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American Idol: Nashville Auditions!

January 28, 2011 08:16 AM by Lisa Princ


American Idol on FOX kicks off more auditions tonight in Nashville, TN where they discovered Carrie Underwood. But the question is will they be able to find another Carrie Underwood here? You’ll have to keep reading to find out!

Watch videos of last night’s auditions!

Matt Dillard
Jackie Wilson
Latoya Moore
Lauren Alaina
Adrienne Beasley
Stormi Henley
Chelsee Oaks & Rob Bolin
Christine McCaffrey

American Idol‘s Nashville auditions kicked off tonight with a young man, some high notes, a shattering building and some strange looks from the judges. And then the real auditions began with Christina McCafferty who walked in singing. Not only did this girl look awkward in her pink and black dress, but she sounded horrible. Shocked by her Randy asked her if she did voice over’s for cartoons while Steven had his crazy face on. Then she attempted to sing seriously, and after her version of “I hope you dance” Randy proved to be the mean judge again by asking her “Are you serious?”. After getting 3 no’s Christina then walked out and told Ryan Seacrest that Steven gave her a yes when he did not.

Next up were a couple – or at least we thought they were. Chelsea and Rob – are actually ex-girlfriend and boyfriend but they came to the same audition…odd? After the judges told them that Rob still loved Chelsea because they could just see it, they asked the pair to sing together. They chose “You don’t know what its like” and it had Jennifer in tears. Steven said he saw how much they are still in love. After then each singing their own tune, the judges were in awe over both of them and sent them both through. Steven then told them to go home and fall in love with each other again, it was quite cute.

And then the weirdness began when Allen Lewis, an obvious rocker walked in. Allen looked like a biker, complete with tatoos and beard. Immediately upon entering, he cracked a racial joke which had both Randy and Jennifer a little bothered. In any event they asked him to sing and he performed his horrific version of a Lynard Skynard song the judges tried to get him to stop but he kept singing. After he got 3 no’s he started to talk nonsense to the judges about life and meanings, etc. They couldn’t wait to get him out of the room. Then we saw a few more no’s and awkward performances and at this point, we were left wondering if there was any talent in Nashville.


Next up on American Idol’s Nashville auditions was Stormy Henley a nineteen year old who was once crowned miss teen USA. She came in and sang “Father can you hear me?” Personally, I did not think she was good at all, and neither did Jennifer who gave her a no saying her voice was not strong enough. Steven, however saw something in her, or maybe it was just her pretty face that he liked, but he gave her a yes and convinced Randy to give her a yes as well. Jennifer was not happy with their decision and made sure they knew it by telling them what a small voice she had. And then more yes’s started to roll in as we then met Adrienne Beasley who came in and blew us all away with her version of “American Honey” by Lady Antebellum – she was sent right through.

But then the bad auditions and awkward people started to show up and Randy once again had enough and started to prove that he was the mean judge this season. Starting with 28 year old Kameela Merricks who claimed she had a powerful voice for being a tiny girl as well that she was a junior regional soloist for her hometown. Too bad her version of “Some sweet thing” proved just the opposite and Randy made sure she knew it by plugging his ears as she was singing as well as telling her how horrible she was and it was “so loud it hurt”. Steven told her to go home, practice and come back and Randy started shouting “no no no!” Needless to say she did not make it through. We also watched Randy give a big fat no and some meanness to Latoya Moore, even though she passed out some of her albums.

Next we met Jackie Wilson a 28 year old who had been singing since she was three and to be honest I don’t even know what the name of the song was that she sang, but she blew everyone away with her powerful voice – you can guess that she received a golden ticket. Then Nashville started to heat up as we saw quick auditions and yes’s to Paul Macdonald, Jimmie Allen, and Danny Pate. Then in walked Matt Dillard who definitely did not have the American Idol look, but he did have the voice as he performed a Josh Grabon tune. Both Randy and Steven gave him a yes despite Jennifer giving him a no, once again she was out numbered by the guys’ votes.


The last audition of the last day in Nashville was Lauren Alaina, a 15 year old who shared her story of inspiration as she told how her cousin Holly, who was battling a brain tumor was her reason for singing and auditioning. After the way the day went I think most were thinking she would end up as another no, but when this girl started to belt out “Walk on by” she almost brought everyone to tears. Lauren was by far the best audition in Nashville, and maybe the entire set of auditions thus far. After giving her a ticket to Hollywood, she asked if her family could come in and meet the judges and then the judges asked her to sing another song. With that she chose to sing and Aerosmith song and Steven joined in, this girl is by far one of the most talented we have seen so far and I can see her making it very far.

That wraps up the Nashville auditions, be sure to tune in next Wednesday at 8 pm EST for more auditions in Texas on American Idol on FOX!

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  1. Elena Says:
    April 11th, 2011 at 5:45 am

    when are the next auditions for american idol. you see i wanna try out and see if i am able to sing, but i need the date for the auditions season 11


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