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Live To Dance: The Final Showdown

February 02, 2011 07:05 PM by Allyson Wells

After thousands of dance hopefuls, only six acts remain on Live To Dance. The best dance acts in the nation face off in a dancing showdown. Who will impress judges Paula Abdul, Kimberly Wyatt, and Travis Payne? Who will work their magic in the Live To Dance finals?

Host Andrew Gunsberg takes the stage and stoically says that one misstep could cost a dancer $500,000. He then introduces the judging panel. Andrew tells Paula she looks fabulous. Paula notes that America will have a tough choice choosing the winner. She urges them to vote for the act that inspires them. Andrew then recaps the intense round three of the semi-final and how divided the judges were. Andrew then reveals that the viewers advanced eleven year-old Kendall Glover to the finals, making her the only soloist to advance.

The first finalist to take the stage is Twitch. Their montage shows that America chose them to advance in round two. They are seniors who have been dancing for ten years together. They realize it will be the last time they dance together. They hope to make it the dance of their lives. Their dance starts off with a funky violin theme, as they all dance in sync. The theme of their dance is being chased by the paparazzi. They then separate into three groups. The sole male in the group dances with each of the ladies before coming together as a group again. Travis yells that they were awesome and it was the best way to start the finals and gives them a gold star. Kimberly believes they have so much diversity and training and also gives them a gold star. Paula thinks they are so cool to watch. She urges them to keep breaking barriers and gives them a gold star.

The next act is married ballet couple White Tree Fine Art. Their montage shows what a roller coaster ride they took to the finals. They feel lucky the audience voted them in to the finals, despite a red star from Travis. They explain the song they are dancing to is their wedding song and hope to inspire other people to put their arms around one another and dance. Their dance is to Somewhere over the Rainbow and is nothing short of elegant. The dance is complete with lifts and spins which showcase their gorgeous lines. They close their dance with an acrobatic move to show off their strength. After the dance, Kimberly is so grateful they create a world of their own like a fairy tale come to life. She gives them a gold star. Paula thinks they are beautiful and it is a privilege to have them on the stage and celebrate ballet. Paula thinks they are true artists and gives them a gold star. Travis tells them America loves them, the audience loves them and even though their relationship started rocky, he now loves them and is a believer. He gives them a gold star.

The largest act of the finale, The Vibe, goes next. The thirty-eight member group never thought they would ever make the finals. They explain they come from a close-knit community and many are related to one another. Paula says she has never seen such a large group gel together so well. Their dance is to the song Umbrella by Rihanna. As two dancers dance, the rest hide behind umbrellas before emerging to all dance in sync. They then break of into pairs four tumbling passes and couples twirling together. The dance closes with them all dancing in sync again. Paula thinks they all have great technique in so many areas. She thinks they have come a long way and gives them a gold star. Travis thinks the dance started wonderful but became too busy and overly ambitious. He gives them a red star, which gets boos from the crowd. Kimberly thinks their performance was clean and solid and full of surprises. She gives them a gold star.

Kendall Glover is the next act. Her video shows Andrew calling her to tell her that she made it to the finals. Kendall knows she has one chance in a lifetime. She can’t believe she is the only soloist and wants to make her dance different from her others and wow America. Her outfit sparkly outfit and peacock feathers in her hair look great! Her dance is different from the others, as she works hard to show lines and infuses some fun into the leaps and tumbling. She looks amazingly confident and ends her dance in a split. Kimberly boats that she is a powerhouse performer and has an incredible dance career ahead of her. She gives her a gold star. Paula tells Kendall she is a daydream to work with and she is so committed to her routines. She loved the routine and gives her a gold star. Travis tells Kendall she is a shining star and it’s only up from here before giving her a gold star.

As Kimberly said to all men’s group Dance Town Chaos, “Hello Testosterone!” Their video shows that their group is very diverse and pull strength from their differences. They feel like they are a brotherhood that help give one another confidence in dance. Travis thinks they are a clever group that keeps them intrigued. They want to be beyond perfect to win the competition. They are dressed in tribal outfits and dance totally in sync to Kanye West. They then form a large circle and take turns showcasing their moves. The dance is completely funky and original. It might be my favorite of the night. The judges give the group a standing ovation. Paula yells that they are authentic and unbelievable. She is amazed their routine surpassed the bar and gives them a gold star. Travis thinks they are awesome, cool and innovative and gives them a gold star. Kimberly is in love with them and yells that she is feeling it before giving them a gold star.

The last act of the night is young ballroom couple, D’Angelo and Amanda. Their video shows how excited they are to be in the finals. D’Angelo thinks he should get more money if they win because he has to lift her and she doesn’t know how much she weighs. Their dance is a tango that starts on a chair. It’s tough to believe that this ten and eleven year old dance so perfect already. D’Angelo expertly lifts Amanda as she nails her spins. The tango is perfect in technique, but also very exciting to watch. They get a standing ovation from the judges. Travis thinks they are the future of ballroom dance and they are one of his favorites. He gives them a gold star. Kimberly thinks it is amazing that they have such passion and perform with a winner’s mentality before giving them a gold star. Paula tells them they are the best and she loves everything about them. She gives them a gold star.

Andrew asks Paula to sum up the evening. Paula is so proud of the six acts and tells America they will change one act for the rest of their lives. Kimberly thinks it is amazing to embrace so many styles of dance. Travis has faith that America will make the right decision, but wishes the night had not gone by so quickly. Andrew explains how to vote and change someone’s life. In watching the recap of all the acts, it’s tough to pick just one! The finalists all performed amazing dances for the audience. Tune in next week for the Live To Dance season finale to see which act America chose as the best dance act and winner of $500,000.

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  1. Lisa Banks Says:
    February 3rd, 2011 at 2:12 am

    This shows sucks due to the Judges the rating prove it 1.1 rating wow thats so bad. Time to get Judges thats are in touch with the folk at home. It’s so bad please CBS no more


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