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Worst Cooks In America: Final Four Revealed

February 06, 2011 09:52 PM by Lisa Princ

Worst Cooks in America on Food Network is back tonight as the final six become the final four. But when Anne Burrell and Robert Irvine give the remaining contestants a surprise, who will be able to overcome their worst food fear? Keep reading for all the details!

Food Network’s Worst Cooks in America kicks off tonight with a sausage making skill drill. Each one of the remaining contestants must make their own sausage from scratch after a demonstration by Anne and Robert. Some of them had more ease with it than others, such as Ty, who massively over salted his, and Kelsey who forgot to punch the tiny holes in it as needed – but would it come back to bite them? After they created their sausage, the final six would recreate an Italian dish using the sausage after another demonstration from Chef Anne and Chef Robert.

Ty, who was making Chef Robert’s German spaetzle topped with sausage and sauce, did not follow the recipe properly and had to start the spaetzle over once he realized he added four cups of broth instead of four tablespoons. Kelsey’s back luck also followed her into her cooking as her lack of holes in the sausage caused it to explode while she was cooking it. When Chef Robert tried Ty’s dish, he spit it out almost vomiting from the amount of salt Ty had used in the sausage. In the red kitchen things seemed to run a bit smoother, so that is one up on Chef Anne this week.

Then it was time for the main dish challenge on Worst Cooks In America and this week the final six would have tackle seafood to make it into the final four. On Chef Robert’s side, they were creating a sea bass dish while Chef Anne’s team was working on stuffed calamari. This time, it looked like the blue team was having an easier time as Chef Anne’s team, or particularly Kat and Joshie were having a hard time with the squid. As Kat was cleaning her squid, she was horrified to find a surprise inside of it – another fish that the squid had eaten.

But that was not all that the recruits would be working on to earn their spot in the final four, as they would also have to take on their greatest food fear. Each one of them had a secret side dish they would have to create to go along with their main dish, which was something they did not like. Georg, who was not a fan of figs would have to make a fig rice pilaf, while Ty was asked to create an okra dish. Both Kelsey and Carlos were asked to create a brussels sprout dish, one of Chef Anne’s recipe and one of Chef Robert’s. Joshie was making a cauliflower salad side dish, while Kat was stuck with her arch enemy eggs, in which she would have to create a poached egg with asparagus.

The sea bass did not seem as a big a problem as the squid did on the red team. Kat, completely forgot to wipe down her board and station and ended up with all the bitterness carrying over into her dish. Joshie wound up cutting his finger as he was making his side dish and did not notice the blood all over the bowl until Chef Anne told him and made him start over. After a quick pep talk, Joshie regrouped and got back to work. Sides seemed to the problem on the blue side as Georg struggled with the fig rice and Ty attempted to put a large amount of vegetables in a small pan. Chef Robert caught Ty and asked him if he thought the pan was big enough and he said he did….too bad Chef Robert did not think so.

When it was time for tasting and judging, on the red team Chef Anne awarded the win to Carlos who had the best stuffed calamari and side dish, while in a shocker, Kelsey had the perfect sea bass on the blue team winning the challenge for her as well. Then it was time for elimination and unfortunately Chef Anne decided that even though her eggs were poached perfectly, it was time to say goodbye to Kat. Meanwhile, on the blue side, due to his uncooked vegetables (which Chef Robert tried to get him to avoid) Ty would be saying goodbye this week as well. Best of luck to both Ty and Kat, and congratulations to the final four!

Be sure to tune in Sunday for a brand new episode of Worst Cooks In America on Food Network at 9 pm EST!

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14 Responses to “Worst Cooks In America: Final Four Revealed”

  1. Mike Says:
    February 13th, 2011 at 8:25 pm

    Seriously? Did I just see Joshe and George go on to the final….Did the chefs even take into account the technical difficulty of the meals prepared? Well I guess the answer to that question is a big fat NO!
    Fish and rice compared to Venison and potatoe, well thats perfectly fair. If I were kelsy I would go home and say hey thanks Idiot for blowing 50 large by asking me to cook VENISON!!! Followed by a swift boot in his A** and a good month of sleeping on the couch.

