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The Amazing Race: First Team Is Eliminated

February 27, 2011 07:18 PM by Allyson Wells

Previously, 11 teams returned to race again on The Amazing Race.  The race started off difficult and Kris and Amanda were forced to do a double U-Turn in a future leg.  Gary and Mallory won the express pass and took the lead.  The cowboys were struggling and in last place.  Can the cowboys get back in the saddle to stay in the game?

Down under, the cowboys are still trying to decipher the crossword password that everyone else has completed.  They are relieved to finally get it correct and move along.  They finally find Phil on Shelley Beach and are nervous they are last, but are excited they are still in the race. 

The other teams are racing to an anchor by the town hall.  The first six teams to sign up will be on the first charter flight.  Gary and Mallory are in first place.  Kris and Amanda are bummed that they are U-turned yet again.  Kisha and Jen are in third place and wonder why they signed up for the race again.  Jaime and Cara are excited to be running the race with Margie and Luke again.  Luke dubs them his “race girlfriends.”  Christina hopes Ron won’t revert to his impatient bad habits and take it out on her. 

Mel and Mike feel like the race is more difficult this time, as Mel is tiring very easily.  On the ferry, Mel tries to keep his head up, which reduces Mike to tears.  Mel hugs Mike and asks him to let him be responsible for his decisions. 

Zev and Justin run into Kisha and Jen at a travel museum using a computer.  They move along together and find the anchor.  They are the first two teams to sign up for Flight 1.  Jaime and Cara and Margie and Luke and the fourth and fifth teams to sign up.  Mel and Mike hobble up and are the fifth team.  Kent and Vyxsin are the last team on the first flight.  The rest of the teams arrive and must take the second flight.  The cowboys continue to wander around aimlessly in the night.  They finally ask someone for help and make it to Town Hall.  They feel very lucky to still be in the race.

The first team of racers arrive off the first flight.  The teams must drive to the Living Desert in the Outback for their next clue.  The second team of racers land shortly after and are eager to catch up.  Kris and Amanda are nervous about having to complete both tasks in the U-Turn. 

The first detour involves Aboriginal customs with the choice of Spirit World or Natural World.  With Spirit World, the racers make a mosaic and perform a dance.  With natural world, the racers use territorial markers made from water and pigment and make art spitting through their mouth.  Zev and Justin opt for Spirit World and laugh that they are great artists.  The other teams begin to quickly arrive and start the detour.  All of the teams decide to do the spirit world.  Big Easy jokes that they don’t mind doing a little dancing.  Mike thinks it is confusing to do the mosaic at the same time as all the other teams.  Ron starts to get frustrated with Christina when they can’t complete the mosaic correctly.

Kent and Vyxsin are the first to start the dance, but do it wrong by getting other people to dance with them.  Zev and Justin complete it correctly first.  They then head to Central Football Club for their next clue.  Margie and Luke finish it second, followed by Mel and Mike.  Mike wants them to try and pull apart from the others while they have a slight lead.  Jet and Cord finish theirs correctly and pull out of last place.  Ron and Christina are in last place, while Kris and Amanda have to complete the other challenge.  Amanda has difficulty spitting on the art, but they finish at the same time as Ron and Christina.

For the roadblock, the teams must figure out where to go through town using a periodic table of elements, while hopping in kangaroo suits.  Zev and Justin suit up first, followed quickly by Margie and Luke.  The two teams decide to hop together.  The quickly figure out that the chart represents streets.  Cara jokes that that’s not the animal she typically dresses up as and it’s a far cry from a bunny suit.

Junction Mine is the pit stop for the leg of the race.  Zev and Justin find Mercury Street first and find the clue for the pit stop.  They are the first team to check in.  Phil tells them they look ridiculous, but they will win a trip for two to Cancun.  Flight Time and Big Easy are team two to check in.  Jet and Cord miraculously make it to third place, while Kisha and Jen are fourth.  Margie and Luke are fifth and Mel and Mike are sixth.  Mike is so proud of his dad for being such a trooper.  Kent and Vyxsin check in seventh, while Jaime and Cara are eighth.  Phil flirts with them and tells them they are the best looking kangaroos. 

Kris and Amanda, Gary and Mallory and Ron and Christina are the last three teams trying to find Mercury Street.  Ron doesn’t want to follow Mallory because he thinks she is too impulsive.  They ditch them  Mallory tells Gary to book it in a different direction.  Gary and Mallory end up making it to the mine and check in ninth.  Ron and Christina check in tenth. Ron admits he still has domineering issues to work through.  Kris and Amanda arrive and Phil tells them they are last.  Two two are very bummed to be eliminated, but realize it was their own fault for being U-turned again.  Kris thinks they won the lottery twice for the amazing experience on The Amazing Race.

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