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Kitchen Nightmares: Davide

February 26, 2011 11:39 AM by Lisa Princ

FOX’s Kitchen Nightmares returns tonight as Gordon Ramsay heads to Boston’s North end to Davide to salvage what is left of this Italian restaurant as well as a family’s relationship. Will Gordon be able to turn this place around before it’s too late? Keep reading for all the details!

Kitchen Nightmares Chef Gordon Ramsay heads to Davide tonight to help brothers and owners Anthony and Frank save their restaurant and their relationship. When the pair opened Davide, the restaurant did extremely well….until Anthony started to take money from the restaurant and use it for his drug addiction. Anthony spent time in jail and while he was there Frank was left to do everything at Davide which took it’s toll on him and he just lost his focus and gave up his passion. Anthony who is now sober wants to forgive and move on but he doesn’t feel like Frank can and that is apparent just in the way Frank speaks to him. Constant cursing and bickering is not helping the restaurant thrive and this is where Gordon Ramsay comes in.

Not knowing much about the brothers’ issues, Gordon Ramsay comes in to Davide and starts off with a taste of the menu. He is horrified to learn that the lobster ravioli in which he was told was “made fresh” was actually frozen. The eggplant he tried was rubbery and sour, and when questioned about it he learned that it was cooked 3 weeks prior and frozen. In a in final attempt to find some flavor, he tries the garlic crusted lamb chops in which he claims are bitter because the garlic is burnt. When Gordon questions Frank about the dishes, who is also the chef, Frank can only muster up a question of whether or not Gordon liked the ravioli sauce. Gordon then informs him that the sauce is not the issue but the filling is what should have been good, and then Frank admits that they were frozen.

Seeing a lack of passion from Frank on Kitchen Nightmares only boils over into dinner service, which is a complete nightmare and Gordon witnesses first hand the bickering and verbal abuse between these two brothers. Halfway through dinner service, Frank is disgusted and walks out, leaving his sous chef to finish up. Gordon realizes quickly that Frank is burnt out and he needs to take desperate measures to get him back on track so he takes Anthony and Kim, Frank’s wife aside and asks them each to come up with something to tell Frank to boost his spirits. When he brings Frank back in and lets him know how horrible service was and that he thinks Frank is burnt out, he brings the three of them together at a table. There Anthony reads something he wrote for Frank which lets Frank know how much he does care and wants to start fresh. Kim follows suit and lets her husband know how much she loves and supports him. This seemed to be the confidence boost that Frank needed from his family.

Back in the kitchen, Gordon Ramsay asks Frank to cook him something else and Frank creates a chicken dish that Gordon thought was delicious, just giving Frank another confidence boost which started to bring his spirit back. The next morning Frank, Anthony and Kim are surprised as Gordon has had Davide completely refurnished and remodeled – something they had been wanting to do for years but could not afford. Then Gordon invites them to look at the new menu and taste a sample of the dishes they will now be serving – all fresh and homemade. You can see the spark back in Frank’s eyes as tastes the food and looks over the menu, but will be be able to step up to plate and put the past in the past for the sake of his family and Davide?

Right before the relaunch of Davide, Gordon Ramsay pulls Frank aside and has a heart to heart with him about his brother. Gordon advises that Frank go easy on Anthony, who has been sober for 2 years assuring Frank that it will only pay off for him in the end. Frank agrees and then dinner service gets off to a great start, even impressed a Boston magazine table. However, when Franks gets back some undercooked pork he starts to lose his confidence, but he quickly pulls himself together as he is certain he wants things to work out. Davide has its best service and night in years thanks to Frank who gained his passion back and was able to keep it together. Weeks later, Frank is still on the same path and has his passion and desire for food back, luckily for the people of Boston. Looks like another successful save for Gordon Ramsay!

Kitchen Nightmares returns on March 11th to FOX, so be sure to tune in then!
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