  2. Eunice Sundberg Says:
    February 14th, 2011 at 1:05 pm

    What ever happen to integrity and decency. How could you do this to us. We are middle American, moral and open to learning about serving good meals and being creative. But instead, we get this blatant blast of immorality with two women kissing and your agenda thrown out for us to swallow. I thought this was about cooking and who had grown and learned and improved…I was wrong. Carlos and Kelsey were favored by the fans in the votig and they got a RAW DEAL. You just had to have the homosexual agenda win and I could just hear the loud click of remotes as they shut the show down. Joshie was shocked and Carlos was broken. What is wrong with you? The food network is full of wonderful, decent, great chefs, family people and talented. Robert and Anne are wonderful in their leadership. But that show was ruined and I am furious. I am not sure I can watch the final. If the women with the wife wins, I may even cancel my Direct TV so I won’t be tempted to look at food channel ever again. And I hope the phone lines, e-mails and letters are burning up the airways.

  3. Kerri Says:
    February 15th, 2011 at 2:11 pm

    Seriously? All the couples were kissing and showing a diverse and well rounded group of contestants just makes me like the show more. Personally I commend Food Network for refusing to cow-tow to the ignorant masses. Georg has been consistent in her improvement and deserves to be at the top. She has a beautiful family and I will be watching the finale hoping that she wins.

  4. CJ Wolfe Says:
    February 15th, 2011 at 3:58 pm

    Eunice, really…. your intolerance is showing. Better drop that hem a little further lest anyone get any funny ideas about the attractiveness of your long underwear. The children might be watching and we wouldn’t want them to see your high buttoned shoes and petticoats, now would we?

    I’m sure the Dish executives are just quaking in their boots about your threat regarding canceling your subscription. They are only the broadcasters – if you have a beef or if you want to rant about a contestant’s homosexuality (and guess what, Eunice – one of the Food Network’s featured hosts and food experts is openly gay, so I’ll leave it to you to figure out who it is), take it up with the Food Network executives, who I honestly doubt care all that much about your antidiluvian opinion. I could care less who the contestants on this show sleep with, who they are in a relationship with and whether or not those relationships fit into your narrow little vision of ‘normality’. Then again, I’ve had this debate with your close-minded bretheren before and it’s like trying to talk to a brick wall, so I’ll forego it. Your pride in your own ignorance and hate speaks volumes about the state of your soul. As I’ve met very few people under the age of 65 with the first name of ‘Eunice’, so I’m going to write you off as the aging dinosaur you are and hope that the lady with the wife does win (by the way, her name is Georg). She seems far more focused and competent while cooking than her competition, which is why she’s in the final round. Your assertion that the people YOU wanted to win didn’t because of some ‘homosexual agenda’ on the part of the network shows that your paranoia and apparent Limbaugh-listening habits have wreaked havoc on your common sense. You see, if Georg wins, it will be because she cooked a superior meal for a panel of judges that know nothing about her background, her sexual preferences, her family situation or her job or background. All that panel saw were two food entries, set before them for tasting and subsequent judgement. The only thing they took into account to determine the winner was the quality of those meals and nothing else, which is the way things should be. She had just as much of a chance as Joshie did at winning this contest and I’m actually impressed at how far both contestants’ cooking skills came in such a short time.

    As far the network not listening to the fans about ‘fan favorites’, you do realize that this show went into production last fall, right? It’s long over, the winner has already been chosen and as a result, there is no way that ‘fan preference’ will sway the results. The former contestants for this season have all signed non-disclosure agreements. So the only way the fans of this show could get a ‘raw deal’, as you call it, would be for one of them to spill the beans and reveal the name of the winner, or disclose that they aren’t one of the finalists. The fans are into this show for the drama, the interpersonal relationships and competition between both of the chefs and the contestants. Good gosh golly, Eunice, that actually might include gays and lesbians, since this seems to be a pretty diverse lot of participants – in fact, they had a gay contestant last year who wanted to cook for his long-term partner, so I don’t know why you’re getting worked up about this now. I’m really sorry that your knickers are in a twist because one of the finalists is a lesbian. What I find really hilarious is that people like you automatically think that a same-sex couple in a long term relationship is any less valid than a heterosexual couple living together. You aren’t making nasty remarks about Joshie, even though he might actually be living with his girlfriend Mars. Seems pretty hypocritical to me, Eunice.

