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Million Dollar Listing: Client Troubles And Maksim Chmerkovskiy Makes An Appearance

February 17, 2011 09:22 PM by Lisa Princ

Million Dollar Listing on Bravo is back tonight with a brand new episode. This week our favorite real estate agents have to deal with troublesome clients and Madison Hildebrand ends up getting dumped! Will they be able to make the sale this week? Keep reading for all the details!

Million Dollar Listing kicks off a brand new episode tonight as Madison is dealt with a demanding client who insists on being present when he negotiates the purchase of a home with another broker. Madison’s demanding client wants a car with the purchase of the home, but the buyer is not willing to give it up. When Madison’s offer off $100k less than asking price is denied, his client dumps him claiming he could have negotiated better! But Madison is not the only with client troubles tonight as Josh Altman is also dealt with an overbearing client in a co listing he is working with a friend on. The client makes sure he is present for the broker’s open which makes Josh very uncomfortable.

Josh Flagg had an interesting evening as well as it started with a lunch date with his mother, who is shown picking caviar out of Josh’s teeth – yuck. But while at lunch, Josh gets a call from an old neighbor who would like his help in selling her home which leads his mom to believe she is good luck. When Josh arrives at the home, the client and her husband give him the tour and they try to settle on a price. The client is looking for 3.5 million, but Josh thinks it is worth somewhere under 3 million. Eventually, the three agree to list for 3.1 million with the understanding that they may need to go down to 2.9 million if they don’t get any takers at this price.

Next up on Million Dollar Listing, Madison gets a call from a new client, a doctor who is actually a friend of his. His new client would like to sell his 5,000+ square foot Malibu home for 6 million, but Madison talks him down to 5.5 million and holds what he thinks is a successful broker’s open on it. Speaking of open houses, Josh Altman also had a great flow of people at his open house, despite the slow start. Josh, however cannot seem to get any offers on the almost 9 million dollar property, but eventually one woman comes forward with a lease offer. While Josh is not a fan of leasing, he approaches his client with the $50k per month lease offer and surprisingly his client agrees to it, at least for a year while they attempt to sell the huge Hollywood Hills home.

Meanwhile, after being scolded by his grandmother for never answering his phone, Josh Flagg is persuaded by her to hire an assistant, but according to grandma  who advises “they must not have dirt in their fingernails” …interesting. Josh decides that maybe grandma is right and he decides to start interviewing people. He gets a few good candidates – and a few bad ones, but a pair of identical twin sisters stand out the most to him as they have experience and of course are cute and young which he feels will help him sell homes. There is only one catch here – he is not willing to pay anyone so he decides that they will be his interns. Josh takes his possible interns to the home he is working on and quizzes them before deciding to give them the position.

Over in Bel Air, Madison is attending a party at a friend’s house where his friend attempts to set him and another friend up on a date without either of them knowing it. Madison, fresh off his most recent breakup is uncomfortable with the set up and even more so when he does not feel the chemistry with this new guy, so he tells his friend about his concerns and how he is not ready to date yet. He does however, have a possible candidate to purchase the doctor’s home in which he is listing and imagine his surprise when he opens the door to see that the broker he is meeting with is actually Josh Altman. Madison laughs at Josh’s attire, but according to Josh that is an East Coast thing.

Josh has a high end client who may be interested in the home which turns out to be none other than Maksim Chmerkovskiy. After a quick tour of the home, Maks decides it is not for him and Josh persuades him that it is too overpriced. Maksim Chmerkovskiy leaves and Josh goes on to tell Madison that the home is overpriced, which ticks Madison off since Malibu is not Josh’s area of expertise. Is it just me or can you just see the tension brewing between Josh Altman and Madison? I can’t wait to see these two meet up again. On that note, we are left waiting until next week to see if the home sells for Madison.

Be sure to tune in next week for a brand new episode of Million Dollar Listing on Bravo!
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