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Survivor: Redemption Island — The Hunter In Pink Underwear

February 23, 2011 08:08 PM by Ryan Haidet

After one of the most-insane Tribal Councils in Survivor history, Francesca kicked off episode two as she arrived at Redemption Island holding her snuffed-out torch.  Other than her receiving her luxury item in tree mail, we didn’t see much of Francesca’s life at Redemption Island at all.  That comes next week in the first duel.  Back at camp, Phillip asked Boston Rob to talk for a few minutes about what had just taken place at Tribal Council.  In another great Phillip moment, he told Boston Rob that he is giving his vote to him until he is booted from the island.  But that was just the surface of the drama that took place in tonight’s episode of Survivor: Redemption Island as the first big blindside of the season left several jaws dropped!

Hunter & The Rooster

The next morning, Phillip was out hunting a small red crab using a giant stick.  As his tribemates watched from a distance, they poked fun at the situation acting as if Phillip was like Steve Irwin or something — except that the Croc Hunter never wore fuschia undies on national television.

Phillip eventually killed the crab by throwing a rock at it, but this moment was highlighted by his emotional confessional in which we learned about his pride for America.  He fought back tears saying it hurt his feelings to have his integrity questioned at the first Tribal Council.  Admit it.  You’re starting to like Phillip.  I do.  His wardrobe is scary, but his character is great.

Over at Zapatera the roots of a battle started building between Ralph and Russell.  As Ralph was hopping around camp making rooster sounds, Russell said he may be the dumbest person to ever play the game.  But the so-called dumb player accidentally stumbled on the hidden Immunity Idol while Russell had been openly hunting for it.  Ralph found the Idol just by moving rocks around at camp saying the discovery was as easy as wiping his butt.  Classy.

New Alliances

Day 5 at Ometepe, a bond was building between Andrea and Matt.  Very observant, Boston Rob noticed their alliance and said he knows how strong a pair can be in the game from his own previous experience.  He was on the warpath now to break that duo apart.  So while he was working on the beach, Boston Rob was talking with Natalie in an effort to have her join his side.  Boston Rob said in a confessional that she is the perfect player to drag to the end of the game.

Viewed As A Traitor

At the challenge, host Jeff Probst told both tribes they were competing for a full set of fishing gear in addition to Immunity.  The challenge was very similar to one we saw several years ago on Survivor: Micronesia — Fans Vs. Favorites.  The tribes had to jump off a platform one at a time while breaking a tile with a stick during their leap into a pool below.  If that pool looked familiar, I’m pretty sure that’s the same spot challenges were held last season.  I just wonder if the water was drained out so the new players didn’t have to swim around in Fabio’s pee.

The end of the challenge involved tossing a single ball at five tiles.  The first team to break all of them would win the competition.  It was a close race, but Ralph was able to break Zapatera’s tiles faster than Phillip could do for Ometepe.

When the challenge was over, Matt approached the other tribe to offer up a congratulatory handshake.  Big mistake.  Boston Rob didn’t like that one bit saying he should have stuck with his own team instead of already playing socially with the other side.

Something thing I noticed, as in past seasons some of the players were wearing sharp, clean bathing suits (check out the picture above).  That’s right, we didn’t have to stare at Phillip jumping into the pool wearing his awful granny-style drawers.  It’s likely producers awarded the contestants with their bathing suits behind the scenes.  This isn’t new to the show, but certainly appeared more obvious tonight.

Idol Fight

While the Zapatera tribe was walking back to camp after the challenge, Russell grabbed a clue to the hidden Immunity Idol, which was inside the basket of fishing gear.  Although Russell thought he was being very secretive about finding the clue, Ralph saw the whole thing.

While making a tribe to the water supply, Russell pulled Krista and Stephanie away — his two allies so far — and shared the clue with them.  Mike and Ralph soon joined them, which sparked a short war of words.  Ralph asked Russell in front of everybody there if he found a clue in the basket.  Russell took offense to the manner in which Ralph was coming at him saying something we’ve heard from Russell before, “You’re either with me or against me.”  Russell denied having a clue to the Idol as Ralph said they all won that challenge together.

Boston Rob’s Plan

Back at camp, Phillip wanted to say a few words to his tribe about losing the challenge.  Feeling somewhat responsible for not performing well in the final portion of the competition, Phillip wanted everybody else to know they performed very well and should be proud of their efforts.  After saying he would not be scrambling for votes, Boston Rob stopped him and said he did try his best.  They win as a team and they lose as a team.  This is where Boston Rob is so good at this game.  What a great moment to speak up when nobody else would.

Despite Phillip’s goofy actions so far, he wasn’t Boston Rob’s target.  He was after Matt instead for shaking hands with the enemy.  While the tribe had agreed to split the vote, three for Kristina and three for Phillip, Boston Rob was working on a secret deal with Ashley and Grant to take out Matt.

Shortly before heading to Tribal Council, Phillip directly asked Boston Rob who he should vote for.  The two took a walk together as Boston Rob told him not to go crazy at Tribal Council.  Instead he needed to play it up like he knew he was going to be voted off.  Boston Rob then said he would give Phillip the sign who to vote for by placing his right hand on the target’s shoulder at Tribal Council.

Another Ometepe Member Ousted

At Tribal Council, Kristina was wearing the hidden Immunity Idol around her neck since everybody else knew she had it.  Phillip started talking about his animal-like qualities while showing off his tattoos that display those feelings — with a gorilla on his left arm and a lion on his right.  Following Boston Rob’s request, Phillip continued saying things about getting voted off next so he could face his nemesis — Francesca.  This gave host Jeff Probst the chance to joke about Phillip’s troubles pronouncing Francesca’s name, which is still one of the funniest Survivor moments ever.

As the time for voting arrived, Boston Rob placed his hand on Kristina’s shoulder giving Phillip the signal.  Phillip followed the orders and cast his ballot against her.

When everybody was finished voting, Probst was ready to tally them up as Kristina quickly stood and played the Idol.  She did have two votes against her, but not enough to send her packing.  Instead, Boston Rob had his wishes fulfilled as Matt was the second person voted off with four votes.  With a shocked look on his face, Matt looked very disappointed.  “Good work guys,” he said.  “My goodness.”  Andrea couldn’t believe it either.  She was just as surprised.

Sorry ladies.  Fabio’s look-alike is heading to Redemption Island to square off against Francesca in the first duel of the season next week.

That has got to be the worst feeling in the world knowing your on the outside of a bigger scheme.  Now Andrea has to fight for her life.  Just two episodes in, and I’m digging this season.  What an improvement.

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