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Live To Dance Finale: The Winner Is Revealed

February 09, 2011 07:08 PM by Allyson Wells

On Live To Dance, thousands auditioned, six finalists danced and now the best dance act is chosen in the season finale.  The viewers voted among six very different acts with varying styles.  Who captured America’s heart and will win the $500,00 prize and have their life changed forever? 

Host Andrew Gunsberg takes the stage.  He introduces judges Kimberly Wyatt, Travis Payne and Paula Abdul to the audience.  Kimberly thinks America had a very tough time picking a winner, as all the finalists danced with such passion.  Andrew then welcomes all six final acts to the stage to dance together for the first time.  Twitch and Kendall Glover dance together before she takes the stage with Dance Town Chaos.  D’Angelo mixes it up dancing with the ladies of the Vibe before Amanda summons him back.  It’s fun to see all of the acts dance together and fuse their styles together.  What a great way to kick off the finale!  Andrew thanks Paula for choreographing the finale dance number.  Paula thinks it was awesome that all of the dancers got to know one another outside of the competition.

Andrew then recaps the finals and who rose to the occasion and who fell slightly short.  Andrew reveals the top three acts chosen by the viewers:  White Tree Fine Art, D’Angelo and Amanda, and Kendall Glover.  Andrew tells large group The Vibe, abstract group Twitch and all men’s group Dance Town Chaos that although they didn’t make the top three, they were amazing performers.  A montage of clips from each team’s time on the season is shown.  Travis gets emotional and admits he is so sad to see everyone go, but it is the nature of the business.  However, he is confident in their growth and urges them to keep dancing forever and continue inspiring others.

The top three acts are invited back to perform one more special dance for the audience.  D’Angelo and Amanda perform first.  Andrew introduces them as the future of ballroom dancing.  They take the stage shaking and shimmying to a very fast and upbeat Latin number.  It’s tough to believe how polished this pair is at such a young age.  The audience adores them and the judges give them a standing ovation.  Amanda thinks they’ll be dancing together forever.  Paula gushes that she has never seen such technical geniuses and the future is theirs.  Kimberly tells them they are always consistent and have a fun connection on and off stage. 

Andrew introduces a montage that recaps the journey of the judges.  Kimberly gets chills from the dancers and says it is what she lives for.  Paula thinks every moment has been exciting.  Travis thinks that some of the dancers really inspired others.  Playful bantering is shown, and Travis admits he made a mistake giving Austen Acevedo a red star in the semi-finals.  Paula says she loved mentoring the acts, even though it was challenging at times.  Some of the inspiring stories are shown, such as once-homeless sibling acts ChiTown’s Finest Breakers.  Paula thinks the entire experience of Live to Dance has been magical.  Andrew walks through the audience and says hello to some of the semi-finalists who didn’t make the final cut.  He tells ChiTown’s Finest Breakers that people were so touched by their story that Chrysler is giving them a brand new Town & Country car!  The father becomes very emotional and tries to fight tears as he thanks America.

White Tree Fine Art takes the stage.  They reprise their number to Hallelujah.  They incorporate the sashes again and hold on as they spin from the ceiling.  Their dance is definitely beautiful, but I agree with Travis from a few weeks ago and find it hard to get excited by them.  Paula gives them a standing ovation.  They feel incredibly lucky to make it to the top three.  Kimberly thinks they have already won by coming this far and keeping ballet alive.  Paula tells them they have touched her heart.  Travis thinks America got it right by overruling him.  He does admit that they are artists and have a beautiful future in dance and each other.

Kendall Glover is the last to take the stage.  Her dance number is to Katy Perry’s Firework that she performed in the semi-finals.  It’s touch to find a flaw with Kendall, as her technique is amazing.  She floats and leaps across the stage, and is spot on as usual.  All three judges give her a standing ovation.  It’s great to see a soloist in the top three.  Paula tells her that she is every girl’s best friend and a dream to a choreographer.

Andrew introduces a montage of clips that show all of the dancers from the season.  Paula believes that America really does live to dance.  Some of the inspiring acts are shown, such as ninety year old Bev and hearing impaired C-Bunny.  Young dancers Austen Acevedo and Jalen are shown again.  Some of the videos showing the reactions of who made it to the finals are shown.  It truly has been a diverse season with such great people. 

The top three acts return to the stage to find out who is in the top two.  Andrew reveals that White Tree Fine Art came in third place.  The married couple takes a bow as a video of their time on the show is shown.  Their passion for ballet and instruction plays on the screen.  Andrew thanks them for being on the show. 

Soloist Kendall Glover and ballroom pair D’Angelo and Amanda anxiously await the announcement of the winner.  It’s amazing that the top two acts are ten and eleven years old.  Videos are shown of Kendall and D’Angelo’s journey on the show.  Kendall says the experience has been awesome and once in a lifetime.  She says she’ll never stop dancing.  D’Angelo and Amanda think they are the two luckiest kids in the world.  They think they cover one another’s weaknesses and showcase their strengths while having fun.  Paula gets emotional and tells them she is moved by their dedication, ability and they are so sweet to watch.  She tells all the teachers and mentors they are beautiful for building a safe place and that she loves all of them.  Travis kisses Paula’s cheek.  Andrew announces that the Live to Dance winner is D’Angelo and Amanda.  Their parents take the stage and hug the dancing powerhouse duo.  They congratulate Kendall before telling Andrew they feel great.  D’Angelo thanks his parents and says he’s going to Disneyworld. 

Did you think the right winner was chosen?  I think it could have gone either way, but D’Angelo and Amanda were always spot on in their routines and were so much fun to watch.  Do you think Live to Dance will return again or will Paula bounce to another show?  Feel free to share your comments.

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