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The Bachelor: Hometown Dates

February 21, 2011 07:58 PM by Candace Young

On tonight’s episode of The Bachelor, Brad Womack will join each of the remaining four women in their hometown. Keep reading to find out how Brad winds up on a slab in a mausoleum, how Emily’s daughter reacts to him, and all of the other highlights…

The episode kicks off with Brad reflecting back on his dates with Chantal O, and talking about how much fun he has with her.  He has some reservations about her tendency to be emotional.  He then talks about Ashley H, and how they’ve had great times – the feelings are there – but they’ve hit speed bumps with her doubts.  Of Shawntel N, Brad remarks that she’s fun and doesn’t bring the drama.  Brad says Emily’s feelings for the man she lost sets the bar very high, but he wants to go try because she is want he wants in a wife.

Chantal O

Brad’s first hometown date is with Chantal O, who tells us it is crucial that she gets her parents’ approval today.  They joke around in the park for a bit, and then head to her house where he meets her dog and cats.  They have a beer and talk about Brad getting rid of his bachelor pad and buying a bigger house.

Chantal next takes Brad to meet her parents, Billy Jo and Mike,  and her younger brother, Connor.  Brad regales them with the story of Chantal slapping him when she first met him. They sit down to dinner and wine, and then Chantal takes her father aside to let him know she loves Brad.  When Mike talks to Brad, they discover they have a great deal in common, including their situations with their fathers. Mike gives Brad his blessing.

Meanwhile, Chantal confides in her mother how scary it is to fall for Brad knowing she could get hurt. Chantal is pleased that her parents are supportive. Brad tells her he doesn’t want to leave, but says goodbye. He tells us he really sees a future with Chantal.

Ashley H.

Brad’s next hometown date is with Ashley H. She greets him with a huge hug and takes him into the restaurant where she had her first job.  She wants him to try poutine (fries with cheese and gravy), which is french. Brad answers, “Si,” which is Spanish.  As they share the dish, Brad tells her he wants to move on beyond reassuring each other of their feelings. After, they go pick up live lobsters which will later be their dinner. Brad remarks on how happy and energetic Ashley seems.

Brad meets Ashley’s family and she is positively bouncing off the walls! They eat lobster dinner, and then Brad talks to Ashley’s dad, who wants to check that Brad will support her ambitions in life. He talks to her sister next. She feels like Ashley is ready to start her life now that her education is almost done. Brad has lingering concern that he might hold Ashley back.

Shawntel N.

It’s time for Brad to travel to Chico, California to see Shawntel’s hometown and meet her family.  Shawntel’s family runs a funeral business. She and Brad meet at the mausoleum and crematorium – she’s anxious to see how he handles it.  Brad and Shawntel tour the crypts, and she shows him where his final resting place will be if they’re married. Next up is the prep room, where Shawntel does the embalming. She challenges him to lay on the metal slab table. He does it, but is freaking out a little.  They discuss death, and Brad comes away impressed with her character.

They head to meet Shawntel’s family. She tells us that the plan has been for her to take over her father’s side of the business, but her heart has opened to possibly going to Austin with Brad. They arrive and introductions are made. Over dinner, they discuss the family business. Dad makes a point of saying he’s ready to step back and let Shawntel take over. Shawntel breaks the news to her parents that she may leave Chico.

Her dad takes her aside and says her leaving would be a huge loss to the community, who expects her to be there. Shawntel firmly explains that she can, and will, leave if that’s where life takes her.  Her dad thinks their life plans are destroyed, but he ultimately gives Brad his blessing to propose if they are in love.  When they say goodbye, Shawntel tells Brad she loves him.


In Charlotte, North Carolina, Emily is reunited with her daughter. She talks to her about how she’s made a new friend who has come to meet her. Brad meets them at the park, but the little girl will not say hello to Brad. She does take the gift he offers. They lay out a picnic in the grass, but still, Emily’s daughter will not respond to Brad.  He finally gets her flying the kite he brought her and things improve.

They go to Emily’s house, and her little girl runs upstairs to her room. Brad and Emily follow and she laughs as Brad plays with her toys.  Later, he helps tuck her in, but back downstairs, Brad finds he cannot kiss Emily with her daughter sleeping upstairs. Emily tells him if this thing works out, she’ll be upstairs sleeping every night. She says she understands that he’s being sweet and respectful. Brad decides to leave. Emily is bummed. At the front door, she kisses him.


Brad tells host Chris Harrison that he feels great after meeting the families. They talk about how he really hit it off with Chantal O’s dad. Brad says he knows he is there for the right reasons. They next discuss Ashley H. Brad shares how great it was to see her smiling from ear-to-ear.  Chris asks about Brad visiting Shawntel N’s workplace. Brad admits it freaks him out a little bit, but he respects what she does and how warm she is. Last, they discuss the date with Emily and meeting her daughter. Brad says he loved every second of it.  Chris points out that Ashley was the only one who didn’t express love for him this week.  Brad says if she’s not feeling it, he’ll find out.  Chris leaves to welcome the ladies.

Rose Ceremony.

Chris welcomes the ladies and introduces Brad. He tells them he doesn’t want to say goodbye to one of them, but it does bring him closer to finding ‘the one’.  He offers roses to Ashley H, Emily, and Chantal O.  Shawntel N is going home tonight.  She says goodbye to the other girls and then Brad walks her out.  He tells her he cares for her, but he didn’t feel the way a man should feel when a woman says, “I love you.”  Shawntel tears up as she tells him she loved the way he treated her. Brad assures her she’ll find a great guy.

Brad returns to the remaining three ladies and tells them that they are going to South Africa next!

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  1. molloy Says:
    February 21st, 2011 at 8:49 pm

    when the next show starts please have only `15 ladies go on the show / We are a few moms that get together to watc this show and we feel the gut has to have more time with each lady . Only two on a date . love the night that we all get to gther to see this show keep it up and good luck with the new one coming thanks for keeping us happy


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