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The Amazing Race: Preview Reveals Strange Kangaroo Costume

February 25, 2011 11:30 AM by Allyson Wells

“Wait till you see this next clue.  You are going to lose your mind.”  This week on The Amazing Race, Flight Time tells Big Easy that their latest clue is crazy.  This week viewers can expect a bizarre costume, tempers, and tears.

The latest preview of The Amazing Race reveals some of the racers dressed in kangaroo suits hopping around on special shoes.  Margie and Luke are dressed as kangaroos hopping through the Outback with Zev and Justin.  Are some of the racers teaming up to help one another?  Meanwhile, Kisha and Jen are hot on their heels. 

Ron reverts to his old habits as tempers start to flare with daughter, Christina.  Will old habits die hard or is Ron really a changed man? 

Father and son Mike and Mel suffer a tearful breakdown from sheer exhaustion.  Can the 70-year-old man keep racing or is the pace of the game too much for him to physically handle?

When the race leg ended last week, father and daughter Gary and Mallory were in the lead and won the express pass.  However, Phil informed the tired racers they were still racing.  Lagging very far behind the racers in last place were Jet and Cord.  They became stumped on a puzzle and it seems impossible for them to catch up.  Kris and Amanda are facing a double U-turn and hope to avoid being eliminated from it, as they were in their previous season.  Can the cowboys make up for lost time with the double U-Turn?  Tune in this Sunday to see kangaroos and the first elimination of the season on The Amazing Race.

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