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The Amazing Race Host Phil Keoghan Talks About The New Season

February 26, 2011 11:30 AM by Allyson Wells

The new season of The Amazing Race debuted last week, with former racers returning to redeem themselves.  Because they are getting a second shot, you can expect the competition to be fierce.  Host Phil Keoghan previewed which racers let the claws come out and more.

Speaking with eOnline, Phil revealed which racers would be the villains this season.  “Well, there was a lot of conflict between Luke and the other girls.  Margie and Luke had a bit of an issue with Kisha and Jen in China. Jamie and Cara are a team that take no prisoners—they’re a pretty strong, robust team. Kent and Vyxsin are also no pushovers. They’re pretty sneaky! I assure you that there is tension and a little bit of jostling for power. I think I can leave it to your judgment as to who those teams are. There’s always going to be tension, and I will leave it to you to whether to classify if the behavior is villainous. There’s certainly lots of tension.” 

Since the teams are getting a second chance, some of them are changing their game plan and behavior.  Phil said that Ron has changed the most.  “Ron was probably the one going through the biggest transformation, when he played with daughter Christina—their relationship really did have quite an arc change—there was quite a transformation that took place. The question is will he revert back to his old ways or has he genuinely changed—changed for the good?”

Finally, the Amazing Race often features stories of racers overcoming adversity.  Phil revealed which racers inspired him.  “The Globetrotters “Flight Time” & “Big Easy” are the team that I would probably say of everybody there is the most inspirational. There are so many teams that have great energy, the Globetrotters are sharing a lot of positive energy with their performance, with their work with the Harlem Globetrotters. I know they have inspired a lot of young people because I saw it during their shows. People are also inspired by Luke and his ability to take on this challenge as a deaf person. I also think you have to look at Mike and his father, Mel, a 70-year-old guy going out and racing.”

What do you think of Phil’s comments?  Are you rooting for the inspirational Globetrotters to make it all the way to the finish line?  Tune in this Sunday when The Amazing Race Unfinished Business season continues.

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