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The Bachelor: Brad Week Five Spoilers

January 31, 2011 07:00 AM by Paula_Kosowski

Brad Womack and the girls head to Vegas on this week’s episode of ABC’s The Bachelor. Keep reading to see what “Bachelor” spoilers Reality Steve says you can expect on the infamous NASCAR date…

The fifth episode of “The Bachelor” airs tonight and we have spoilers, giving you all the details from the one-on-ones to the controversial NASCAR group date and the eliminations.

On this episode of “The Bachelor,” Brad and the girls leave L.A. for a trip to Las Vegas, where they stay at the luxe Aria hotel.

Brad takes Shawntell Newton shopping at Aria’s fashion mall for the first one-one-one date. After some retail bonding, the two fly on a helicopter tour of the city and follow their adventures with a rooftop dinner date and fireworks show. The date goes well as Shawntell gets a rose.

Back at the hotel, the girls bond. Lisa Morrisey, Marissa May and both Ashleys decide to get rose tattoos to commemorate the experience.

The next date is the very hyped NASCAR group date. Brad takes eight girls, including Emily, to the racetrack for time trials. Lisa gets the best time, but all the attention is focused on Emily given her past. Emily gets a rose for putting on such a brave face while at the track, despite being obviously emotional about her NASCAR driver fiance’s death. Brad worries about Emily throughout the date and pulls her to the side to make sure she’s OK.

After the group date, things get a little different with a two-on-one date rather than the usual one-on-one. On this date, Brad takes Ashleys Hebert and Spivey on a partial mini-group date. The Ashleys rehearse with Cirque du Soleil for “Viva Elvis” and compete against each other to join Brad in the show. Brad takes the two to dinner at an Aria restaurant and decides to eliminate Ashley S, after which he and Ashley H. perform in the show.

Since Ashley S. has already been sent home, only two girls are cut at the rose ceremony. Marissa and Lisa get eliminated, leaving eight remaining contestants to compete for Brad’s love.

“The Bachelor” airs tonight at 8/7c on ABC.

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2 Responses to “The Bachelor: Brad Week Five Spoilers”

  1. kath Says:
    February 1st, 2011 at 8:09 am

    Love this show.. but i think it’s crazy that this show always has one girl that is the crazy biatch. Michelle that’s who.. Sometimes i know they put these girls in there to hype up the show and ratings. Every bachelor show has one.. to coincidental.. However last night was a great show, i loved it. and he is truely a great guy, i think..I thought Jake was a great guy,until you see his true colors after he was in the lime light.. I hope brad is a true as he seems. Anyways, these girls are crying and saying they are so desperate for his attention.. and blah balh.. well why did you sign up for the show, knowing he will be kissing other girls, going on dates, duh.. Stupid.. My favorite girl for him is Emily.. i love her. She is so honest, so respectable, so innocent and a decent person. I can see her with brad, she has been through alot and i believe she is out to find a new love. I hope brad can see that and gives her a shot. The other girls are okay minus michelle. I couldnt beleive she grabbed brad, told him he couldnt talk, get rid of girls, and etc.. The look on is face was utter disgust.. I was surprised he kept her, but then again its the ratings lady’s and gents.. If she is that controlling now, she will be later to.. Sorry michelle, the girl that’s bad for brad is YOU!!! She reminds me of the bully type biatch in high shcool whom thought they were the shit.. Emily is my vote and still is. THey would make a great couple.

  2. Alex Says:
    February 3rd, 2011 at 11:19 am

    I agree with Kath 100% on Emily and Michelle. The good news about Michelle…I think she will be gone in the next couple of episodes. The “drama” girl is most always gone by the time the final 4 have the home town dates. Also Brad’s face while she was in his face telling him to get rid of girls said it all. He didn’t look pleased with her at that point. The previews for the episodes to come show him questioning her pretty hard on one of the next episodes. She’ll be gone soon, I can’t wait!


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