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Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best? “Family Feud” Episode Recap

February 15, 2011 08:28 PM by Veronica Dudo

Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best? airing on We TV is a reality show about the Rivers mother/daughter duo working and living together. In this weeks episode, “Family Feud” Joan pushes Melissa too far prompting her to bring in a professional! Keep reading to find out what happened!First, Joan decides that it’s time for Melissa to get her pool fixed. Also, Melissa’s neighbor Peter Tilden skirts around the issue of cutting his trees. Joan says when Melissa first moved in, she had a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean, but now it’s blocked by Peter’s trees. Joan tries to talk to him but it doesn’t do any good. Joan and Melissa end up going on the Peter Tilden radio show. While on-air, Joan says she just found out Melissa’s boyfriend is living in the house with her and Cooper. Joan also mentions that he is younger than Melissa. All of this is on live radio and Melissa is not happy that Joan is sharing so much information about her personal life. The tension boils over and Joan and Melissa start to argue.


Sabrina, Joan and Melissa’s assistant tells them online gossip columnist, Perez Hilton would like to meet them. Joan says she want to impress him and decides to invite him over for a proper high English tea party, which her husband used to like. Perez accepts the invitation to tea and comes to Melissa’s house. While there, he starts asking which celebrities live in the area. Melissa doesn’t want to reveal her neighbors privacy but Joan quickly tells Perez that Hilary Swank lives nearby further angering Melissa. Later, Joan explains to Perez that she took photos of Melissa in the shower because Melissa was asked to pose nude–then Joan shows him the pictures! Perez leaves and Melissa is extremely upset with Joan and storms off.   

Deciding to take her boyfriend, Jason’s advice, Melissa brings in a team-builder. After gathering the household together, Melissa announces that team-builder Eli Davidson has arrived to help them come together as a true family unit with less arguing. The family starts to do the exercises, Melissa tearfully confesses that Joan comments really hurt her and that she can’t go a day without feeling “like a failure” because of Joan’s constant criticism. Joan says the problem lies within Melissa taking everything she says negatively. Emotions are running high and Joan says that if she can’t do anything to make Melissa happy then she might as well leave. The teambuilding session ends, Melissa goes upstairs and Joan goes to her room. Meanwhile, the rest of the household can’t believe what happened and try to figure out how things progressed to the level that it did. Joan reaches out to her friend Margie to talk about the big fight she just had with Melissa. Joan tells her what happened, says that moving in Melissa was a mistake and that she will be coming back to New York.

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