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Live To Dance: Last Round Of The Semi-Finals

January 26, 2011 07:01 PM by Allyson Wells


Tonight on Live To Dance, the final six acts dance for judges Paula Abdul, Kimberly Wyatt and Travis Payne for a shot in the finals.  The viewers’ choice for the round two winner is also revealed.  Only two spots are left in the finals.  Who will make it through for a chance to win $500,000?

Host Andrew Gunsberg takes the stage in the Dance Dome. He welcomes the audience and then welcomes the judges to the stage.  They enter holding hands for a very enthusiastic audience.  The highlights of round two are recapped, showing the judges disagreeing about White Tree Fine Art advancing to the finals.  Andrew reveals that the viewers chose Twitch to go through to the finals.  The judges are thrilled to see that the viewers chose Twitch.  Paula yells that America got it right.

The first dance group, Dance Town Chaos, goes first.  They are twelve men that have been dancing together for a long time.  In Paula’s mentoring session, the guys reveal that they sometimes get made fun of for being male dancers.  Paula urges them to show everyone what they can do.  Their number is very theatrical and dramatic. The song is to “This Is A Man’s World.”  Some of the moves are totally in sync and others showcase some of the dancers acrobatic abilities.  All of them men take off their jackets to dance shirtless, which excites the crowd.  Paula gives them a standing ovation.  Paula gets teary and says all she can say is, “Wow!”  She thinks they are breathtaking and also show how athletic dancing can be.  She gives them a gold star.  Travis thinks they surpassed their first performance and loves their artistry.  He gives them a gold star.  Kimberly thinks they are top notch and showcase the strengths of the group.  She also gives them a gold star. 

Live To Dance

Jill and Jacob are the second act.  Their video shows Jill saying she and Jacob care for one another.  She thinks they combine their different styles well.  She does admit the piece is out of her comfort zone.  Paula urges them to simplify their routine.  Jacob wants to stick to their vision, not just Paula’s.  They begin their dance together using modern hip hop moves.  The dance then separates with them dancing apart before coming together.  They both flip and float across the stage.  They dance closes with a Cirque de Soleil acrobatic move, before Jacob pulls Jill into a kiss.  Travis tells them they are better than that and the story was disconnecting, like a couple getting a divorce.  He gives them a red star.  Kimberly tells them it’s tough for her because she loves the risk, but Jacob was disconnected.  She also gives them a red star.  Paula admires the confidence Jacob has, and that they need to celebrate their niche, which is their lovely connection to one another.  Paula doesn’t think it was their best, but they did come a long way and gives them a gold star.  Jacob doesn’t understand why the judges felt disconnected and hopes America liked it.

Roosevelt Anderson, a soloist from Brooklyn, is next.  Roosevelt thinks Brooklyn shapes his dancing.  He reveals that he practices dancing in his basement every day and his little brothers are his biggest fans.  Paula cringes when he does his signature bone breaking move.  He takes the stage wearing shades.  As he jumps in the air, it almost looks like he is flying.  He literally seems to be gliding across the floor.  His arms look like Gumby in flexibility when he bends them back behind his head.  Kimberly loves his passion for dance but doesn’t think there was enough and gives him a red star.  Paula disagrees and thinks he is one of the most delightful people she has ever worked with.  She gives him a gold star.  Travis thinks what he does is so innovative and great body control.  Travis wished some of the moves were cleaner, but that he transported him.  Travis gives Roosevelt a gold star.

Live To Dance

Tap Sounds Underground dance next.  The duo are best friends of about fifteen years.  They reveal they sometimes don’t have enough money for lunch in trying to make a living as dancers.  They show they are expanding to something they never have before for their dance.  They dance to Bobby Brown’s Control.  They start on a raised stage before jumping off and tapping totally in sync.  Much of the dance utilizes the raised stage as they fly across it.  Sometimes the duo dance in sync, and other times separate to do solos.  They have high energy and seem to be perfectly in rhythm.  Paula thinks they were so amazing to work with and are the closest thing to perfection as far as tap dancing goes.  She thinks the tap dancing legends are smiling down on them and gives them a gold star.  Travis loves their use of space and thinks they are great.  He also gives them a gold star.  Kimberly thinks as tappers they are professional, but challenges them to breathe new life into it for the masses.  She gives them a red star.  Paula is shocked and asks Kimberly if she is kidding.

Large young group Shore Thing go next.  In their last performance, they were dressed as zombies.  In their mentoring session, Paula tells them they must commit to the characters they are acting out.  All the young children promise to work their hardest to be the best they can be.  The performance begins like the Cirque de Soleil Mystere show.  It is supposed to be a child’s dream.  The dancers are in lively colorful costumes.  There is a lot of tumbling in the beginning before a frenzied dance to close the performance.  Kimberly tells them the tumbling passes were amazing and they do great work for being so young.  She gives them a gold star.  Paula is proud of their commitment to spacing and character and gives them a gold star.  Travis tells them the theatrics was amazing, and they are almost close to perfect.  He gives them a gold star.

Little eleven year old Kendall Glover is the final dancer of the night and semi-finals.  Kendall is thrilled to be back and wants to dance for her Grandma, who put her in her first dance class.  Kendall notes that no soloist has made it to the finals and Paula is challenging her to add new moves.  Her dance has it all.  She begins with gymnastics before twisting and leaping across the stage.  Kendall is super confident as she floats across the stage.  It’s amazing how talented the young girl already is.  Travis thinks she is a joy to watch and a little firework.  Travis wants her to work on her lines and not depend on her flexibility.  However, he feels she could have danced better and gives her a red star.  Kimberly is shocked and thinks Kendall was on fire and so explosive.  She gives her a gold star.  Paula thinks Kendall is a gem and was so eager to keep pushing herself.  She also gives Kendall a gold star. 


Andrew asks the judges if they are ready to deliberate.  Travis thinks it will be tough and asks the ladies to get to it.  Kimberly is curious to see what they other judges think.  They deliberate during the commercial break.  Kimberly reveals that the last act they are putting through to the finals is men’s group, Dance Town Chaos.  Andrew congratulates them and the group is very thankful and excited. Andrew reminds the audience and viewers they get to vote for the last act to go through to the finals.  I’m hoping to see Kendall Glover there.  The finals should have at least one soloist.  Next week on Live To Dance, the finals begin and the six acts have one chance and one dance to win the $500,000. 

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