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Worst Cooks In America: Kat Rose Says There Is No Good Reason Why She Cannot Cook

February 10, 2011 08:00 AM by Lisa Princ

Worst Cooks in America on Food Network said goodbye to red team member Kat Rose as Anne Burrell did not see her progressing enough to represent her or make it into the final four. While most of us were left wondering why Kat was even kept around for as long as she was, Kat says there is no real good reason why she cannot cook. Keep reading for all the details!

Worst Cooks in America red team member Kat Rose was kept around way too long to begin with in my opinion, but this week she was finally eliminated when Chef Anne Burrell cut her loose after coming over from the blue team and making no progress. In her exit interview, Kat tells The FN Dish that there is no reason she can’t cook when asked why she applied for the show. Kat said “My kids were tired of the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that they have been eating for dinner for the last 5 years of their lives. There is really no good reason for why I am such a terrible cook; my mother tried to teach me and I have never given up on the desire to be a great cook. However, every time I got the nerve up to cook, the results of my cooking were inedible, disgusting and embarrassing. I have very low cooking self-esteem…I really stopped believing that it was possible to present a meal to my family that they will be excited about, so I just served the one thing I knew they would eat.”

Kat Rose, who spent time on both the red and blue team says she did learn from her leaders that using fresh herbs makes a difference and she will continue to cook at home. When asked what she would do differently if she could do it over, Kat replied with “I wish I could change a few things on my last challenge. For starters, I would have cut the calamari on a clean cutting board…no ink in the stuffing. Second, I would have taken more time on my eggs and sprinkled paprika on them instead of dumping it on them.” For the full interview, be sure to check out Kat Rose exit interview.

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