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Live To Dance: Second Semi-Final

January 19, 2011 07:00 PM by Allyson Wells

Live To Dance

It is the second night of the semi-finals on Live To Dance.  Six more acts dance for judges Paula Abdul, Kimberly Wyatt and Travis Payne. Among the six acts are audience pick, ballet duo White Tree Fine Art, and one of the youngest contestants, Jalen. Host Andrew Gunsberg also reveals who the audience picked to make the finale.

The judges take the stage first and walk out holding hands before waving to the excited audience. Andrew recaps the first night of the semi-finals. The experts chose the largest group in the competition, The Vibe, to go through to the finals. The remaining five acts take the stage to discover who will advance to the finals. Jittin’ Genius and D’Angelo and Amanda are the top two audience vote-getters. Andrew reveals that the audience picked young couple D’Angelo and Amanda. D’Angelo falls to stage on his knees in excitement.

The first act to dance is nine-year old Jalen. In his video, Jalen shows that he lost a tooth. He then is shown dancing everywhere. His father boasts that Jalen dances everywhere he goes. Jalen shows that he has been practicing on new moves and routines and hopes that he nails it. He takes the stage to C&C Music Factory wearing an adorable argyle sweater. The young boy break dances all over the stage before doing hip-hop moves and finally gymnastics. Paula gives Jalen her signature clap. Paula is proud of Jalen for making millions of kids his age want to do what he does. She gives him a gold star. Travis tells Jalen he likes his new moves and challenges him to put more dance steps in with his tricks. Travis also gives him a gold star. Kimberly tells Jalen he is skilled beyond his years and gives him a gold star.

Live To Dance

Dance in Flight is the second act. They are a duo that have known one another for seventeen years. They reveal how rare it is to dance so acrobatically at their age. Their routine begins on a bench set to the Pink Panther song. The dance is filled with amazing lifts and spins. The song transitions to Paula Abdul’s song, Opposites Attract, which Paula digs. Travis tells them they lost some of their luster and their dome dance was better. He feels they fell short and gives them a red star. Kimberly feels torn because she loves their theatrics and their love of dance. She ends up giving them a gold star. Paula tells them they are a dream to work with, but they didn’t always execute the technical moves. She still gives them a gold star.

Live To Dance

The third act is breathtaking group Twitch, which originally moved Paula to tears. They are an all-female and one male group. Paula gives them instruction and the group hopes to live up to her expectations. They take the stage in dramatic red outfits. Their routine is wonderfully unique and a mix of ballet, hip hop and thematic dance. The audience cheers for their wonderful acrobatics and in-sync movements. The group gets a standing ovation. Paula is so happy they allowed themselves to be open and challenged. She thinks their performance was beautiful and to continue pushing themselves to tell a story. They get a gold star. Travis tells them they were hot and would be hard-pressed to find something wrong with their performance. He also gives them a gold star. Kimberly loves their ability to tell a story and the technique to back it up. She loves them and also gives a gold star.

Du-shaunt Stegall, a young teenager from Las Vegas, takes the stage. He reveals that dancing gives him something to do. In his rehearsals, Paula tries to help him get new movements and not be limited in his hip-hop. He takes the stage with a huge smile on his face and launches into a funky hip-hop routine. The crowd goes wild when he takes his vest off to go shirtless and then dance on a chair. He gets a standing ovation. Kimberly tells him his performance fell flat in the end and didn’t show off his full potential. She gives him a red star. Paula thinks he needs to continue learning all types of dance. She also gives him a red star. Travis wants him to add more steps to his routine and gives him a red star.

Live To Dance

Dax and Sarah prepare to take the stage. They explain they starting dancing and dating a year and a half ago. Dax reveals the sad news that his back is injured and is holding him back. They are bummed that they might not be able to perform some of their signature moves. Their routine starts is a romantic French-inspired dance. The crowd cheers them on as they spin across the stage. Paula feels for them because of the injury, but believes that they were still entertaining. Paula gives them a gold star for their efforts. Travis thinks their dance was boring and wanted for them to be better.  He gives them a red star. Kimberly disagrees and thinks they were golden and gives them a gold star.

The final act is White Tree Fine Art. The audience picked them to have a second shot. They think classical ballet is one of the hardest dance forms. Their routine is to the song, Hallelujah. They add new dramatic lifts and romantic spins. They also incorporate a Cirque-de-Soleil inspired sash to spin from. Their technique and strength is amazing. They get a standing ovation from Kimberly and the audience. Kimberly tells them they bring little girl dreams to life and that they have inspired her so much. She thanks them and gives them a gold star. Travis thinks they are great but doesn’t get excited by them and gives them a red star. Paula and Kimberly are stunned by Travis’s red star. Paula tells them they never complained and have a beautiful outlook that shows in their dancing. She gives them a gold star.

The judges prepare to deliberate. Kimberly thinks it will be a tough choice, as she has two standouts. The judges compare notes as the six acts return to the stage to hear who will be advancing to the finals. Paula says that it was a difficult choice and it was not a unanimous decision. She announces they chose White Tree Fine Art to go through to the finals. Andrew reminds the audience and America to vote for their favorite act to make it to the finals.

America’s vote will be revealed live during the next episode, which will also be the last semi-final round. Who do you hope to see make it through? I personally love Twitch and think the finals would be lacking without them. We’ll have to tune in next week on Live To Dance to see!

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2 Responses to “Live To Dance: Second Semi-Final”

  1. beth pace Says:
    January 19th, 2011 at 9:40 pm

    Who sang Hallelujah on tonights show that White tree fine arts danced too????

  2. Linda Says:
    January 22nd, 2011 at 5:00 pm

    Who is the artist and name of song that the Lyndie dancers danced to? It’s the one where it starts slow and gets really fast! Love that music!


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