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The Biggest Loser: Confrontations Without A Weigh In

January 25, 2011 08:02 PM by Lisa Princ


The Biggest Loser on NBC is back with a brand new episode tonight but unfortunately we will not see a weigh in this week since it’s only on for an hour. You can expect some drama and confrontations though, so keep reading for all the details!

The Biggest Loser on NBC kicked off tonight almost immediately with the ranch players confronting Don about his nine pound gain last week. Despite Don’s best attempt at trying to convince them that he did not intend to gain weight, nor did his brother Dan who was eliminated last week, no one seemed to believe him. When they hit the gym, Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels gave Don no mercy either, in fact Jillian accused him of lying until he finally got angry enough to to tell everyone that he didn’t care if they believed him or not – quite frankly even his angry tirade did not convince me.


Then it was time for a challenge and what better time to give the contestants a temptation challenge? That’s right, Ali Sweeney surprised the ranch players with a room full of all of their favorite foods. One by one, each team would go in for a minutes and they had the choice to eat something or not eat something. The person who ate the most calories would be choosing one team to go to the unknown team to train with Cara and Brett for the week. Each team went in and every single one of them chose not to eat anything – except one! You may have guessed that Arther broke down and ate a pizza, and while he did break down, he only ate a chicken leg for what he says was to make sure no one else was controlling his fate. Being the only person who ate any calories, Arthur chose the green team to go to the other trainers for a week as he said they were the biggest threat in the house.

At the unknowns camp on The Biggest Loser, we got a chance to see The Biggest Loser Resort- Fitness Ridge. The green team was in awe immediately over the beauty of Fitness Ridge as well as how things were done differently. At Fitness Ridge the meals are prepared for you, instead of cooking for yourself as they do on the ranch. They have cleaners and maids that clean up after everyone versus cleaning up after yourself at the ranch. The unknowns were shocked to see the green team, but excited as well once they heard why they were there. Jay and Jennifer were excited to get the chance to work out with the new trainers and the same went for Cara and Brett. From the looks of things at Fitness Ridge, Cara and Brett work out just as hard as Bob and Jillian do.


Back at the ranch, it was time for a challenge again and this time Jay and Jennifer joined back in but to play for the unknown teams. This challenge was also about food and calorie counting as they contestants walked up to a table with all of their favorite foods on it. The challenge was to guess the number of calories on the entire table by hoisting numbers in the air. The winner would get letters from home and to make it fair Jay and Jennifer had less weights on their numbers since there were only two of them. Both teams were neck in neck, but eventually the ranch players pulled ahead and wound up winning the challenge and getting their letters from home. In an emotional turn of events, the controversial player, Don received a letter from his son who stopped talking to him due to his weight…maybe that will give him the boost he needs? We’ll have to wait until next week to see what happens next as they left us hanging there.

Be sure to tune in next week at 8 pm EST on NBC for a brand new episode of The Biggest Loser as one team will be sent over to the unknowns! See you after the show!

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