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The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business Season Premiere

February 20, 2011 07:15 PM by Allyson Wells


On The Amazing Race, in the rugged valley of Palm Springs and one of the windiest cities in the world, 11 teams of previous racers convene for a second shot to win one million dollars.  Returning to settle unfinished business:  brothers Dan and Jordan, mother and son Margie and Luke, recently engaged Amanda and Kris, Harlem Globetrotters Flight Time and Big Easy, father and son Mel and Mike, dating goth couple Kent and Vyxin, father and daughter Gary and Mallory, sisters Kisha and Jen, best friends Zev and Justin, father and daughter Ron and Christina, and former NFL cheerleaders Jaime and Cara.

Amongst the windmills, Phil welcome all the racers to race around the world for a second time.  All teams are looking forward to redemption and a chance to settle unfinished business.  Phil informs the racers the first team to check in on the first leg will win the express pass-enabling them to skip a challenge in a future leg.  Phil also informs them this race will be different and to get their first clue they have to find something in the desert.  The first eight teams get on the first flight.  Finally, the last team to complete the first challenge will automatically be U-turned.  The stakes are much higher for this race.  Phil tells them he is looking for Queensland Arial Services and wishes them luck. 

As soon as Phil says, “Go,” the racers take off and look at a field of flags.  Mel and Mike are the first team, followed by Zev and Justin, and then Jet and Cord.  They take off in their Ford Focuses for LAX.  Kent and Vyxsin, Ron and Christina, Flight Time and Big Easy, Margie and Luke and Jaime and Kris are the remaining teams to make the first flight to Sydney, Australia.

Kisha and Jen are the first team to make the last flight, but are relieved they are not in last place.  Gary and Mallory and Amanda and Kris frantically look for the right flag.  Gary and Mallory narrowly beat Amanda and Kris.  They can’t believe they are U-turned again, just like the last race.

On Flight One, there is a medical emergency because a man had a heart attack and they land in Honolulu.  Big Easy says the most important thing is that the man is okay.  In Sydney, the teams must make their way to Sydney Harbor.  Gary and Mallory tell the other racers that the first flight got delayed.  Amanda and Kris are thrilled they might have a bigger lead.  Mike and Mel, Ron and Christina, and Jet and Cord find themselves in the back of the pack. 

At Ocean World, the first road block involves facing off against sharks.  One team member will have to swim amongst the sharks in a tank for a compass and then decode the message for the next clue.  Amanda, Kisha, and Mallory take the road block for their teams.  Amanda says she got into “Amazing Race” mode to find the clue and not let fear ruin it.  Gary gets excited when he sees Mallory find the compass.  Amanda finds a compass shortly after Mallory.

Jet and Cord fall behind on the ferry and realize they have a lot of catching up to do. 

Mallory is the first to take her compass and try to figure out the message.  Gary tells her not to get rattled when the other racers arrive.  Kris thinks Amanda will do great at it because she’s so good at word puzzles.  Mallory figures it out first, putting her and Gary in the lead.  The other teams quickly arrive at Ocean World and begin closing the narrow gap.   Each racer easily completes the challenge.  It’s almost harder for the other teammates who watch them.  Vyxin has a tough time finding her way out of the tank.  She uses Kent’s father’s death as inspiration to calm her down and find her way out.

Gary and Mallory get the next clue:  They must sail a skiff across a watercourse and find their clue on the buoy.  They laugh as the sail takes off at an amazingly fast speed.  Gary hops out and cheers as he grabs the clue.  Kisha and Jen are not far behind them in second place, while Kris and Amanda are third. 

After sailing, the racers learn they must go to one of the hottest surfing beaches, Shelly Beach, which is the pit stop for the first leg of the race. 

Gary and Mallory and Kris and Amanda are in a tight race for first.  Gary and Mallory ultimately reach Phil first.  They are thrilled to win the express pass.  Phil informs them they are still racing and gives them their next clue.  Mallory can’t believe they are still racing.  Phil laughs at Mallory and tells her to stop talking and go.  Kris and Amanda are second and Phil reminds them they still must do both sides of the U-turn.  Kisha and Jen are third to arrive.

Jaime and Cara and Margie and Luke get the crossword puzzle wrong.  Zev and Justin give Big Easy and Flight Time the correct answer so they can make up some ground.  Zev tells them they owe them one.  The other teams get mad when Zev and Justin don’t help them, too.  Jet and Cord and Kent and Vyxin are the last teams working on the puzzle.  Margie tells Kent and Vyxin the correct answer to help them along.  Jet and Cord take forever to figure out the puzzle. 

Zev and Justin are fourth to finish, followed by Flight Time and Big Easy, Jaime and Cara, Margie and Luke, Ron and Christina, and Mel and Mike.  Kent and Vyxin arrive next, but Phil tells them they are going to have to move quickly because they are so far behind. 

While all of the other racers are already onto the second portion of the leg, Jet and Cord are still trying to finish the puzzle.  Will they ever complete it?  Will Gary and Mallory maintain their lead or have to already use the express pass?  Will Kris and Amanda’s costly error in the beginning put them in last?  Tune in next week for the second part of the season premiere of The Amazing Race.

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