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American Idol: Jennifer Lopez Is Having Fun With Her New Gig

January 26, 2011 08:00 AM by Lisa Princ


It seems like all the chatter about American Idol on FOX these days is about whether or not fans love the new judges, but what about the new judges themselves? In a recent interview with MTV, Jennifer Lopez shares the scoop on why she is having fun with her new Idol gig. Keep reading for more details!

American Idol on FOX’s decision to add Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler as judges seems to be getting mixed reviews. Despite the fact that she was slammed for not sticking up for the Bronx, Jennifer Lopez tells MTV that she is having fun and her plan is to stay relaxed and be herself. Jennifer goes on to share “I’m so happy that everybody’s loving the show. I feel very grateful about that, but I really just wanted to be myself, and I think Steven the same thing. It’s just been a very natural, fun experience for us, and I think that’s what’s coming across.”

Now, while she may be having fun judging the hopefuls on American Idol, Jennifer also shares that she takes it very seriously as well as she says that both she and Steven Tyler “actually care about this, we care about the process, we care about music, we care about artists, and you’re getting all that.” Whether you love her or hate her on the panel, she thinks that the show made the right decision in asking both she and Steven as she goes on “They knew that he was a good person and I was a good person. He was an interesting person. I had my things about me that they felt were interesting. They knew what they were doing. That’s why they came to us.” What do you think about Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler so far? Comment and share your thoughts with us, we’d love to hear them!

Be sure to tune in Wednesday at 8 pm EST for more auditions on American Idol on FOX!

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One Response to “American Idol: Jennifer Lopez Is Having Fun With Her New Gig”

  1. Lissa Says:
    January 26th, 2011 at 8:23 am

    I love Steve Tyler! He’s so genuine down to earth & says what comes to his mind which is refreshing, we need that on the show to make it interesting & worth watching. We want to hear funny comments, off the top of the head comments, constructive comments & I think Steve Tyler gives all that.
    Jennifer on the other hand, is not what I expected for her to be. I love Jennifer & admire her success. Although, she acts like she’s there for herself & not the contestants. Her body language says “look at how pretty I am!” All she does is laugh & get gitty when she’s told how beautiful she is or how much she’s admired by the contestants. She said she’d have insight for them & all I’ve heard is ” I like you, I think you’re cute.” I mean I could say the same thing, no difference. She seems insecure cause everytime she was asked by Randy & Steve what she tought of the contestants, she’d turn it back on them & say “what do you think?” I’ve only watched her twice & I’m annoyed w/ her, even though I love her. “Step it up Jennifer & come out of you picture perfect shell!”
    That’s what I got to say! Oh yeah, she doesn’t let Steve talk either. I wish she’d shut up for a little bit to hear some real insight from Steve!!


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