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American Idol: Hollywood Week Round Two – Group Round

February 16, 2011 09:15 PM by Lisa Princ

Last week we watched American Idol on FOX began Hollywood week and in their very first round, they endured the largest elimination ever, eliminated over 150 contestants. This week, the remaining 150+ contestants will be forming groups and performing in those groups for Hollywood week round two. Keep reading to hear how the remaining contestants did tonight and who got eliminated in the group round!

American Idol kicked off round two of Hollywood week tonight with the dreaded group round. This time, despite some of the contestants already forming groups, they were told that they would need to contain contestants from day one and day two when forming their groups. This turned all of the contestants and groups into complete chaos as most of them had to run around at the last minute to find additional group members.

During the chaos in finding groups, we saw a lot of drama as well. Remember Tiffany Rios from New Jersey? Well Tiffany thought it would be a good idea to get on stage and let everyone know that she was better than the rest – needless to say she was not having luck finding any group members, until Jessica Yantz saw something in Tiffany and left her group to join Tiffany for a duet, but would it pay off? We also watched as Jordan Dorsay struggled with his team and despite the fact that he was being very picky about adding members to his group, he wound up leaving his group for another at the last minute.

Scotty McCreery was another contestant who was having a hard time finding the right group to fit into…..he turned down an opportunity to join Tiffany but then found himself struggling to fit in anywhere, until he found Clint Jun Gamboa’s group which also consisted of Jaycee Badeaux, the 15 year old who sounded like a girl at his original audition. At the last minute though Clint decided to switch up his group and give Jaycee the boot. Lucky for Jaycee, Brett Loewenstern’s group was desperately seeking a day two contestant to join them and Jaycee was more than happy to oblige even though he didn’t know the song.

Then we almost witnessed the first Hollywood week quitter on American Idol as Ashley Sullivan, who has been overly dramatic from the day we met her, could not seem to make up her mind on whether or not to stay with her group or go home. Her group which also consisted of Keeira Lyn Ford and Ashthon Jones decided to call themselves “The Hits” and asked Ashley to let them know whether or not she wanted to stay or go. Ashley told them she was quitting and going home, but then came back later and asked them to be a part of the group again as she didn’t want to let her family and friends down and luckily for her, they allowed her back in and gave her another chance.

Next it was time for the actual group performances to begin and the very first one was a trio from New Jersey consisting of Pia Toscano, Alessandra Guercio and Brielle Von Hugel who blew us away with their version of “Grenade”. This group was completely in sync and Steven said they “slammed it” and sent them through to the next round. Then we got to see Tiffany Rios and Jessica Yantz put on a horrible performance of “Irreplaceable” and neither of these ladies came anywhere close to Beyonce on this tune. Despite Tiffany’s pleas to sing another song, Randy cut her off and sent her and Jessica packing – maybe Jessica should have thought twice about ditching her original group.

Jordan Dorsay’s new group was up next which also consisted of Robbie Rosen, and they did a great job and even got praise on their choreography by Jennifer Lopez. Jordan’s rivaling group that he left hanging was up right after him and they also blew the judges away which meant that Adrian Michael and Lauren Turner were also sent through along with two other group members. Nashville favorite Lauren Alaina’s group was not so lucky though. Even though Steven Tyler was enamored as this all girl group put him in a chair to serenade him, their performance of “Some kind of wonderful” was not good and the only person out of the group who made it through was Lauren Alaina.

Then we watched as the group called “Spanglish” had to go find one of their members, Kevin Campos, who ended up oversleeping leaving Steven Tyler to entertain everyone with a drum performance while they waited. After the group of Jovany Barreto, Jorge Gabriel, Karen Rodriguez and Kevin performed “Just the way you are” it ended up only being Jovany and Karen who were going to the next round. And the mixed review groups continued as we watched Colton Dixon give a great performance while his group member Matt Dillard completely forgot his lyrics due to what he claims was lack of sleep – needless to say Colton was sent through while Matt was not. And the lyric issues did not stop there as a few more contestants continued to forget or mess up the lyrics as we watched Alyson Jados and Caitlin Koch follow suit and get the boot.

In what was a big disappointment for me as well as Jennifer Lopez, Paris Tassin blew her lyrics as well and her performance of “Only girl in the world” was awful. So despite how Paris had touched our hearts in her audition, she would not be moving on. Then we watched as many that looked promising in the auditions were sent packing such as San Francisco’s Emily Anne Reed, as well as Adrienne Beasly, Janelle Arthur and in a bit of luck for Ryan Seacrest Courtney Penry was also eliminated. But would Ashley Sullivan be next? Actually even though she had a shaky performance, Ashley Sullivan and her entire group was sent through by Randy. Other groups were still being separated as we said goodbye to Emma Henry, John Jordin and Danny Pate who had to watch as their group members James Durbin and Caleb Johnson made it to the next round.

James Durbin and Caleb Johnson had an earlier issue with another group called “The Minors” as they, who are all minors, had their parents with them cheering them on and giving them tips. This group of kids got a standing ovation from the judges as they were that good. The group who consisted of Keonna Evans, Jalen Harris, Sarin Joi-Crowe and Deandre Brackensick, were sent to the next round. But then we saw the dumbest thing yet during the group round which was Steven Clawson who was cheating by singing off a card with lyrics…needless to say he did not make it through but his group members both Hollie Cavanagh and Corey Levoy did make it to the next round, as did two other audition favorites from another group – Julie Zorrilla and Casey Abrams.

The group round ended on a good note as we watched several groups ease on through which included Da’qeula Paybe Matthew Nuss, early favorite Naima Adedapo and a new face that we did not see in auditions in Jacob Lusk. Other early favorites such as Devyn Rush were not sent through as she did not sound good at all tonight despite the fact that all her group members including Caleb Hawley, Chris Medina and Carson Higgins, who was a bit wild on stage but good none the less were all sent through. Next up it was time for Jaycee Badeaux and Brett Loewenstern’s group whose performance of “Mercy” was perfect and the judges loved them all. Scotty McCreery was next up to make it on stage with Monique Del Los Santos, Frances Coontz, and Clint Jun Gamboa who performed “Get Ready” and did an awesome job at it earning them all a spot in the next round. In the very last performance we saw former couple Chelsea Oaks and Rob Bolin team up with Jacqueline Dunford but Rob failed to deliver and the girls were sent through without him.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow for more of Hollywood week on American Idol!

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2 Responses to “American Idol: Hollywood Week Round Two – Group Round”

  1. Trip Says:
    February 16th, 2011 at 9:41 pm

    Why not show Emily Anne Reed? I loved her voice.

  2. Barbara Baty Says:
    February 18th, 2011 at 9:23 am

    I can’t tell you how much we have enjoyed the auditions. We have never seen such outstanding
    talent. It will be a tough decision this time.The judges are a delight. I love how they are so into each singer. They are great.
    Can’t wait to get down to the final 12.
    Thanks again


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