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The Bachelor: Brad’s Group Date From Hell in Anguilla

February 14, 2011 08:02 PM by Candace Young

To kick off episode seven of The Bachelor, the remaining six women check out their beautiful villa in Anguilla, and Chris Harrison lets them know there will be four dates instead of three this week. There will be a rose on the group date.  Emily gets the first one-on-one date with Brad Womack. Keep reading for all of the highlights…

Emily’s Date

Brad arrives to pick up Emily, and tells the other girls, who are in the pool, that they look great. Brad asks Emily what she wants to do today as a helicopter lands. Brad is hoping the helicopter isn’t the only thing that takes off today – his relationship with Emily needs to move forward.

Emily is stunned that he takes her to a private island. It’s actually more of a sand bar, but that’s beside the point. They struggle to make conversation as they picnic. He expresses how much he feels for her and they kiss. They notice that they’re losing the sun and gaining the moon. Brad says the sun and moon have aligned, but Emily tells us she still isn’t sure if she’s ready for him to meet her daughter.

Back at the suite, the next date card arrives. It’s for Shawntel N, who feels bad for Britt, who still hasn’t had a one-on-one date.

During the evening portion of Brad’s date with Emily, he asks her how she feels about the idea of him meeting her daughter. She says she’s never introduced her to anyone she’s dated. Brad pushes for it. Emily continues to waffle. Brad breaks the rules to reassure her that she will get a rose, and they will go to her hometown. Emily is all smiles, and they kiss.

Shawntel’s Date

Shawntel N greets Brad the next day with a huge kiss. They head off on bikes to see Anguilla. They stop at a farmer’s market with steel drum music and drink from coconuts. Shawntel is having a blast and Brad notices. When they take some down time, she tells him she’s falling in love with him.

On the evening portion of the date, Shawntel continues to be candid with Brad about everything. He says he is so comfortable with her, and they kiss as rain pours from the sky. As a surprise, they get a concert by the most popular singer in Anguilla. They get up and dance (and kiss some more!). Heading down to the beach, they strip down to swimsuits and make out in the ocean.

In the suite, the girls get the next date card. Britt finally gets her one-on-one date – they’re going to set sail on the sea of love. Michelle thinks their ship might go down.

Britt’s Date

Britt and Brad’s date begins with him picking her up in a yacht. The other girls come out of the suite to check it out. Michelle is tells us using the yacht for Britt is a waste – she doesn’t even see these two ‘friending’ each other on Facebook.  On the yacht, Britt and Brad take in the sights of Anguilla on the way to a remote stop where they will do some cliff-jumping. Britt is terrified, but she does it. After, they have a bit of a relationship talk, but there’s not a romantic connection.

The group date card comes to the suite. It’s for Ashley, Chantal, and Michelle.

During the evening portion of Britt’s date with Brad, they make small talk about the date. Brad tells us any guy would lucky to have Britt, but there’s no romantic spark.  He breaks the news to her. She thinks more time might help, but he refuses to string her along, and tells her it’s time to say goodbye. He escorts her into a dinghy and she is taken away from the yacht. Back at the suite, she tells the other girls she’s leaving.

Group Date

Brad wakes up Ashley, Michelle, and Chantal very early the next morning for their surprise – they learn they’ll be doing a photo shoot for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue which comes out February 15!  Chantal is feeling like a ‘fatty’ and is the least excited of the three.  Ashley goes first and is talked into taking her top off and just covering herself with seashells.

Despite feeling under-confident, Chantal goes for it with an intense cover pose, and is also convinced to go topless. Michelle decides that she won’t go topless, and instead suggests a photo with Brad. Rolling around in the sand and kissing ensues as Ashley and Chantal awkwardly look on.

Brad clues in that the group date isn’t going well. He realizes he let things go too far with Michelle when she became aggressive. They head to the swimming pool.  Brad steals Ashley away to chat. She admits she felt like the kid sister when witnessing the sexual passion he shared with Michelle. He reassures her., but realizes she’s putting walls up.  He speaks alone with Chantal next. She tells him she still loves him, but admits to feeling a little disconnected. Brad’s disappointed in himself.  When talking with Michelle, he candidly tells her she may be a little too volatile.

Chantal asks for a second one-on-one conversation with Brad since she’s concerned he’s shutting down. He tells her everything is fine, adding that he is holding back out of respect for it being a group date. He tells us he’s worried he’s losing these girls, and calls it the group date from hell.  When Ashley expresses doubt again, Brad decides to give her the rose.  Michelle won’t speak to him, and Chantal tears up.  Ashley and Michelle leave so Brad can talk to Chantal.  He can’t win her over and they part ways on shaky footing.

Cocktail Party

The girls arrive at the beachside location for the cocktail party.  Brad, meanwhile, meets with Chris Harrison to ask to break the rules. He wants to forgo the cocktail party because he’s already made his decision about who he will say goodbye to tonight.  Chris respects his wishes and goes to tell the ladies.

Rose Ceremony

Going into the rose ceremony, Ashley is the only one who is safe.  Chris Harrison explains that the ladies who receive roses will get the opportunity to take Brad to their hometowns to meet their families. He introduces Brad, who reminds them of his promise not to string anyone along. The first rose goes to Emily, Shawntel N gets the second rose, and the final rose goes to Chantal O.  Michelle’s reign of terror has come to an end. Brad walks an upset Michelle out to the limo. She doesn’t want to talk, and leaves.  Brad explains to us that his physical attraction to Michelle would have worn off and left them butting heads  – he was very confident in telling her goodbye.

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