    Now that I’ve said my piece, I really do hope you cancel your subscription and stop watching the Food Network, since it would mean that those of us who could care less about the sexual orientation of a host or a contestant on the Food Network (save for taking a note of it in passing)won’t have to read your nasty, homophobic, sanctimonious comments. Go watch the 700 Club or some other religion-based drivel and leave those of us who are watching for the fun and the competition to our entertainment. I happen to live in Middle America as well, I’m straight and I’m pretty proud to have gay and lesbian friends. You and your ilk don’t speak for all of us.

  5. joshie Says:
    February 17th, 2011 at 4:18 pm

    kudos to the people responding to the hate and especially to CJ’s articulate and well reasoned response…

    while its so disturbing and sad that children are being reared in homes so full of hate and still in dark ages morality, it is encouraging to find that most such drivel is quickly countered (and usually by evidently more intelligent and educated folk) and exposed…

    i wont deny, if i wasnt in the finale i would totally be rooting for georg cause i know how her winning would disturb the backwards parts of our country im ashamed of…hilarious to boot how she has the gall to call her position the ‘moral’ one…

    to recall how many nites i sat on the couch with georg who was missing her spouse and crying over her child who was just startin to walk n talk and have to listen to such neanderthal drivel is heartbreaking…i pray (hehe) all these dinosaurs’ kids go to diverse colleges, travel a bit in the world and realize how much more fulfilling life is when u recognize and accept people for who they are…

    ill shut up, still seething though…and thanx again to all openminded and loving people everywhere…hope u enjoy the show on sunday

    February 20th, 2011 at 10:41 pm



  7. Bev Read Says:
    February 21st, 2011 at 5:23 am

    I totally agree with CJ, it should not matter,if your gay or straight! I am gay and do not LOOK at things with a warped sense . Give everyone the RIGHT to live our lives as we please.Do I tell you how to live,what to watch. REALLY,God made us all.We didnot hatch from an egg!! The shows are made to entertain.If you feel this is not for you,TURN the channel!! We should not have to watch one sided tv. I love the diverity of food network.They are an equal opportunity cooking show.I am GLAD to be able to enjoy a show that ASLLOWS people to be PEOPLE!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK FOOD NETWORK> I watched the Next Foodnetwork Star and I HATED that Arti won,but instead of complaining.I choose not to watch her show,my CHOICE!! You can do the same .I LOVE being able to see differnt lifestyles ,being acknowledged!!

  8. Lisa Princ Says:
    February 21st, 2011 at 7:19 am

    Joshie, if that is really you, I wanted to say a huge congratulations on your win, I think it was well deserved!

    Personally, I agree with everything you all stated (aside from Eunice). Both Joshie and Georg showed great improvement through the season and I think they both deserved to be there – regardless of their sexual orientation. If you don’t like it, change the channel, it’s that simple!

  9. CJ Wolfe Says:
    February 21st, 2011 at 3:21 pm

    Congratulations, Joshie, on winning the Worst Cooks in America Challenge for 2011. As someone who learned to cook from both instructors and at the sides of the women in my family AND my grandfather (best buttermilk biscuits from scratch EVER), you both acquired and exhibited a phenomenal amount of knowledge in the last episode, especially in such a short amount of time. I and the hubby were watching last night and I made the comment that I wish current HD technology allowed a viewer to do more than just see the end results. We wanted to sample what you both cooked along with the judges :-) Maybe someday. Not having a frame of reference for some dishes probably made the challenge that much harder for the both of you. I hope you continue cooking in the future, as it never hurts to have a wide variety of skills – you never know when one of them will come in handy. Kudos to Georg for giving you a tough fight; I can only wish my knife cuts were as nice as hers. Stay the wonderful, decent human being I saw on the show and if you exhibit just half of the enthusiasm and exuberance you did during the challenge in other areas of your life, you will write your own success story. Thank you and Georg both for letting us watch this part of your journey. May the two of you go wonderful places from here.

