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Kitchen Nightmares: PJ’s Steakhouse

February 04, 2011 07:51 PM by Lisa Princ

FOX’s Kitchen Nightmares is back tonight with a brand new episode as Gordon Ramsay heads to Queens, New York to PJ’s Steakhouse. With mutiple efforts to prove to the owners exactly what the problem is, will Gordon Ramsay be able to save this failing restaurant and get this husband and wife team to make a change before they lose everything? Keep reading for more details!

Kitchen Nightmares was brand new tonight as Gordon Ramsay made his way to PJ’s Steakhouse in Queen’s New York. Gordon arrived at lunch time and was blown away by the beautiful restaurant he saw on the outside, but was shocked when he walked inside and saw virtually no diners. Then he met Joe and Madalyn, the owners and also husband and wife. Claiming they were unsure what the issue was, Gordon decided to take a taste of the menu and go from there. From the first look at the menu, Gordon knew something was wrong as this “steakhouse” only offered two cuts of steak and the food would prove to be equally as bad. His order, cooked by an arrogant chef who nothing more than full of himself had Gordon almost sick. He ordered crab cakes that came back with plastic pieces in them, a ravioli dish that looked like some one vomited in the dish and a filet mignon that did not melt in his mouth.

When he tried to tell everyone how bad the food actually was, they almost turned a blind eye to it. At dinnertime, Gordon noticed that something was wrong with Joe as all he did was sit at the bar and drink. Madalyn was no better as she literally walked away from a diner who wanted to send her plate her back leaving the diner asking her not to walk away. Ironically the place was packed and Gordon just watched as dish after dish was sent back. Upon further inspection of the place, Gordon found out the chef was using too many canned items so he decided to check out the storage room. When he started to go throw the stock, Gordon was horrified with what he saw – rotten lettuce and moldy lemons. With that he informed the owners that they needed to take responsibility in making sure these things were fresh and being used.

After service, Madalyn broke down to Gordon about why Joe was so withdrawn. It turns out that he lost his brother, PJ who also ran an establishment and when he died they bought this one in his honor. She said that Joe was happy for a while, but now the place was failing and the money issues were setting in, he had become withdrawn and depressed, this the drinking at the bar constantly. The couple had just about lost everything and needed to be making at least $17k per week to keep afloat and they were barely bringing in $4k. Gordon knew he had to do something and do it quickly, so he decided to take to the streets and create a video asking diners what they thought about PJ’s Steakhouse, and one after another people were complaining at how bad the food really was. Madalyn and Joe seemed shocked when they watched the video playback, but it did not seem to affect their chef, Eric in the least.

With that in mind, Gordon decided to give Eric one last shot and he brought in a new menu item, instructing Eric how to cook it. When dinner service rolled around again, despite everyone’s excitement, Eric could not get it together and even all the orders for the new item were being sent back for either being raw or not tasty. After a verbal altercation with Eric, who was calling Gordon every name in the book, Gordon Ramsay decided to shut down service for the evening. At this point both Madalyn and Joe knew what they had to do, and with Gordon’s encouragement they decided to rid themselves of Eric. Gordon made them an offer they could not refuse though – he was bringing in a new chef that he would pay for a month to help get them back on track.

Next on Kitchen Nightmares, Gordon also went over the basics of what Joe and Madalyn needed to be doing. He even brought in a manager from one of his London restaurants to help train Madalyn for a month so she would have a better grip on handling things. Gordon also revamped the menu and interior a bit for them, as well as changed the name from PJ’s Steakhouse to PJ’s Grill. Then they decided it was time to test it all out at another reopening dinner service and it was off to a great start. Then one of the customers who complained about them on the video returned to try them out again and someone accidentally gave his food to another table, but Madalyn remained calm and took charge of her kitchen. When he did receive his meal, the past customer was thrilled with how delicious it was and made sure Madalyn knew he would be returning with friends and clients.

So it seemed as all was a success for PJ’s and Joe and Madalyn, so Gordon left as he was thrilled and knew things would only get better from here on out. Unfortunately, however that was not the case as Joe and Madalyn did do well for a while, they also made a huge business decision a short time later to shut the restaurant down and go back into construction. What a complete shame and waste of Gordon Ramsay’s time this place was, hopefully the next one won’t give up as easily. Be sure to tune in next week as Gordon Ramsay will revisit past restaurants and see if they have remained as he left them or if they went back to their old ways!

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