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The Biggest Loser: Double Elimination Tonight As The Unknowns Return To The Ranch

February 01, 2011 08:51 PM by Lisa Princ

The Biggest Loser on NBC is back with a brand new episode tonight and we’ll finally get to see the unknowns return to the ranch with Cara Castronuova and Brett Hoebel. As their immunity runs out, they will be competing in challenges as well as weigh in’s. This week we will see a double elimination that reveals a shocking surprise. Keep reading for more details!

The Biggest Loser kicked off tonight with a some workouts for the unknowns with Cara Castronuova and Brett Hoebel in which we saw Q walk out of the workout. The other unknowns decided to confront Q for his lack of effort and all he did was make excuses. Next, in a strange series of events we got to see a last chance workout with Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels for the ranch players followed by a weigh in – I guess this was because we didn’t get a weigh in last week? In any event, here is how the ranch players fared at their first weigh in this week:

Aqua Team
Marci from 211 lbs to 208 & Courtney from 292 lbs to 282 lbs for a total loss of 13 lbs (2.58%)

Blue Team
Jesse from 269 lbs to 266 lbs & Arthur 459 lbs to 450 lbs for a total loss of 12 lbs (1.65%)

Green Team
Jay from 350 lbs to 341 lbs & Jennifer from 242 lbs to 236 lbs for a total loss of 15 lbs (2.53%)

Purple Team
Hannah from 220 lbs to 217 lbs & Olivia from 233 lbs to 228 for a total loss of 12 lbs (1.77%)

Orange – Black Team
Irene from 224 lbs to 230 lbs & Don from 280 lbs to 286 lbs for a total gain of 12 lbs (+2.38%)

At this point, I was left shaking my head along with Bob and Jillian – I mean how could Irene and Don have the exact same gain? And didn’t we just go through this a few weeks ago with Don and Dan? In a shocking revelation, Irene had no problems filling us all in on what happened. Apparently, this time they did throw the weigh in – but they had good reason, or at least in Don’s eyes. You see folks, Don was trying to save his team members all the while wanting to go home. Not sure anyone else was happy about it either as Ali did not even have to take it to the elimination room, instead she asked for a show of hands as to who wanted to send Don home and the entire room lifted their hands in either sorrow or disgust. With that said, Don however is doing well at home and to date has lost 87 lbs and counting. He is back back with his family, in which his son now speaks to him again and he works out regularly with his brother Dan. As Bob Harper said the ranch may not be for everyone and in this case it proved correct and hopefully was just the push that Don needed.

Next up on The Biggest Loser on NBC, the unknowns were brought back to the ranch where they would workout with Cara and Brett from now on, as well as participate in the challenges and weigh in’s. Ali actually surprised both teams this week though when it came to the challenges as each team would have a separate challenge. The ranch players would be given a different challenge instead of a fitness challenge as they were told if they could lose more than 48 lbs as a team, no one from their team would go home this time. The unknowns would be competing in a fitness challenge against one another, much to their dismay as they all thought they would be competing against the ranch players.

For their fitness challenge, the unknown team would be competing with weights. Each team would have a scale with their color on it and and each team would be given a large amount of various sized weights. They would have to place the weights on another team’s scale. When a team’s scale hit 500 lbs they would be eliminated from the challenge and whoever was left standing would be granted one more week of immunity at the weigh in. It was no surprise that everyone decided to gang up on the red team, or more so for Q’s lack of work and the red team was quickly the first one eliminated, followed by the brown team. With the pink, yellow and gray teams left, the pink team thought they were safe but both the gray and yellow team knocked the pink team out quickly. It was neck in neck with the gray and yellow team, but Justin and Rulon played it smart by keeping all their heavy weights for the end, which ended up giving them the win and the immunity for one more week.

After another last chance workout for both teams, it was time weigh in yet again and this is how both teams fared tonight:

Aqua Team
Marci from 208 lbs to 200 & Courtney from 282 lbs to 275 lbs for a total loss of 15 lbs

Blue Team
Jesse from 266 lbs to 257 lbs & Arthur 450 lbs to 444 lbs for a total loss of 15 lbs

Green Team
Jay from 341 lbs to 331 lbs & Jennifer from 236 lbs to 232 lbs for a total loss of 14 lbs

Purple Team
Hannah from 228 lbs to 224 lbs & Olivia from 217 lbs to 210 for a total loss of 11 lbs

Orange Team
Irene from 224 lbs to 216 lbs for a total loss of 8 lbs

Red Team
Q from 398 lbs to 385 lbs & Larialmy from 270 lbs to 259 lbs for a total loss of 24 lbs (3.59%)

Yellow Team
Justin from 308 lbs to 292 lbs & Rulon from 411 lbs to 394 lbs for a total loss of 33 lbs *had immunity

Grey Team
Kaylee from 204 lbs to 195 lbs & Moses from 365 lbs to 351 lbs for a total loss of 23 lbs (4.04%)

Pink Team
Deni from 221 lbs to 210 Sarah from 231 lbs to 222 lbs for a total loss of 20 lbs (4.42%)

Brown Team
Austin from 342 lbs to 326 lbs & Ken from 335 lbs to 321 lbs for a total loss of 30 lbs (4.43%)

With that said, the ranch players lost a lot more than 48 lbs therefore no one from their team would be eliminated. On the unknowns, however the red team who fell below the yellow line, would be up for elimination tonight. When they pleaded their cases Q said that he and his wife decided she should go home and he should stay, but most of the team was not sure they wanted him to stay. At Justin’s request Q made a promise to Larialmy that he would not come home the same person and he vowed to the team that he would give 100% begging them not to give up on him. When it was time to vote, he was lucky that his team considered them family as they all voted to send Larialmy home because it was her wish. To date Larialmy has lost 74 lbs and looks fabulous. She keeps up her healthy lifestyle at home and has even involved her family in the process!

Be sure to tune in next week at 8 pm EST on NBC for a brand new episode of The Biggest Loser! See you after the show!

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