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The Bachelor: Michelle’s Black Eye and Loveline

January 24, 2011 07:55 PM by Candace Young


Tonight’s episode of The Bachelor begins with Michelle waking up with a mysterious black eye. She feels she deserves a date with Brad Womack because of this. Chris Harrison informs the bachelorettes that there will be two one-on-one dates and a group date this week. Will Michelle net some alone time? Read on for all the details…

Chantal gets the first one-on-one date. Brad arrives to pick her up and Michelle is front and center with the black eye. Some of the other girls wish they’d been the one who gave it to her. Chantal heads out with Brad.

A helicopter picks up the pair, and the date begins.  Chantal married her high school sweetheart and wound up divorced, so her developing feelings for Brad frighten her.

They land, and transfer to a boat. Brad, who is excited to finally have a one-on-one date with Chantal, tells her they are going to walk on the ocean floor. Chantal, who hates deep water, has to face her fear.  Down on the ocean floor, they see amazing sights and connect.


Back at the house, the group date card arrives. It’s a group date. Michelle is not included, meaning she still has a shot at a one-on-one date.  She tells the camera if she doesn’t, Brad may get his own black eye.  Later, she sobs to Ashley that she thinks she beat herself up in her sleep because she’s so stressed.

Brad and Chantal have moved on to the next portion of the date. He asks if she wants to get married again. She replies, “Totally.” She elaborates that she knows now what she wants – kids and a family. Brad says he’s finally open to those things too.  Chantal apologizes for the slap upon meeting him. They laugh. Brad loves the playfulness between them.  He gives her the rose and tells her he could see a real relationship with her.  She takes it, and they make out. When it begins to rain, they move inside the cabana to a bed.

On the group date, Brad takes the ladies to Loveline with Dr. Drew. He wanted to give them a safe place to open up about how they feel.  Brad speaks to Dr. Drew first and the ladies go in after.  They are asked who has cheated on a partner before. Stacey ‘fesses up.  Ashley ventures that she is putting up walls due to how difficult the process is. Brad suggests that she may regret doing that.  Britt tells Brad that she is so worried about composing the perfect ten minute chat with him, that she feels he’s not seeing who she really is. Brad loves how they are opening up.


Back at the house, Michelle whines to Emily that she needs to have a one-on-one date. This girl is like a CD with a skip. The one-on-one date card arrives – it’s for Michelle.  It says ‘Let’s hang out,” and the other girls tease her that hers is the only date card that didn’t mention love.

The group date has progressed to the evening hot tub portion. When Alli pulls Brad away, Ashley H gets jealous. Ashley S goes in and interrupts before Alli even gets started.  Jackie feels dealing with Ashley H’s drama is getting exhausting. Britt manages to get some alone time with Brad – she makes the most of it and they wind up kissing. Ashley H comes out and butts in. She warns him she is pulling back. He doesn’t really know what’s going on with her.  He alludes to giving her the rose to reassure her, but when she makes a negative comment as he pulls out the rose, he changes his mind and gives it to Britt.


When Brad arrives for Michelle’s one-on-one date, he ends up asking Ashley H to come outside so he can reassure her.  Michelle is not impressed and ends up arguing with the other girls. When Brad comes back in, Michelle drags him out of the house. Michelle tells the camera if she didn’t get a rose because of Brad dealing with Ashley H’s issues, she’d elbow her in the face!

Michelle and Brad drive off to his place. She pretends to be fine with him taking time to talk to Ashley H.  Once out of the car, they go up in a helicopter and fly into downtown Los Angeles. Michelle begins to freak out wondering what they will be doing. They land on top of a high building and get out of the helicopter. He informs her that they will rappel down the building to a pool below, where they’ll have dinner. Michelle has a fear of heights and flips. Brad is terrified as well, but tries to be tough.  They actually do it, even stopping to kiss halfway down. Brad declares it to be an overwhelming bonding experience. Michelle and Brad jump into the pool fully clothed and make out.


As evening falls, Brad asks if she’s let anyone else around her daughter since her marriage broke up, and asks to meet the girl. Michelle agrees.  When she asks, Brad tells her if he ends up with two women at the end of this and doesn’t see ‘forever’, he would walk away again. Michelle tells him she sees him ending up with her – not any of the others. Brad gives her the rose, saying it was an easy decision – she’s an amazing woman.

Back at the house, Chantal and Stacey dish about Michelle – they decide that she scares them and is super-aggressive.  Chantal states that if Brad ends up with Michelle, he’s definitely not the right guy for her anyway.

Brad enlists the advice of Jamie, his local therapist, again this week before the rose ceremony.  He shares about kissing one woman after another. Jamie warns him that the expectations are in his head, and it’s okay to have feelings for more than one woman.


The girls wait nervously for Brad to arrive for the cocktail party. He takes Shawntel out to chat first – he wants to assure those who weren’t on dates this week.  Shawntel and Brad recreate their kissing scene from the movie last week.  He calls out Meghan to ask her to let down her walls, but it’s when he calls out Emily that the others take notice – he has a whole champagne picnic set-up for the two of them! The ladies feel it sends a very strong message. Even those who have roses already feel insecure.

Outside, Brad tells Emily it’s important that she know he’s been thinking about her all week. He recreates their vineyard date and they discuss her leaving gifts for her daughter while she’s away. Brad is clearly ga-ga. Chantal, who has become emotional, nabs Brad for some serious talk, saying he is connecting with some emotionally unstable women in the house, which confuses her. Brad reassures her and they kiss.

Rose Ceremony

Brad thanks them all for being patient with him in this process. Chantal, Britt, and Michelle already have roses and are safe. He offers roses to Ashley S, Alli, Emily, Shawntel N, Jackie, Marissa, and Ashley H.  Lindsay, Meghan, and Stacey go home this week.

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2 Responses to “The Bachelor: Michelle’s Black Eye and Loveline”

  1. Rick Larsen Says:
    January 25th, 2011 at 5:10 am

    I always suspected the show was staged. Notice that the departing helecopter was yellow and when it arrived at it’s desitnation it was silver? Or half the scenes with the Utah girl her black eye was on the right side and half on the left side. You would think the make up artist would be consistant. This show is just like wrestling – all acting and scripted!

  2. Paula Says:
    February 2nd, 2011 at 3:24 pm

    The bruising flipped because of how the film is fed. This same issue came up on the Bachelorette with Jillian where Jesse’s case changes legs. It’s all about the film.


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