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The Bachelor: Bachelor Pad’s Dave Good Blogs On Episode 8

February 24, 2011 10:30 AM by Candace Young

On Monday night’s episode of The Bachelor, Brad Womack took the remaining four women on hometown dates and met their families.  We’ve read Brad’s blog, and Chris Harrison’s blog , but what did past Bachelorette contestant and Bachelor Pad winner, Dave Good, think about the episode? Keep reading to find out…

Bachelor Pad winner, and author of The Man Code, Dave Good, weighed in on the latest episode of The Bachelor in his blog. He began by wishing Michelle had gotten a hometown date, commenting, “Now that would have been interesting!  Kind of like watching the Blair Witch Project or  something!

Dave next remarked on how blown away he was by Chantal’s parents’ home, and her parents themselves, enthusing, “HER PARENTS HOUSE IS RIDICULOUS!!!  And, her dad’s a stud.  I kind of wanna go hang out over there and bounce business ideas off him.  I really like Chantal, but she gets so emotional so easy however her mom being so hot is making up for her crying.  Helloooooooo mother!  Having a hot mom is such a huge plus for her.”

In addition to thinking Ashley’s sister was hot, Dave observed of Ashley and Brad, “I can definitely tell a difference in the way they act around each other compared to he and Chantal.  He just does not seem as into her or himself as much as with Chantal.  Her hometown is pretty cool though.”

As for the date in Chico with Shawntel, Dave had reservations about the mausoleum thing, stating, “I am with Brad here – I don’t like thinking about death.  I hate funerals and people dying.  Most people anyway.  I am a little turned off at what she does…but a little turned on too.  There’s something intriguing about her.”

Last, Brad met up with Emily and her daughter in Charlotte. Dave referred to the date as a ‘trainwreck’, and wrote, “I understand a little about where Brad is coming from, but not kissing her?  I like that he is respecting the kid but he just made things real weird, and I think he’s having a hard time (understandably) with the whole thing.  She finally made him kiss her and I was glad to see that.  I like Emily, and think she is such a good mother.  It’s good to see someone like that on TV nowadays.”

In the end, Dave’s ‘fave’ girl, Shawntel, went home at the rose ceremony. Dave was impressed at how she handled the news, noting, “This girl is tough.  I hate to see her go.”

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