    And, on a side note, thank you for making sure Chef Anne Burrell didn’t have to succumb to a ‘make-under’. Once a woman finds a look she likes, feels great wearing and which expresses who she is, no force of nature nor man-made mandate should force her to change it. Besides, Chef Robert looked quite fetching as a tow-head. :-)

  10. Linda Says:
    February 25th, 2011 at 12:03 pm

    In this day and age it takes courage to stand up for the Word of God against the homosexual lifestyle. I, too, changed the channel when I saw Georg’s ‘wife’ come out and witnessed their inappropriate display, and, after following the show from the beginning, did not watch the final episode. There was certainly a hidden agenda there. I felt betrayed by what appeared to be a good clean family program, which is becoming harder and harder to find.

    For those who do not understand and see only intolerance, there is a bigger picture. I have no problem with Georg, or anyone else who is homosexual. Our Christian Faith is about love. The God who loves and created each of us wants only what is best for us, and has clearly described what is necessary for us to live with Him forever when we leave this world. Those, both homosexual and heterosexual, who live in sexual relationships outside marriage as God instituted it – between one man and one woman – put their souls in jeopardy. Eternity is a LONG time compared to our time here on earth. I would wish for everyone to spend it in Heaven with our Lord. Yet, God did also give us free will. Hell is also very real. It is sad to see individuals choose to live in a way contrary to God’s will for us. The sexual permissiveness that pervades much of society, and certainly the media, is doing nobody any favors. The majority of the media is only concerned about the almighty dollar. It could care less about your soul.

    My prayer is that marriage between a man and woman receive the dignity and respect it deserves and not become something to be mocked, and that all who live outside that relationship do so in chastity.

    This program was supposed to be about cooking, not a promotion for the homosexual lifestyle or ‘marriage’. While there are contestants and hosts on the Network who are homosexual, in this case, Food Network crossed a line it had no right to cross. Being homosexual is not a sin, while a homosexual act is. Labeling it as a ‘marriage’ doesn’t make it any less sinful. It is always wrong to validate someone in their sinfulness. Food Network made a decision that was morally irresponsible.

    Legally acceptable does not mean morally correct. Unfortunately, even some clergy have opted to support that which is deemed to be politically correct, rather than that which comes from our God, choosing to be more interested in being popular than in being truthful and faithful. This has further confused the moral compass in our country. A far higher Power than our government, the media, or any voice from the public sector will be our final Judge. While He is merciful, He is also just. Sadly, too often, people tend not to care about the consequences of their actions, they only look at what satisfies themselves at the time. It is a very selfish mentality. If we read the Bible and the timeless Truths of His teachings, we will find that He has been very clear as to what is best and expected of us. I pray for a renewed respect for God’s institution of marriage, and higher standards of morality which will inevitably benefit all of society.

  11. CJ Wolfe Says:
    February 27th, 2011 at 11:23 pm

    You know Linda, you’re just as bad as Eunice. You might phrase things a little more politely, but you’re still as big of an intolerant bigot as she is. If your paranoia tells you there is some kind of hidden agenda on the part of Food Network, do us all a favor and restrict your viewing to shows run by televangelists and Fox News. They gear their programming to fit the conservative, blindly-following-my-leaders mindset and your little brain won’t be too taxed by the content of their shows. The rest of us are damned tired of listening to you fundamentalist Christians attempt to shove YOUR arrogant, holier-than-thou, narrow-minded viewpoint down OUR throats at every opportunity. I’m so sorry that you actually had to acknowledge a lifestyle different from your own, that you had to see something outside of your comfort zone. That must have gotten your knickers in such a terrible twist. How will you EVER get over the shock to your delicate constitution? As far as I’m concerned, Georg wanted to cook for the woman she loves and their child the same way I cook for my husband and the same way Joshie wanted to cook for his girlfriend. All of those motives are equally valid. Who are you to sit there on your throne in judgment? Doesn’t the Bible, apparently your favorite reference book, tell you ‘Judge not, lest ye be judged yourself?’

