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The Bachelor: The Heat is On in Costa Rica

February 07, 2011 07:58 PM by Candace Young

On tonight’s episode of The Bachelor, Brad Womack and the remaining eight ladies travel to Costa Rica.  Much more drama ensues as the jealousy continues among the girls. Keep reading to find out what happens in the tropical paradise, and why Brad refuses to hand out a rose on two of the dates!

In Costa Rica, the ladies admire the scenery as they drive up to The Springs Spa where they will be staying. They spot a breathtaking volcano nearby – and Brad! He greets them all and takes them to their jungle villa. Brad leaves them with the first date card. Emily reads it. Chantal O gets a one-on-one date that alludes to love being in the air tonight.  Predictably, Michelle is irked, and hopes that Chantal is attacked by apes!

Brad arrives to pick up Chantal for their date. After they leave, Michelle tells Emily she feels Chantal won’t be back tonight. Emily doesn’t seem so sure.

Chantal and Brad go up in a helicopter and take in the scenery, waterfalls, and rivers.  He tells her they’re going to be doing the world’s longest zipline, which is 600 feet in the air! Brad tells the camera he’s looking to see the strong Chantal re-emerge on this date.  As they prepare to do the zipline it starts to rain. They go for it anyway. Chantal goes first, and they do some tandem runs too.  They have an amazing time.

Jackie, Michelle, Emily, Ashley, Shawntel, and Britt get the group date card back at the villa. That leaves Alli, who will finally get her one-on-one date this week.

Meanwhile, Chantal and Brad continue with the evening portion of their date. They are picnicking by the river in the moonlight, but it starts to rain again. They head up to his suite, where Brad is awed when Chantal changes into nothing but a white men’s dress shirt.  They drink wine, eat dessert, and laugh about being ‘rained in’.  They talk about her insecurity back in Vegas, and he’s glad to hear it was honest emotion not game-playing. They make out.  Brad tells her the date was perfect and gives her the rose.  Chantal falls in love.

The next day dawns with Michelle complaining that she hates group dates, and shocked that Chantal came home with a rose.  Brad tells the six ladies that they will be rappelling down a huge waterfall. Screaming ensues. Michelle is pissed because she and Brad made a pact on their one-on-one date not to rappel down anything with anyone else.  Shawntel volunteers to go first.  When all the other girls have gone, Michelle starts hitting Brad about the shoulders and expressing her anger. He dodges the bullet by saying they will go down together.

For the evening portion of the group date, Brad takes the girls to a natural hot spring.  He takes Jackie aside first, and realizes she’s a bit put out about him rappelling with Michelle.

Back at the villa, Alli’s one-on-one date card arrives – it says ‘meet me at the altar’.  She and Chantal giggle. Before long they encounter a huge beetle. When Chantal chases Alli with it, screaming is heard through the jungle.

In the hot spring, Michelle is getting fed up with the group dynamic. Emily spends time with Brad and says she likes him, but that’s scary.  He can relate to her sabotaging relationships, but is concerned he’ll get hurt. When he spends time with Michelle, he is grilled relentlessly about his date with Chantal. Brad seems to finally get his fill of her being angry.  When rose time comes, he announces he’s not handing one out tonight.

Brad arrives to pick up Alli for their one-on-one date. They ride off on burros, and then head on foot into the jungle. He tells her they are going into a massive cave that is 40 million years old!  Alli is scared of what could be in there.  It’s not long before they see a huge spider, and then a bunch of bats! Alli tries valiantly to stay in control despite her fear.  They come to a natural stone stairway which leads to ‘the altar’. They have wine on the flat surface.

Later, on the evening portion of the date, Brad is stunned to find the conversation stilted and only amounting to small talk.  He tries to draw her out, but in the end, he says he can see them hanging out, but he cannot give her the rose – it ends in friendship for them. He sees her off in tears.

Back at the villa, the girls gasp as Alli’s luggage is wheeled out! In his room, Brad is processing what went down when there’s a knock at his door.  He opens it and Michelle says, “Ola.”  He welcomes her inside and they kiss a bit, before Michelle begins her spiel.  She’s pleased that he got rid of Alli, but takes him to task for not sending Chantal home. After that, she wants to go through the entire list of women. Michelle leaves, and he expresses frustration that was questioning him again.

At the cocktail party, the mood is slightly tense among the women as Chantal is the only one with a rose. Brad arrives and admits plainly that he’s hit a bit of a wall this week.  He tells the camera that he is in the mind set to be very definite about what he’s looking for, and that the conversations at the party will be extremely important.

He speaks with Emily first – she wants to back track on what she said in the spring about sabotaging her relationships, and Brad is a happy with that.  Brad takes Michelle aside next. He tells her she is scaring him badly – he feels like she is refusing to trust he is making the right decisions for himself.  Michelle sheds some crocodile tears, but doesn’t admit to saying anything wrong.  When Shawntel gets her turn with Brad, she says she’s confused about his mood. She lightens things up by suggesting they play the ‘silent game’.

Meanwhile, Michelle gets called out by the other girls about ‘someone’ giving Brad grief. She admits to going to see him the night before.

Chantal goes for alone time with Brad, and puts herself out there by expressing her love for him – it completely turns his night around.

Rose Ceremony

Brad thanks the ladies for being concerned about him today, saying it’s humbling. He offers roses to Ashley, Emily, Britt, Shawntel, and Michelle. Jackie is going home tonight.

Brad says goodbye, then tells the remaining women they are heading to Anguilla!

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2 Responses to “The Bachelor: The Heat is On in Costa Rica”

  1. bachlor watcher Says:
    February 8th, 2011 at 7:40 am

    are they just keeping michelle on for drama? bc that’s all that girl is!

  2. SKTABC Says:
    February 8th, 2011 at 9:43 am

    POOR BRITT – they have NEVER featured her AT ALL on the show but Brad continues to keep her?

    What is up with that????????


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