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Your OWN Show: “Dollars And Sense?” Episode Recap

February 14, 2011 11:26 AM by Veronica Dudo

Your OWN Show: Oprah’s Search For the Next TV Star currently airing on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) welcomed Suze Orman as the guest mentor. This week, the remaining five contestants were responsible for producing a “Can I Afford It?” segment with Suze. Find out what happened!Each team was given a family who wants to know if they can afford a certain item. Team Vision made up of Terey and Kristina were very worried about this week’s task. They felt extremely nervous having to deal with finances. When Suze met them she gave them advice that truly motivated them saying, “Forget money for a second–you have history that probably would have said to you, you never would be sitting in a chair five people away from having your own talk show right? So, what is the difference here why then are you letting the fact that you have history about money stop you with this rather then bringing that history in to this so you need to use your history to make this better than the others because you have history.”

Kristina said after her meeting, “Suze Orman just says it like it is and she’s just really blunt and even though it was intimidating, she gave us exactly what we needed.” Kristina was able to really relate to this segment. She spoke about her time as a single mother, saying at one point; she slept on the floor next to her children and had to use food stamps. Suze again encouraged Kristina and Terey to use their experiences for this segment.

Team Vision then met with Peggy, a mother who has hit some hard times and desperately needs a new car. Peggy and her daughter packed up everything and left Texas to pursue a new job but within a week her new company closed. Peggy explained to Terey and Kristina that the car she has is over 25 years old and always needs repairs. Most recently, a mechanic told her that the engine was resting on the axel and was about to fall out! She drives it every day to take her daughter to school and to drive in to work–it’s their sole source of transportation.

Meanwhile, Team Focus made up of Alicia, Ryan and Zach had to help a newlywed couple in financial distress. When Suze went in to meet with Team Focus they discussed each contestant’s experiences with money. Ryan and Zach admitted it wasn’t an area they were strong in but for Alicia who wants her own financial based show–she was more than happy to discuss dollars and cents. The couple Team Focus has to help endured a very traumatic event. During their honeymoon the couple got into the car with a cousin and they were in an accident. The cousin’s mom died in the wreck. Suze told Team Focus she has some tips for them regarding their segment, “This couple has a dramatic story,” she explained, “What do you think the audience is going to relate to the most, how do you deny somebody who saw somebody die–just a thought.”

Zach said earlier that he doesn’t deal with money and Suze brought that up saying, “For you Zach, it’s going to be interesting because you said to me you don’t have any money, you don’t deal with money, you don’t have any money–to be a powerful talk show host you have to know your own finances.”

Alicia said to Suze that it’s not difficult for her to tell someone that they cannot afford something and for their couple. “I’d like to encourage them to save but the American tear-jerker story might be: god, their honeymoon is marred with all this disaster and let them take a vacation. Now how do you balance that?”

Suze answered, “Now, I could tell you how I do that but then I would be giving away how I would produce this segment. All I can tell you is this, you have to stand in your truth and you are going to have to present it in such a way that is the audience is watching they could feel the gut wrenching truth of the situation.”

After meeting Suze, Alicia said, “Suze Orman to me is somebody that I’ve always respected. I love the fact that she speaks her mind, she’s truthful about it and she just tells it to you straight and I respect anybody that does things straight.”

After both “Can I Afford It?” segments it was an unprecedented elimination with the judges sending home both Alicia and Ryan from Team Focus.

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Photo Credit: OWN and Adam Larkey

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