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Worst Cooks In America: Surprises For Week Four

January 23, 2011 09:11 PM by Lisa Princ


Last week it was all about flavor on Worst Cooks in America on Food Network and this week the final ten compete to stay at boot camp. But when Anne Burrell and Robert Irvine some surprises at their teams, which team can handle the pressure and who will be sent packing? Keep reading for all the details!

Food Network’s Worst Cooks in America kicks off tonight with a trip to the park. Having no idea what is in store for them, the recruits find Anne, Robert and some barbecue grills at the park. For their skill drill, Robert and Anne demonstrate how to put a twist on a simple burger and then recruits must each create their own unique spin on the traditional grilled burger. Then, Robert and Anne would do a blind taste test and choose the winning burger, with the winning burger giving their team an advantage, but the recruits have no idea what that is.

We watched as the recruits used everything from avocados to pineapples in their burgers in an effort to impress and win the challenge for their team. For some, assembling a simple burger proved to be a tough task such as Erika whose burger was so huge it ended up raw, or Jen who made her burgers way to small a toddler could have consumed it. Joshie could not figure out which part of the egg to add to his burger, so he used the whites which caused it to fall apart on the grill. And then we saw Kat completely destroy her burger on the grill and try to make up for it by sticking a skewered pineapple wedge through the bun to make it look nice.


When it was time for tasting, Chef Anne and Chef Robert were not impressed with many of the burgers at all. As they went through the list of each one, one by one Chef Anne’s team were all at the bottom of the list. However when it came down to the best two, it was between Kelsey and Georg, but Georg ended up winning the challenge for the blue team and the surprise for her team. For winning the challenge, the blue team could take one member of the red team and then send one of their own over to Chef Anne. Chef Robert decided to pick Kelsey to join his team and then he sent his worst recruit, Kat over to Chef Anne.

Next up on Worst Cooks in America was the main dish challenge. For this challenge, the teams would as usual recreate a dish based on what Robert and Anne demonstrated for them. This time, Anne’s team would be doing lamb chops with fennel while Robert’s team did duck breast with sweet potato puree. But not only would they be cooking one plate, they would be cooking two plates in another surprise by the chefs. With that second dish, they would be sitting down and dining on their own meal while being judged – as if one plate was not difficult enough for these recruits, this would prove to be interesting.


Both of the switched recruits had a tough time on the other team as Kelsey completely forgot her sauce as well as ruining her duck, and Kat rushed so much to get her dish done on time, that her lamb was very undercooked. But they weren’t the only recruits with problems as Joshie had problems cutting his lamb, resulting in uneven pieces that were not cooked the same – one was burnt while the other was raw. Most of the members of the blue team ended up with rare duck which did not please Robert at all, including Anna who I really thought was one of the better on the team. Kelly actually did her duck perfectly and wound up winning the challenge on the blue team, while Carlos did just as well on the red team and won the challenge.

But then it was time for the worst dishes and on the red team, Anne selected Kat, for her undercooked meat and uneven fennel as well as Erika who took it upon herself to add spices to the fennel to muffle the taste which she should not have done. On the blue side, Robert chose Anna as he felt she would have one good week and one bad week, as well as Kelsey who completely ruined her first challenge as a blue team member. In the end, Chef Anne chose Erika to go home as she felt she was not improving, while Chef Robert chose Anna as he felt she was far too inconsistent. Best of luck to both these home cooks!

Be sure to tune in Sunday for a brand new episode of Worst Cooks In America on Food Network at 9 pm EST!

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