntel. (I know, don’t get me started on the whole name thing.) Shawntel made such a strong impression that she eventually got the rose that night. Come on, admit it — we had you going for a minute. You thought Michelle was getting the rose didn’t you?”

Of course this was also the episode where Emily finally told the girls, and Brad, about the tragedy in her past. Chris observed, “When Emily let the girls in on her past and the tragedy that had taken place, the women fell apart. You saw a little bit of it, but the crying didn’t stop for some time, and understandably so. Interestingly enough this is what really sent Madison over the edge. After she heard the story she sulked around the house for a bit and just realized she wasn’t in this for the same reasons Emily and the other girls were.”

Emily finally shared the story with Brad on their one-on-one date. Chris had this to say, “The ironic thing about Emily finally telling Brad was she was dreading it so much, but by being open and honest it really took a huge weight off her shoulders and helped Brad see her in a completely different light, which he loved. There was something special about that moment for both of them that I haven’t seen on any other date we’ve ever had on this show. It was really good to see Emily genuinely smile for the first time this season.”

The Rose Ceremony was unique this week in that a bachelorette decided to leave the competition. Of Madison’s departure, Chris said, “I really think she convinced herself during the rose ceremony. I find her very intriguing. I look forward to talking to her at the Women Tell All special because like Brad I can’t quite figure her out. Did she come on this show for her 15 minutes of fame and then all of a sudden feel guilty about it after hearing Emily’s story? Did she come on the show with her defenses up (the fangs), putting on a show, not really letting everybody in — only to realize she made a big mistake and blew a good chance? All I know is there’s a lot more to this woman than meets the eye, and to Brad’s credit he saw it right away. My only hope is whatever her motivation, she learned a valuable life lesson from this experience and can grow from here.”

What’s coming up? Chris tells us to watch out for escalating tensions between ‘relentless’ Michelle and the other girls, particularly Chantal.

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