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The Bachelor: Final Three in South Africa

February 28, 2011 07:55 PM by Candace Young

On tonight’s episode of The Bachelor, Brad Womack takes the final three ladies to South Africa as the clock winds down on him making a decision. He will say goodbye to one lady this week, and the final two will go home with him to meet his family. Keep reading for all of the highlights…

Brad arrives at Lion Sands Game Resort and anticipates finally getting to spend some alone time with the final three women. He is confident that he will not end up by himself this time around on The Bachelor.

Chantal and Brad

Chantal and Brad will hang out first. He tells her they’re going on a safari! They seem very comfortable and playful as they drive off into the bush.  They stop to observe a pride of lions in hushed awe. They also see giraffes, monkeys, elephants, a rhino, and a wildebeest. The guide walks them down to the watering hole with a gun. They get near to a hippo as they eat lunch.  Chantal likens the safari to dating Brad – scary things around every corner, but she has placed her trust in Brad. Brad tells Chantal he misses her family and feels like himself with her. They toast and kiss.

Dinner time arrives, and Brad openly tells Chantal that he wants her to meet his family, and that he’s most comfortable with her.  Chantal boldly tells him she’s ready to get married now. He fidgets, but says he loves how she is spontaneous and willing to be vulnerable. The fantasy suite card comes, and Chantal says they should go, and they should hurry! They abandon dinner and start walking until they come to a treehouse. He announces it’s where they are staying tonight.  They get comfortable as the sun goes down and things turn intimate.

Emily and Brad

Emily is slated to spend time with Brad next. They greet each other with a huge embrace. He tells her he forgot something and returns riding an elephant! She gasps, “Shut up!” She’s helped up on the animal and they head to a watering hole where there are many other elephants. They sit and have a glass of wine and discuss Emily’s daughter, Ricki.  He asks if the girl understands what it would mean if they got together. Emily says she’s never had to cross that bridge, and asks if Brad is ready for a five year-old. He says he would make every effort with her – he knows Emily is a package deal. They kiss.

Later, Emily and Brad sit down to dinner and he begins behaving nervously again.  Emily tells him the existence of the two other girls is bothering her at this point, but she is excited by the idea of them being together with Ricki.  Brad hopefully extends the fantasy suite card, telling us it will be his only chance to spend time alone with her. Emily reads the card and says she needs to set a good example for her little girl, but she would like to use the time to talk. They get situated in the suite and she lets Brad know she is falling in love with him. He tells her he feels the same way and they start kissing.

Ashley and Brad

Brad greets Ashley, who tells us her feelings changed dramatically for Brad on the hometown date – she sees great things happening.  Brad takes her to a helicopter and she totally freaks out! He promises her it will be okay and they get in. She shrieks as it rises upward. They spot wild animals from the air and fly through mountains.  They land and have a picnic. He tells her how much he liked her family, and then asks where she wants to live. Ashley candidly says she wants to be around people she loves.  She talks about her drive to become a great dentist. Brad says she reminds him of himself in his twenties – she’s at the start of a budding career.

Brad meets Ashley for dinner that evening. They will have a traditional South African feast by bonfire.  She tries to tell him they want the same things, but she doesn’t communicate that very well to him. Brad thinks they have talked about their individual futures, but not a meshed one. They go back and forth for awhile, until Brad finally lays it on the line, saying they can’t build a future around having had a great first carnival date.  Ashley tells him to do what’s best for him. He doesn’t like her saying that, and they reach a bit of an impasse in the conversation.  Brad wants to spend more time with her, and offers up the fantasy suite card.  She accepts with no doubt. They settle in, but the talk is stilted, and Ashley muses that they’re off their game. Brad thinks he screwed up by asking so many questions.

Brad Meets with Chris Harrison

Brad tells Chris that the week in South Africa has been both great and difficult. Their conversation mainly revolves around Brad’s time with Ashley. Brad says ‘the wheels came off’ on their date.  Brad is invited to view video messages from the women before the rose ceremony.

Video Messages

Chantal tells Brad she can’t believe they’ve reached this point. She says she’s tried to be herself, and wanted him to fall in love with the person she really is – she hopes he’ll take this leap of faith with her.

Emily tells him she made his dream date come true, and has brought so much happiness back into her life. She says she loves who he is as a person and hopes they can spend the rest of their lives together.

Ashley’s message relays that the date started out amazing, but everything vanished by evening, and she can’t understand how it all changed so quickly. She’s  not sure she is a part of his future. Brad feels like she’s ‘checking out’, and vows to get to the bottom of it.

Rose Ceremony

Chris greets the ladies and then introduces Brad, who acts very awkward and clears his throat a few times before asking to speak to Ashley alone for a moment. He apologizes for their date not going well, and says he doesn’t know why they have such bad communication. He explains that he asked questions because he was worried he wouldn’t fit into her life.  Ashley cries that she’s frustrated, and wishes she’d known how to do this better.  Brad tells Ashley that he needs to tell her goodbye, and doesn’t want to make her stand through a rose ceremony. She cries that she thought this was it. He says he’s confident in his decision, and walks her out.

I think Brad truly made the only decision he could. It seemed pretty obvious that Ashley wasn’t at same point in life that Brad is. Also,  she was constantly sabotaging their connection throughout the process.

Brad returns to Emily and Chantal after taking some time. He apologizes for leaving them waiting, and tells them he said goodbye to Ashley. He still wants to offer each of them a rose. He does, and they both accept.  Brad then tells them that they will stay in South Africa and meet his family in Cape Town.

Also, next week is the Women Tell All!

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