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The Bachelor: Episode Five – Las Vegas

January 31, 2011 07:56 PM by Candace Young

Chris Harrison begins episode five of The Bachelor by telling the remaining eleven girls that they will be joining Brad Womack in Las Vegas! They also learn there will be a dreaded two-on-one date this week – from which one bachelorette will not return. Read on for all of the highlights…

Brad Womack arrives in Las Vegas and greets the ladies as they pull up outside the casino. They go inside, and Brad takes them up to the Sky Suite, which will be theirs – they’re thrilled! He is about to leave, but first, produces a date card.

The one-on-one date goes to Shawntel N – the card says, “Let’s end tonight with a bang!”

Brad is excited when he meets Shawntel for their date – he notes that every time he’s around, she lights up. They head to a spectacular mall, where Brad tells Shawntel she gets to go on a shopping spree. As she tries things on, Brad remarks on how incredibly sexy she is.  Laden with shopping bags, Shawntel declares that it feels like the beginning of love!

Shawntel returns to the suite with her haul and the other girls ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ over the goods.  There is a certain amount of jealousy – especially on Michelle’s part. Brad comes to pick up Shawntel for the evening portion of the date. She comes down the stairs in one of her fabulous new dresses and they leave. It’s difficult for the other women.

Brad takes Shawntel to the roof, where she marvels at the lights of Las Vegas.  Over dinner, she breaks the news that she is a funeral director and embalmer. Brad gamely asks questions and gets to hear about vein drains and face molding. The laugh a lot. Brad gives her the rose, telling her she’s the hottest funeral director he’s ever met.  He then prompts her to look up and fireworks go off in the sky! They share a great kiss.

The group date card comes next. All the girls are on it except the two Ashleys, which means they will be on the two-on-one date.

The group date will take place at Las Vegas Speedway, where the girls go to wait for Brad, who emerges from a race car. He tells them they will have the chance to race cars on the track where Nascar stars drive. The girls suit up, get in their cars, and get psyched.  Some of the girls know Emily isn’t herself, since they know her fiance was a Nascar driver who died on the way to a race. Brad also realizes something is off.

Brad takes Emily aside and she explains that her fiance, Ricky, was a Nascar driver. She explains that he became an owner after a crash at the Vegas track ended his driving career. Brad says he had no idea and feels like a jerk. Emily tells him she needs to do this and goes and gets in the car. She thinks about how much she misses Ricky when she’s in the drivers seat.

The eight ladies and Brad then adjourn to the after party. When he takes Emily aside alone yet again, Alli is upset. The other girls are more understanding. Brad tells Emily how difficult it is to be developing feelings for her when her fiance is at the forefront of her mind. Emily tells the camera that numerous guys have pulled away due to that.

Alli gets time alone with Brad and cries and complains about not feeling special like Emily.  When Chantal gets her turn with Brad, she tells him seeing how caring he is toward Emily makes her like him even more, but she also gets teary.

Brad returns to the group feeling a bit defeated about making them feel special. Michelle take him away and tells him the others are immature. He doesn’t want to talk about the other girls.  Michelle changes her tune and they start kissing.  But when the rose comes out, it’s Emily he gives it to.

Back at the suite, Shawntel gets the two-on-one date card for Ashley H and Ashley S – they will ‘swing with the king’, but one will go home and one will stay, unless he sends them both home.

Brad goes into the two-on-one date saying he has feelings for both Ashleys, but also reservations about both.  He is taking them backstage at Viva Elvis Cirque de Soleil, but they’re not going to watch the show – they’re going to be part of it! The girls are nervous as they rehearse, and it only gets worse when they learn they will be in tonight’s sold out show – and Brad will cast his leading lady!

Over dinner, Brad must make his choice and send one of the Ashleys home.  It’s Ashley H who wins the rose, and he tells Ashley S she will make a great wife, just not for him.  She is really sad. Ashley H and Brad go on to perform in the show and are closer than ever.

Brad hooks up with Jamie his therapist the next day, who reminds him his loyalty isn’t to any of the girls, but to the process.

The girls seem a little down going into the cocktail party. Brad comes in and says he likes hearing how they all feel, given that he’s there to find his wife. Chantal pulls him out for alone time.  She explains to him that many of them felt left out this week due to the amount of time he spent with Emily. He says he would have done the same thing for any of them. Chantal reiterates that she liked him more because of it, and tells him she’s falling for him.

Brad seeks Alli out and shares champagne with her to make her feel special. Britt spends time with him next. Michelle thinks the whole thing is ridiculous – she’s the only one mature enough to be his wife. She takes him behind closed doors and informs him he needs to go send some girls home now. She doesn’t let him talk.

Rose Ceremony

Brad begins by telling the ladies his decision is based on ‘can he see this person as his wife’? Emily, Ashley H, and Shawntel already have roses.  He offers roses to Michelle, Alli, Britt, Jackie,  and Chantal O.  Marissa and Lisa are going home and say their goodbyes.

Next week on The Bachelor, Brad and the girls travel to Costa Rica!

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