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Worst Cooks In America: Game Day With The New York Jets

January 30, 2011 08:43 PM by Lisa Princ

Worst Cooks in America on Food Network is back tonight as Chef Anne Burrell and Chef Robert Irvine will create game day menus with their recruits and who better to inspire them than some of The New York Jets? Keep reading to see who tackled game day and who was sent packing!

Tonight on Worst Cooks In America the recruits head down to boot camp for their skill drill, only to be greeted by a video screen instead of Anne Burrell and Robert Irvine. As they turn on the screen, they are greeted by both chefs who inform them that they will be cooking a recipe without supervision this week. While they would be following chef Anne and chef Robert’s recipes, they would also have to assemble the recipes, as the chefs broke them up into steps for the recruits. After assembling the recipes in the correct steps, the recruits would have to cook the recipe as a team but each member would have to assemble their own plate.

Both teams struggled to get the recipe steps together quickly and then broke up into teams of two for the skill drill. On the blue team, Kelly and Ty decided to tackle the vegetables while Kelsey and Georg handled the veal and sauce. The team made several key mistakes as Kelly cut off both ends of the beans instead of one and Ty did not cook his potatoes thoroughly enough to mash them. Kelsey and Georg seemed to have it together though as they made two mistakes but quickly rebounded and started over which impressed chef Robert. In the red kitchen, Jen and Joshie worked together on the meat while Kat worked on the applesauce and Carlos did the cabbage. Kat missed a key step in how she was supposed to cut the apples while Carlos waited until the last minute to get his cabbage cooking – both of them did not impress chef Anne, but Jen and Joshie did a good job with the only mistake being not letting the meat rest so it was on the dry side.

Next up it was time for their main dish challenge on Worst Cooks in America and this week it was game day menu time. Not only would the recruits be cooking some game day goodies, but they would be cooking them for Kris Jenkins and his wife, along with 30 of their party guests including Dustin Keller, Jamaal Westerman and Rodrique Wright. Kris joined Anne and Robert as they demonstrated a potato pancake each with their own twist on it as this would be one of the game day appetizers the recruits would be cooking tonight. When the chefs asked Kris which one he liked he better he told them they were both equally good, but then secretly pointed to Robert when Anne wasn’t looking….of course as soon as Robert heard that it made his day. The recruits would also be cooking an appetizer each chosen by the chefs for the party as well.

You would think by the mid point some of these recruits would be getting better but it seemed like none of them had it together for the party. Well, almost anyway – Carlos seem to have his act together and his game day menu looked great. Kelly spent all her time on her black bean balls leaving her no time to come up with a creative topping for her potato pancakes, so she put a tomato on top with some melted cheese – they looked gross! Jen had the same time management issues as she spent too much time cooking corn cakes and pancakes that she had no time to cook any chicken for her buffalo chicken topping, which turned out to be buffalo topping that did not go over well with any of the guests. Joshie tried his hand at a burger topping for the pancake in hopes of redemption after last week, but his pancakes were not coked thoroughly which ruined them for the chefs.

Kat was another who ran out of time making her pancakes and ended up putting her pastry filling on top of her pastries instead of inside them, which didn’t mean they weren’t tasty they just didn’t look appetizing. Kelsey didn’t do too bad with her game day menus and neither did Ty, or at least we thought since Jamaal Westerman told him how much he loved his food, but chef Anne and chef Robert were not impressed. At this point, it was time to crown the winners and send someone else packing. In the blue kitchen, Georg who did the best job with her game day challenge, won the challenge and chef Robert decided that it was time for Kelly to hit the road. In the red kitchen, Anne awarded the win to Carlos – no shock there and then decided to send Jen home. Best of luck to Jen and Kelly!

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