    Worst Cooks is about people who want to gain a skill, to improve themselves, who want to learn something and compete for a prize while doing so. Georg’s wife, explaining why she nominated her partner for the show, wanted her wife to overcome some of the limitations that Georg seemed to have placed on herself when it came to cooking. She did not intend to humiliate George, but to help her gain confidence in the kitchen. To me, that’s an incredibly loving thing to do for one’s spouse, to want to help them grow as a person and gain something of value that will enhance their life together. As a straight, married woman, I see Georg’s marriage as equal to mine in all ways. The fact that they are together as a couple does nothing to diminish my marriage. The only thing that would diminish the sanctity and dignity of my marriage would be if one of the two actual participants in our marriage suddenly decided to break the vows we took, or fool around, or treat one another badly. This is one of the truths that fundamentalist Christians don’t seem to get. Gay people wanting to be monogamous, marry and build a life together doesn’t threaten marriage as an institution. Straight people are the ones who constantly demean marriage, who treat it with disdain by hitting and killing their wives, cheating on their husbands, lying to one another about money, emotionally abusing one another and treating each other with disrespect, dumping one another and getting quickie marriages and divorces in Vegas with people they barely know. Straight people make marriage look bad by dumping their spouses when they get sick, or they hit a rough patch and think walking out will solve the problems. That’s what threatens marriage, Linda. The straights have screwed it up all on their own. Maybe we ought to restrict marriage to gay people… they might have better luck treating the institution with a little more respect than the breeders, since they’ve had to fight for the right for their relationships to be recognized by the government. I have said it before and I will say it again and shout just as loud as you can: I am proud to have gay and lesbian friends, some in committed long-term relationships and you right-wing fundamentalist Christians don’t speak for all of us straight folk. If you think you do, you are sorely mistaken.

    Again, congrats to the winner Joshie and kudos to Georg for giving him a hard fight for the victory, as well as gaining some seriously leet knife skills. The finale was great to watch!

  12. Linda Says:
    March 2nd, 2011 at 10:56 am


    It IS too bad that more Christians who hold to the fundamentals of the Bible aren’t willing to speak up in regard to this moral issue. I could care less if adhering to the Faith is popular or ‘politically correct’. There is only one Authority I need to ultimately be accountable to. On the Day of Judgment, when He asks why you didn’t live as He told you to live, what are you going to say? That you didn’t think He meant what He said? That you know what is morally right better than He does? Good luck with that! Every one of us is a sinner. We all need to try to live as He has taught us, and ask for His forgiveness when we don’t.

    Homosexuality itself is not a sin. Homosexual relations are. We are called not to judge PERSONS, but are responsible to encourage those participating in sinful ACTS to change their ways for the sake of the salvation of their immortal souls. I would appreciate being told when my actions put my soul in jeopardy. Hell is not my idea of a peaceful eternal resting place!

    When you see someone sinking, whether they know it or not, would you toss them an anchor or a flotation device?

    God also gave us free will. While we can’t presume to be going to either Heaven or Hell, we do have the choice to comply to His teachings or to reject them. He has made it pretty clear that the choices we make will impact His judgment of our lives.

    Please also know that YOU do not speak for everyone – straight or gay. There are many homosexuals and unmarried heterosexual individuals who have freely and happily chosen to live a chaste lifestyle as God has ordained. Just because many like you are louder does not mean you are right. It just seems to me that you are taking a big chance with your immortal soul. Validating sinful acts of others even though you don’t participate in them yourself makes you just as guilty.

    As you have said, marriage has enough problems. Sadly, the media has made disrespect, extra-marital relations and multiple partners acceptable, to the point of entitlement to bragging rights. Equating sinful homosexual relations to sacred relations by a husband and wife is illogical and irreverent. When you remove the sacredness, the covenants, and the fidelity from God’s institution of marriage, the disrespect for the institution of marriage too often manifests itself in a disrespect for married persons. To show a parallel, in places where education is more highly respected, students, teachers, and administrators tend to be more highly respected, and more accountable, for their actions.

    At some point in time, those at Food Network who chose to flaunt Georg’s RELATIONSHIP on public TV will be held accountable, as will others who promote similar moral improprieties. Their choice demonstrated, at the very least, poor judgment.

