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The Fashion Show Ultimate Collection: Elemental Inspiration

January 18, 2011 09:29 PM by Lori Wilson


During week nine of The Fashion Show Ultimate Collection, the designers compete for the final time as fashion houses, as the latest challenge decides which three designers will go the finale next week. Keep on reading to find out who is eliminated and who will compete to design The Ultimate Collection.

The four remaining designers meet Iman on a pier and are sent on the a boat ride around Manhattan in order to derive inspiration from the natural elements: earth, air and water. Each designer must create three looks and the two members of the house who produce the winning collection will drive off in a new Ford Edge.

Back at the Fashion House workroom, Calvin wants to go with blacks, whites and browns to represent the Chinese elements, while House of Nami opts for greens and blues to represent air and water. Jeffrey uses his perk of winning last week to choose a crown from New York Vintage to accent one of his looks. Calvin also wants to go with pregnant women and barefoot themes, which Isaac cautions him against. Calvin’s excitement is infectious, as a previously skeptical Dominique begins to feel confident about their collection. She likens their looks to an art installation. Dominique and Calvin know they are taking a big risk with their concept, but they have to go big in order to not go home.

As the fashion show gets underway, House of Emerald presents a collection using largely blues and seafoam greens to tell the story of a sea goddess on land returning to her home in the water. They feel their collection is cohesive and beautiful.


House of Nami knows one wrong step and their collection could be a disaster. Their runway show is very dramatic as the models walk through fake snow barefoot. Calvin’s pregnancy look, representing Mother Earth, is his favorite, but he knows it’s a huge risk. This collection is Calvin’s favorite so far and he will be content if this is the one that sends him home.

At the judging, Glenda Bailey, editor-in-chief of Harper’s Bazaar, and Gilles Mendel of J. Mendel help Iman and Isaac decide who will go to the finale and who will be eliminated. Both teams are told they were impressive, but there must be a loser.

Isaac likes the fluid thought of House of Emerald’s collection. Cesar is told he is a master of some sort since he made a dress with just one seam, and his draping is wonderful, but one of his dresses did not go with the rest of the collection. Jeffrey is praised for one of his looks that includes leggings under a dress, but his crown used on another look is panned.

House of Nami is told their collection touched a nerve with the audience, but they are questioned about the lack of shoes. Dominique’s shorts look is commended, but her belted dress with a coat does not go over well. Calvin is told the details in one of his looks are flawless, but his pregnant look just appears malignant. It’s also called contrived and provokes the thought that Calvin is a terrible designer.


After the judges deliberate yet another tough challenge, House of Nami is declared the winner, which means Dominique and Calvin both win a car and are a lock for the finale. Isaac tells them they won because their clothes looked fresh and forward thinking.

Since House of Emerald lost, Cesar and Jeffrey are on the chopping block. The judges allow them one last chance to convince them they deserve to be in the finale. They are given 45 minutes to revise their weakest look for another round of judging.

After Jeffrey and Cesar race to rework their looks, they present their models to the judges yet again. Cesar cuts the bottom of his dress off and re-drapes it, which the judges salute. Jeffrey gets rid of the jacket on his garment and gives his look a more modern feel, which shows off the best part of the skirt. The judges are pleased with each revamp, but they must write down the name of the designer they want to see move on to the finale. Jeffrey receives the first three votes so he joins Dominique and Calvin in the finale and Cesar is deemed out of fashion.

What did you think of this week’s The Fashion Show? Should Cesar have been eliminated from the Bravo reality series, or someone else?

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One Response to “The Fashion Show Ultimate Collection: Elemental Inspiration”

  1. louisa Says:
    January 23rd, 2011 at 5:40 am

    i think your totally wrong. i think casear should of been in the finale and calvin should of been sent home. although i think he should of been sent home long ago with his elitist attitude. I think casear is a far better designer than calvin!


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