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American Idol: San Francisco Auditions!

February 10, 2011 08:18 AM by Lisa Princ

Tonight is the last night of auditions on American Idol on FOX which takes us to San Francisco. But the question is, would we see more talent than last week’s auditions in LA? You’ll have to keep reading to find out!

Watch some of the videos from last night’s auditions!

Inessa Lee
Stefano Langone
Clint Jun Gamboa
Drew Beaumier
Julie Zorrilla
Dave Combs
Emily Anne Reed
James Durbin

American Idol’s last set of auditions in San Francisco kicks tonight on another comical note as we watched a cute blonde hopeful crying as she walked away from a rejected audition claiming she farted and that killed her audition! Then it was straight to the crazy auditions as we met Inessa Lee, a 22 year old Ukrainian gal who looked like she was about 12 years old. Inessa admitted of her “many” talents, she was making many movies, some did not look so innocent. Too bad for her she could not sing very well at all. She did give the judges and eyeful in a belly dance though, but her pitch and melody killed her audition for her and she was sent on her way.

San Francisco started to pick up however as we then watched 3 quick auditions from Brittany Mazur, Lara Johnston, and Matthew Nuss, all of whom had great voices and earned their golden tickets. Then we met 21 year old Stefano Langone, who happened to be the victim of an accident that left him in a wheelchair. But being told he would never walk again did not stop this young who was determined and was up and walking four months later. Stefano’s version of “Heard it through the grapevine” blew the judges away and with good reason – this kid has a strong voice and got his golden ticket to Hollywood.

The golden tickets continued from there as next up was Clint Jun Gamboa aka “Junebug” who walked in with his coke bottle glasses and love of karaoke, but this kid had a super voice which he credited to all his gospel singing growing up. As he was granted a golden ticket, Randy said he was the best he had seen in San Francisco. But then things quickly went downhill and the weirdos began to emerge. I am not quite sure what Kenneth Berba was thinking when he startled the judges by running in and singing in his animal costume. And we did see “Lady Silver” in the audience, thankfully we did not get to see her perform. It did get stranger though as we also met Drew Beaumier, who came in dressed as a transformer car in a costume he handmade. After hearing his audition of “Born to be wild” it was safe to say that he should definitely stick to costume design, and the judges all thought the same.

The girls of San Francisco were abundant at the American Idol auditions, some good and some not so good. Up next was 20 year old Julie Zorrilla, whose family came to America from Colombia, despite the fact that they lived in their dream home over there, the guerrillas were not worth staying for. Julie, was hoping to fulfill her dream over here and she decided to perform her version of “Summertime”. Steven told her she had star quality and great range while Randy thought she had interesting note choices that worked and he hadn’t heard such a good version since Fantasia. Jennifer was stuck on Julie’s beautiful gold shoes – maybe they were a lucky charm because they earned her a golden ticket.

In a surprising twist of events, Steven Tyler found his mean streak in the final night of auditions, starting with Dave Combs, who claimed “real men have long hair” as he and Steven exchanged hair notes. However, when Dave decided to perform a Beatles song (with Steven in a Beatles shirt) Steven got a bit annoyed telling Dave that his melody was from another planet and then he said no about 10 times all while Randy and Jennifer were cracking up. And the mean streak continued as Steven asked one contestant if they had hit their head on the way in and told another that she should be arrested for her voice – then he continued by asking her if she had handcuffs.

Would the night end well? Next up was Emily Anne Reed, whose house recently burnt down but she came in donning a guitar. Emily performed “Getting to be a habit with me” and I personally thought she had a cartoon sounding voice but both Randy and Jennifer loved her despite Steven’s immediate no. The last audition of the season was 21 year old James Durbin 21 who suffers from both autism and tourette syndrome. James told his story of how he gets his musical talent from his dad, who he never really knew because his dad was on the road a lot and passed away from a drug overdose when he was young. He goes on to share how he fell in love and had a baby, but they are struggling to make ends meet because he has no job. When he started to sing, I immediately thought he was the next Adam Lambert and when he asked Steven’s permission to sing “Dream on”, he blew the judges away ending the auditions of a great note!

Be sure to tune in tomorrow to American Idol as Hollywood rounds begin at 8 pm EST on FOX!

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