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The Bachelor: Chris Harrison Blogs About Episode Five

February 01, 2011 02:45 PM by Candace Young

Episode five of The Bachelor on ABC was once again an emotional whirlwind for the ladies, as well as for Brad, who took Emily out to the race track on a group date, not knowing that her late husband had been a NASCAR race driver and owner who was on his way to a track when he was killed. Keep reading to find out what host Chris Harrison had to say about that situation, and the rest of the episode, in his blog this week…

Chris begins his Entertainment Weekly blog this week by cutting to the chase and discussing what he deems the ‘most controversial moment of the season’ – Emily ending up on the race track date. He explains that the dates were planned before Emily was ever cast on The Bachelor, and that it wasn’t viable to have her on any of the dates this past week other than the group date. That said, Chris concedes that the show knew her story and made a decision to go ahead. He reflected, “What we eventually decided to do is what we always decide to do when faced with situations like this: Don’t mess with the true emotion and situation.”  Chris goes on to say that the potentially disastrous situation turned out to be heartfelt and beautiful.

Brad’s first date of the episode was with Shawntel N. Chris notes in his blog that it was a fantastic date, and elaborated on the implications of the shopping spree, saying, “Obviously when Shawntel walked back into the suite with all those bags the girls went nuts and she knew it. The other women were already nervous and jealous of Shawntel but this sent them off the charts.”

Who can forget the dreaded two-on-one date, which was particularly emotional this time around since the two Ashleys had become good friends. Chris reflected, “Once the two Ashleys found out, they spent the entire day crying. They didn’t want to compete against each other but in the end this isn’t about building a friendship with each other, it’s about finding love with Brad. This date and this situation really brought out some insecurities in Ashley S. It was almost like she knew she wasn’t going to get the rose the moment she got picked for the date. Her tearful goodbye was really tough to watch. She’s a very sweet girl and you just wanted to give the poor girl a hug.”

Chris also remarked on Michelle in his blog, saying she seemed to know exactly what to do to keep Brad on edge and interested.

Next week, Brad and the remaining eight girls head to Costa Rica!

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  1. Phyllis Says:
    February 2nd, 2011 at 3:56 pm

    I just don’t get it, why in the hell can’t Brad finaly find someone this man certainly does have issues, two television shows he has appeared in and so far doesn’t look promsing for this season either, but the bitch is Working it! I think the producers always insert one bitch on these reality tv shows if they didn’t would not be so intriguing


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