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The Biggest Loser: And The New Trainers Are……….

January 18, 2011 08:45 PM by Lisa Princ


The wait is finally over as The Biggest Loser on NBC is back with a brand new episode tonight and we will finally find out who the new trainers are! As if that wasn’t enough though, you will also see a shocking weigh in that leaves one trainer so upset, they walk out of the gym! Keep reading for all the details!

The Biggest Loser on NBC kicked off tonight with the introduction of the new trainers. First up we met Cara Castronuova, a two-time Golden Gloves champion, who I assume will be replacing our beloved Jillian Michaels next season. Cara told us that she started learning to box at 5 years old by her father, who passed away when she was only 14 and just a few years ago she lost her mother as well. Cara feels she definitely wants to prove herself and stated that she would love to train the next winner of the show.

Next up we met Brett Hoebel, is a kick boxer and trainer with 20 years experience. Brett was an overweight teenager who changed his life around and he hopes to do the same for the contestants of the show. This week we actually got to see just how hard both Cara and Brett are working the contestants on the unknown team, and trust me they are working just as hard as Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels. We also watched as the unknown team members confronted Jaquin “Q” and Austin about their lack of hard work and weight loss the past few weeks.

Then it was time for a challenge on The Biggest Loser and as the ranch players met up with Ali Sweeney, she announced that they would not be competing in this challenge alone. The unknowns would also be competing with them, on the other side of a wall and one winner from each team would be heading to lunch cooked by Curtis Stone that would also give them the opportunity to win a 2lb advantage at the weigh in. The challenge itself was to balance an egg on the bottom of a frying pan, whoever held out the longest would win. The unknown team got a little comical and they all started to throw their eggs over the wall, leaving Denise to take the win, knowing it would mean a lot to her as she deserved it.

The ranch players however all fought it out because someone would be headed home tonight. One by one the eggs dropped and Marci was the last one standing, which meant that she and Denise would be having lunch together with Curtis. When it was time for lunch with Curtis Stone, Curtis asked the ladies to watch him prepare the lunch as their next challenge would be to guess the calories in the entire meal – whoever could guess closest to the actual calories would win the 2 pound advantage, although if Denise won, she would be able to save it for use after her immunity was up. After watching Curtis create an arugula and squash salad, a fish plate and a pear dessert along with devouring these items, the women had to guess the calories. Denise guessed 440 for the meal while Marci guessed 480 total calories. The entire calorie count for the meal was 572, which meant that Marci won the challenge and the 2 pound advantage.


We also got to see the unknowns visit Dr. Huizenga and get some shocking news about their health. It started with Jaquin who was told he had 248 lbs of excess fat and at 27 years old his inner age was actually 51 years old. We watched as Rulon and Justin were told that over 40% of their bodies were fat and then it was time for Kevin and Austin, and shockingly Austin’s health was worse than his dad’s. Austin was given an inner age of mid 40′s despite his real age of only 20, which gave both he and his dad a reality check. Even more shocking was that Dr. Huizenga told Sarah that her body was 58% fat and she needed to seriously get rid of that excess fat before it was too late. Moses was the last one who visited the doctor and was terrified to learn that he has estimated date of death based on his current health.

And just when we thought that maybe we would not see Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels this week, we did. They were both there this week to work the contestants in the gym as well as have some heart to hearts with them. Bob sat down with Hannah to get the scoop and he learned how distraught she was over her accident and not being able to compete in sports anymore. Meanwhile, Jillian was busy working on chatting with Don and Dan and was trying to get through to Dan and let him know that he was not over his son’s death and he needed to do this as part of the healing process.

Then it was time for their fitness challenge on The Biggest Loser, and this time it would be carrying water from one team’s barrel to fill another’s until someone’s blew up and they were out of the challenge. The winner of the challenge would have the only vote in the elimination room, pending they did not fall below the yellow line. In a team effort though, they all decided that they would allow Irene to win and give her the opportunity to be the only one able to vote someone off since she was the only player alone on the ranch. After another last chance workout with Bob and Jillian, it was time for the weigh in and this is how the teams fared this week:


Aqua Team
Marci from 218 lbs to 211 & Courtney from 298 lbs to 292 lbs for a total loss of 15 lbs (2.91%) * had 2 lb advantage

Blue Team
Jesse from 278 lbs to 269 lbs & Arthur 463 lbs to 459 lbs for a total loss of 13 lbs (1.75%)

Green Team
Jay from 364 lbs to 350 lbs & Jennifer from 250 lbs to 242 lbs for a total loss of 22 lbs (3.58%)

Purple Team
Hannah from 226 lbs to 220 lbs & Olivia from 239 lbs to 233 for a total loss of 12 lbs (2.58%)

Orange Team
Irene from 232 lbs to 224 lbs for a total loss of 8 lbs (3.45%)

Black Team
Dan from 263 lbs to 272 lbs & Don from 280 lbs to 289 lbs for a total gain of 18 lbs!

For starters, Bob was not the least bit happy with Arthur’s 4 pound loss and he was sure to let Arthur know it as well as pleading that Arthur could not go home yet, he needed to be there until the end. The entire room fell silent however when Don and Dan got up there and Jillian even accused them of throwing the weigh in. When it was time to say goodbye, Jillian stormed out of the room without even hugging the guys goodbye. At the elimination table, Irene decided that she would send Dan home since he had said how much he missed his daughter and he vowed to continue his journey at home…but did he? Dan gave us an update and he is currently down 70+ lbs from when he started at the ranch, so he kept good on his promise and he is trying to continue his healthier lifestyle at home!

Be sure to tune in next week at 8 pm EST on NBC for a brand new episode of The Biggest Loser as one team will be sent over to the unknowns! See you after the show!

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