  13. CJ Wolfe Says:
    March 2nd, 2011 at 2:53 pm

    Again, as in my response to Eunice’s letter, I find that trying to get through to people with your narrow point of view is a serious waste of time. You won’t listen to what I have to say, or you’ve chose to interpret it the way you want to hear it. Which is pretty typical, Linda. I you want to live in a little cocoon defined by your interpretation of the Bible, go for it. It is, after all, your right to live as you see fit. However, there are plenty of us who don’t want to share your same religious outlook and fear-based mindset and so don’t really want your ‘life preserver’ as you call it. Mostly because we’re swimming just fine on our own, thanks, and don’t actually need it. An open mind tends to be a great flotation device.

    Oh, and I’m not too worried about my soul, honey. As an agnostic, I don’t really think any one religion has a deadlock on the eternal. Implied threats like ‘gee, you should be worried about your eternal soul’ don’t fly with me. If a religion has to use threats of eternal damnation to force its followers to adhere to its tenets, there’s something fundamentally wrong with it in my book, but that’s my opinion. As an educated woman with a graduate degree and a vast amount of life experience dealing with people of all religous and philosophical persuasions, I find your use of the ‘you should be a good girl or God will get you’ argument pretty laughable. But if you want to live ruled by fear of some made-up supernatural father figure, go ahead. You have every right to worship whomever and however you wish. I however, reserve the right to roll my eyes at your platitudes.

    To the Food Network Executives:

    Thank you for being brave and informed enough to show a committed, loving, same-sex couple on your show. Thank you for being intelligent enough to understand that these couples exist, are part of your key viewing demographic, and that their relationships are not only just as valid but that they deserve the same diginfied treatment as the unions of the other contestants. I’m sure you’ve gotten some nasty emails and letters from some of your more conservative viewers, particularly the overly religious, who for some strange reason, feel personally threatened when they see something that blows a hole in their neatly constructed bubble of ‘how things should be’. Those missives probably contain a number of varied threats as well, which is unfortunate. The people writing them tend to forget that the original purpose of the show was about a cooking competition, not a deliberate attempt to specifically attack them. For some reason, they believe that all media should carry programming that ONLY reinforces and affirms their own limited worldview and no one else’s. If they choose to take their viewership elsewhere because you dared to actually show ‘reality’, I doubt it will hurt you or your advertisers much. Those of us who simply don’t care about what a person’s sexual orientation or private sexual behavior consists of will make up the slack. For having the guts to he honest with viewers about Georg’s wife and family, you have a loyal (and repeat) viewer in me. Your on-air treatment of Georg’s marriage was not in bad taste. Bad taste would be dancing around it, denying Georg’s wife an appearance on the show and/or making Georg out to be something she isn’t. It’s nice to see you’re above that sort of thing. Lastly, thank you for treating your viewers like adults who are capable of making their own decisions and assessments, leaving the interpretation up to us rather than force-feeding us something sanitized. Those of us that favor critical thinking and reason appreciate it.

    Please continue to provide great programming, with all of its current diversity. I’m looking forward to the third season of the show next year, for Anne Burrell to defend her two-time win as a teacher on Worst Cooks with a new set of students. I’ve watched her show and picked up quite a few helpful kitchen tricks from her, so thank you for backing her program as well.

  14. Linda Says:
    March 3rd, 2011 at 12:02 pm


    Sadly, it sometimes feels to me that talking to someone with your point of view is a waste of time, too, yet I pray that God will touch your heart. My Faith is not one of fear, but of hope and love; not one of threats, but of the promise of all the good things God is willing to give us.

    When you consider the prevalence of promiscuity, teenage pregnancies, AIDS, and sexually transmitted diseases, even if you have no Christian affiliation, why is it so hard to see that encouraging self-control and chastity, and fostering marriage as the union of one man and one woman is the better choice? Promoting an “I can do what I want” mentality that disregards the long-term consequences of inappropriate and immoral relationships and that promotes poor examples and role models is simply irresponsible.

    I also am “an educated woman with a graduate degree and a vast amount of life experience dealing with people of all religious and philosophical persuasions.” It is precisely that that has led me to my Christian convictions. We have obviously chosen different paths. I wish you all the best on yours.

    I, too, have learned a great deal, and enjoyed much of the programming on Food Network. I would encourage more discretion in the future. This was a poor, and hopefully isolated, decision.


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