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Extreme Makeover Home Edition: Hurston Family

February 13, 2011 06:27 PM by Candace Young

Tonight on ABC, the  recipients of an Extreme Makeover Home Edition do-over are the deserving Hurston family of Cocoa, Florida, who found out on January 7 that they had been chosen for a home makeover. Read on for all of the highlights from the episode…

The Hurston family of Cocoa, Florida fly to disasters all over the globe to bring medical supplies, water purifiers, and food to those in need, including Haiti.  Joe and Cindy Hurston met in Haiti, and adopted their eldest daughter, Juliet from there. The family, which also includes  Peter, age 12, and Dieunika, age 4, have been dealing with a water-damaged home as they continue to help others.

Ty Pennington and the design team fly on an old plane to Florida’s Space Coast to surprise the Hurston family. They are stunned.  Joe explains to Ty about their missions to bring water to disaster areas, and the family shows off the small airplane from the seventies that they use to fly to Haiti.

The builders from LifeStyle Homes, along with a huge crowd of volunteers, arrive to greet the family. Ty Pennington and the design team go with the Hurstons to check out their current home which is moldy and basically unlivable – they point out the motor home where they shower and sleep. Joe explains to Ty that they have set aside their own home concerns due to the severity of the disaster in Haiti.

Paige talks to Juliet and finds out that she wants to be a journalist who travels to disaster sites. The youngest daughter loves tea parties. Ty tells the family they are going to the San Diego Hilton Resort & Spa in California for their vacation.

For the demolition, the Hurston family watches as the design team makes it look like the old house is blasted into space.  The builders explain that the house will use solar panels to generate energy,  so the family’s electric bill should be nil.

Paige works on the journalism room, as Michael wheels in a plane fuselage he plans to use as the breakfast space in the kitchen! Eduardo is working on a beach-themed room for Peter, and Paige ends up at an Alice In Wonderland tea party after drinking a potion – inspiration for Dieunika’s room!

The Hurston family gets to watch as a plane is loaded in Florida with water and brand new purifiers to be transported to Haiti. They also get to see the results – the children drinking the purified water in Haiti – this moves them to tears. Joe calls it a dream come true.

Soon, it’s time for the Hurston family to come home. The familiar chant, “Move that bus!” rings out and it’s an emotional moment as the Hurston’s take in the sight of the big, beautiful new house. The builders and design team receive thanks.

Inside, the Hurston’s are amazed with the spacious and light interior. Joe, a pilot, pronounces the plane fuselage breakfast nook to be a think of beauty! Ty takes them outside to see the rather luxurious new chicken coop and the solar panels on the roof.

Back inside, Peter exclaims over his room which is not only a beach-theme, but fully equipped to jam as well!  Juliet is moved at the sight of her journalism bedroom, calling it beyond amazing. Dieunika tells the design team they’re the best as she plays in her fantasy tea party room – complete with a giant spinning tea cup!

Joe and Cindy marvel over the peace and tranquility of the water-theme Ty brought into their master bedroom. Back outside, it’s a wrap party for all of the volunteers the family works with regularly. Joe Hurston pledges to continue their mission to help those in disaster areas.  Eduardo announces that they’re getting an air mobile with a grant worth over $100,000,  and help from a non-profit service.  Ty welcomes them home!

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