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Kitchen Nightmares: Gordon Ramsay Interview

January 20, 2011 08:00 AM by Lisa Princ


FOX’s Kitchen Nightmares returns this week and just in time for the premiere Gordon Ramsay opened up about what we can expect in a press interview. Keep reading to hear everything that Gordon had to say!

Kitchen Nightmares star Gordon Ramsay sat down today to chat about the show and some of his life experiences. Here is what Chef Ramsay wanted to share with his fans!

Question: How do you choose which restaurants to feature on the show?

Gordon Ramsay: We’re into the thousands this year. We have a selective panel that chooses some and they and I go through all the most desperate ones. I make sure we choose some from the east, west, midwest and all over. The most important this year was that I begged FOX to help get this done sooner, in order to help save the failing restaurants..instead of having say a nine month turnaround time before you see them on television, it is literally weeks this season. We really look for ones on the brinks, ones with biggest jeopardy, whether it be financial or family wise.

Question: How do you maintain your Michelin stars and do so well with everything else?

Gordon Ramsay: Time management, I am a bit of a control freak, I work so closely to the team. I’ve taken some of the chefs on the road with me. I focus and we’ll spend 3 weeks in the US, 3 weeks in London, 3 weeks in the US again, so we’re never away that long.

Question: On Kitchen Nightmares you spend so much time helping family businesses, can you tell about your family and how that’s going?

Gordon Ramsay: Wow, it’s been a tough one really, we’ve been through a lot. Don’t mix family business with pleasure, as you know I am not longer working with my father in law, who was critical to me for many years,but sometimes change is like a breathe of fresh of air. He’s been amazing. I am a human being, I have a big heart, and I love my family. When I see that conflict in Kitchen Nightmares, I can relate to them. I’ve made mistakes, but I’ve leaned from them and I tell it straight.

Question: Can you tell us a little about Down City, one of the restaurants featured on the show?

Gordon Ramsay: Oh my. That was the first time I’ve ever been kicked out within 17 minutes of entering it. The feisty, tenacious manager actually kicked me out. I didn’t know they had taken on the room service for next door. We got off to bad start when I ordered the room service,which absolutely horrible and then went there and complained about it. I asked her “what the hell are you doing taking on the room service?” and she didn’t like that.


Question: What is the most important thing you have learned about yourself?

Gordon Ramsay: I’ve learned that everyday is a challenge. I get excited, upset, but I am so passionate. Anyone who gets in to the business thinking they want to get all the money, all the television exposure, etc. – I tell them that you must keep it real, forget the money and really understand, learn to be honest with yourself. You have to set that example, I have done that and I do raise the bar. You cannot come into this if you are not prepared to be committed and you must master your craft (cooking) beforehand.

Question: So the UK version of Kitchen Nightmares ended in 2009, are you planning on ending the US version anytime soon?

Gordon Ramsay: Honestly, I am looking at a potential Kitchen Nightmares in France…lived in France for a few years like second home to me. I had an opportunity to visit restaurants in France and I am excited about the possibly of going in there.

Question: What is the one piece of advice you would offer someone looking to open a restaurant?

Gordon Ramsay: It’s toughest, most demanding careers anywhere. Keep your restaurant local and cook according to whats on your doorstep. Stay within the neighborhood and get the locals on your side first. You can’t just start off thinking about Michelin stars, food critics, and such – instead just cook for your community first.

Question: There have been rumors about your hair in the press, can you tell us what your favorite hair care products are, or who does your hair?

Gordon Ramsay: I was doing a documentary on the diminishing sharks in the industry, and I got gas poured in my hair. With that I also had an allergic reaction to the horses and literally had a hair nightmare. I went and had that straightened out, that is all. I am very protective of my own hair, I’ve got a lot of it, I do my own hair. I do not have a hairdresser or makeup artist do my hair.

Question: A lot of viewers have learned about cooking on your various shows, was that your intention when doing them all?

Gordon Ramsay: I’m a pressure junkie, and from a chef’s point of view, it’s a constant learning..for me anyway. We don’t cook on Kitchen Nightmares on screen, we do behind the scenes in the kitchen. I am always learning as well, and will never stop doing that.

Question: How do you confront reports about your financial issues?

Gordon Ramsay: No business in the world that has not experienced difficulties, especially in the last 18 months or so. I’ve lost money like any business, but what you have seen and read is simply not true. It’s all about navigating around this recession which I have done and am continuing to do.

Question: Kitchen Nightmares scares me, what would you advise us to look for when walking into a restaurant that would be a dead giveaway to walk out?

Gordon Ramsay: Well, the first things I look at are under the table, if it’s clean, no gum, or anything it shows that they are clean. Also check the skirting boards around the restaurant, little things like that. My wife always walks in the bathroom, if the bathroom is immaculate then you know the kitchen is.

Thank you to Gordon Ramsay for his time today and be sure to tune in tonight for this exciting season premiere of Kitchen Nightmares on Fox!

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