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The Bachelor: Chris Harrison Blogs About Episode Seven

February 15, 2011 10:00 AM by Candace Young

Episode seven of The Bachelor saw Brad Womack and the remaining six ladies traveling from Costa Rica to Anguilla for three one-on-one dates and a group date.  Chris Harrison was right there along with them, and here is his viewpoint on the events from his blog. Keep reading after the jump…

Chris begins his Entertainment Weekly blog this week by talking about the delay caused by bringing a helicopter in for Emily and Brad’s date. Apparently the crew of The Bachelor had to improvise the bit about them sipping wine on a bench because they were stuck waiting for their transportation to arrive.

Of the date on the private island, Chris joked about the island itself being shaped like ‘manhood’, and then touched on Brad breaking the rules, saying, “This was the first time I can remember anybody telling someone they would definitely be getting a rose prior to a rose ceremony. Brad did this to make sure Emily knew just how he felt and that he was very serious about wanting to meet Emily’s little girl.”

Shawntel got the next one-on-one date. Chris blogged, “The street date was a blast for them. Shawntel didn’t know much about dominoes but quickly learned and really got into it. “  He also commented on how great the end of their date was, listening to Bankie Banx in the hut by the ocean.

Britt’s date didn’t go so well, of course. Lacking in romantic chemistry, the pair parted ways after spending time on the yacht and cliff-jumping. Chris noted, “As you saw, Britt’s exit was very different than any we’ve ever had before. Instead of just leaving you got to see Britt go back to the ladies villa and tell the other women she was packing up and going home. Nobody saw this coming and the women were shocked and upset. Once again this move proved to the women that Brad was very serious about finding his wife.”

Of the ‘group date from hell’, Chris noticed the claws coming out early on, and says he knew it was going to be a long day for Brad.  Chris commented, “As bad as I thought the date might go for him, it actually went worse. At this point the novelty of hanging out together and even living together has completely worn off. These women now just want to date Brad alone. As you saw, the date went from bad to worse and there was nothing Brad could do to put out this fire. ”

The cocktail party was waived by Brad this week, and it was ‘volatile’ Michelle who was sent packing in the Rose Ceremony.  Of Michelle’s exit, Chris blogged, “Brad’s patience quickly wore thin with Michelle and their relationship really fell apart over the last two weeks. On a personal note, I will miss her narration of the show. She has a wicked sense of humor and was fun to have around. Come on — you have to admit she made you laugh a few times with her comments.”

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3 Responses to “The Bachelor: Chris Harrison Blogs About Episode Seven”

  1. BachelorsFan Says:
    February 15th, 2011 at 10:16 am

    I am so happy that Brad dumped Michelle. None of the other ladies were good for Brad except her, and I am so glad he realized just in time that he was just falling for her aggressiveness and nothing else.

  2. Chad Says:
    February 15th, 2011 at 6:35 pm

    Very Disappointed
    my girlfriend loves this show, the drama and hipe, I guess. She was extremely disappointed in the producers to use prone like topless scenes and she wanted to write them to let them know how disgusting, and very untasteful that was.
    she said she would not want to be with anyone that was that sick to do something like that on national TV. I thought he had come along way from the last time he was on, (she makes me watch it…but I have learned alot by her comments what she does and doesn’t like)
    She said if Brad came up with that, or even if he didn’t, he did it, he is a SICK SICK MAN! and she wouldn’t be surprized if he is left standing…who would want to marry someone like that

  3. Eloise M Says:
    February 15th, 2011 at 7:17 pm

    So happy this season is full of classy young women except for Michelle. I was just tired of her venom. So much so that I looked at a spoiler ‘s website to see if she would be eliminated. Didn’t care if I knew beforehand, just tired of her. I really like Brad. Men should be mature when considering marriage if they are serious about it. Hereto fore the bachelors have been rather young or the women, which probably accounted for very few marriages coming out of this process. Love the show though.


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