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Million Dollar Listing: Conflicts And Romance

February 24, 2011 09:48 PM by Lisa Princ

Million Dollar Listing on Bravo is brand new tonight and this week it’s all about client conflicts and a new romance. But who is dealing with the tough clients and who is hooking up? Keep reading for all the details!

Million Dollar Listing returns tonight as Madison continues to try to sell his friend’s home and this time holds an open house in hopes of getting a good offer on it and while things seem bleak in the attempt to sell the doctor’s home, he eventually gets an offer. The offer, however is only for 5 million when the home was listed for 5.5 million, so needless to say Madison’s client is not thrilled by this. After a good talk though, Madison convinces his client to counteroffer in which he does for 5.3 million, but the buyers are not happy with it. In an attempt to get the home sold, Madison and his client offer the buyers some new windows if they will take the home at 5.3 million. After some negotiating, the buyers decide they will take it much to Madison’s delight as his client has been sitting in on the negotiation the entire time.

Josh Altman had to deal with conflicts tonight as he gets called in to help sell a home that is less than desirable. The home is located way off the beaten path, and in what his client calls a “rock star” home is really nothing more than an outdated home that needs some renovations. The home sits on 2 acres and has some beautiful views, but that does not take away from the fact that it has an awkward, round kitchen and seriously outdated appliances from the 1960′s. Josh tries to see the humor in it, but when a potential buyer is turned off by these things, he starts to rethink his strategy. When he meets with his client, he is forced to give the client the hard truth – that it is not a rock star home, but his client disagrees. Trying another tactic, Josh zeros in on the fact that the home used to be a horse lover’s retreat and he finally gets his client to agree that they will change their clientele as such. We’ll have to wait until next week though to see if Josh can make this sale work with a new outlook.

Josh Flagg has some client issues of his own on Million Dollar Listing tonight as continues to try and sell his old neighbor’s home. He decides to throw a “rock star” open house at night full of food and music in hopes of attracting some rocker clients and getting the price that his client is asking. Josh, however is making complete use of his new twin assistants as he has them running around doing all the labor and really busting their behinds to get the word out and get the home staged. In a statement Josh says that the twins are great, but not yet near his caliber – I wonder if these poor girls know what they have gotten themselves into?

The open house or what looked to be more like a party seems to going great and is full of potential buyers. Things get even spicier when Josh Altman shows up with his assistant and Madison shows up with Heather. Josh Altman comically wonders why both Madison and Josh Flagg have cute girls for assistants and he has his best male friend. That thought quickly fades though as Josh seems to become interested in Heather, Madison’s assistant as the pair start to talk and hit it off well. Later, both Joshs’ and Madison are chatting it up and both Madison and Josh Flagg seem to think Josh Altman should ask Heather out on a date.

The next morning at work, Madison notices how Heather is grinning and asks her about Josh Altman to which she replies that he is cute but cocky and Madison agrees. Heather then says that she likes men like that and when Madison asks if Josh asked her out, she says yes. Looks like we have a budding romance on the show! We’ll have to wait until next week though to see how the date turns out. For Josh Flagg however, the open house seems a success although he did not get a sale, he did get a lease offer. His client confers with her husband and decides to take the lease offer with the understanding that home will still be shown and can be sold at anytime. So that makes two successful this week and one insane client who will hopefully change his tune next week and see the truth.

Be sure to tune in next week at 9 pm EST for a brand new episode as it looks like Madison becomes a bit overprotective of Heather and has words with Josh Altman – should be interesting!

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